“I think she was afraid to love sometimes. I think it scared her. She was the type to like things that are concrete, like the ocean. Something you could point to and know what it was. I think that’s why she always struggled with God. And I think that’s why she also struggled with love. She couldn’t touch it. She couldn’t hold on to it and make sure it never changed.”

Carrie Ryan - TFOHAT / TDTW ?

Oh my goodness, I just found out (through a review on goodreads) that my lovely Mary (the main character of “The forest of hands and teeth”) isn´t the main character in “The dead-tossed waves”. 
I am not quite done with TFOHAT yet, I have 100 pages left. I wanted to order the second book in the trilogy, so that it´s here on time when I finish the first book. But now I am not sure. Do I have to read it directly afterwards, when it´s not about Mary? Or can I go on with my enormous To-Be-Read-Pile and order the sequal when my TBR-Pile shrunk????