I’m not sure if this is a safe idea but

I’m pretending to be my girlfriends secret santa on Tumblr because she got bummed over the fact she was too late to get one



This Frontier Needs Heroes performing “Reckless Girl” at Cherrywood
SXSW March 17, 2012 

anonymous asked:

so I'm super sick and can't get to bed and figured well there's one way I can pass the time! so I read every post you made(I think) long story short thank you very much for the silly posts and making me smile when I feel like hell c:

Glad I could make you feel better bro. And as the rest of our hunters and huntresses in training said, get well soon! <3

So I’m a tad bit late, but happy new year to all my sweet followers! I hope your 2015 starts well and turns out to be a(n even) better year than 2014. Hopefully y'all still have all of your fingers.

I’ll get right back to making texts as soon as I feel better! It’s a promise.

So… I probably got some explaining to do. First of all, I’m really sorry for disappearing like that! I might not be back full force yet and I have to take things slow, but I hope you guys’ll bear with me. 

Long story short, the past two years were sort of like an emotional rollercoaster for me and this blog was sort of an escape goat. But, at times, I prefered to stay away from here, because I didn’t want to gloom all over the place. I hope you understand. 

Me posting now does not mean this won’t happen again. I try to maintain this blog and from now on I’m gonna try my hardest again. So for those of you who were wondering; no, I’m not giving this up. Yes, I will post texts again, but in a lesser amount. I closed my ask for now so I can catch up.

So… Yeah. I’m home :)

I’m gone for two days and suddenly I got like a hundred followers extra? Sweet lord, where is your spawn point? 
Well, we hit 400 followers now! Time to party! \0/

Or, y'know, we can party tomorrow cuz I should catch some sleep now. Texts coming soon!

Alright guys, it’s a countdown from here on out! This week is my last week of school and after that school’s out for summer. So texts will come again prrrrretty soon!

On another note: We’re 3 followers away from hitting 700! I don’t know why y'all keep following me, but I appreciate each and every one of you. I’m literally flabbergasted. Thank you so much! ;A;

I only just now figured out I ran out of texts in the queue. School’s wifi is down and I should really work on school more, so sorry guys but you’ll have to wait a bit again! Though this time it won’t be as long. I promise!

Paredes Caen

La luz se apaga
No hay nada más
La nieve se derrite
No hay vuelta atrás

Se caen las paredes
Se pueden construir
El mundo cae
Pero hay que vivir

Solamente, una flor
Solamente, una señal de dolor
Para saber si estas bien
Con lo que se viene ahí

Se avecina la muerte
Para actuar, te doy cariño
Y nada más
Para actuar, te doy cariño
Y te vas.

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Although I respect that you are homophobic and don't wish to flame you for it or anything, I feel kinda sad as a homosexual viewing your blog (and enjoying it) especially when you said 'Ugh. Homos.' because I thought that sounded a bit… insulting. It is a nice blog though :D (no sarcasm there)

Oh no no! Dear anon, you’ve got it wrong! was being all sarcastic in that post. You see, I’m kinda pretty much gay too and I ship way too much same sex pairings. By no means am I homophobic. I’m sorry if the message came out wrong and I offended you! I’m literally one of you though lol.

Thanks, however! I think you’re a very nice person yourself, not wanting to flame a homophobic kid even though you’re homosexual. My respect!

As much as I would love to hang out with you guys and answer all your asks right away, I should start on my homework oops. In the meantime you guys can check out other awesome blogs like this one or this one. Or, you know, just check out the blogs you’re already following.

On that note, occasionally I will throw in a blog here to promote. I will tag it as ’#tfnh promotes’ so if you don’t want to see these kind of advertisements, just block that tag. But don’t be an asshole and do that. Just trying to help out fellow bloggers to get some more followers, considering I almost hit 300 in not even a month! You guys are amazing and I thank you for all the support I’ve been getting from y'all up until now <3

Well, now I’m REALLY off to do my homework. Perhaps tonight I’ll answer some more asks c: