The Faces of the Past ll Cassiopeia and Freya

Freya leaned back against the wall of The Three Broomsticks, alternating between looking over at at clock and picking at the seams of her  sweater’s sleeve. “Where is Merlin’s name is Gwen?” Actually it didn’t at all surprise the girl that her friend was late. Freya was pretty sure the girl would find a way to be late to her own funeral. 

A groan escaped her lips as her as her head leaned bad against the wall. With the holiday season quickly approaching and the letter she has just received from her mum informing her that she would be stuck at the castle for Christmas the last thing she wanted was to be alone with her thoughts.

Of course, as fate often does, it took her request for company and cruelly twisted it. She saw Cassiopeia walking through the door and looked away for any other route of escape but before her feet could even move the blonde made eye contact with her. “Shit.”