The First Night Out // Kurtofsky

After getting the final response from Dave, Kurt stepped into his bathroom and took a quick shower. He had told Dave that they were going for dinner and perhaps a movie, and then Kurt would take him to one of the most famous dancing spots in New York. Studio 54. It was a vintage name in between all that was the city lights at night, but it had the most wonderful atmosphere, which had changed along with the years and fashion around it. And not only that, the club was also known for its open-minded statement in all things sexually-related, so a good time was always bound to be had in that place. 

That Friday night, Kurt was meant to be alone at his and Blaine’s department, after his boyfriend announced that he had yet another unscheduled rehearsal night. It wasn’t that Kurt bothered that, in fact he was used to spend almost three nighs at week alone in their home. So, this  was the chance to have some fun with his just re-acquianted friend, Dave Karofsky. Whoever might have heard that line back in high school, must have feared for Kurt’s sanity, him being his bully and all. But a lot had changed through the years, hell, a lot changed in Senior year alone, and that was all bygones now. He finished his shower and got dressed in tight-white jeans and a black silk shirt, with a Hugo Boss, black leather jacket on top. Grabbing his phone, wallet and keys, Kurt walked out of his apartment and went down to get a cab, where he could meet with David at the agreed place.

It was time to show Dave Karofsky a nice time around the night life in the city that never sleeps. And no one could do better at that job as Kurt Hummel.