Our MC on Choices
  • The Freshman MC: all that i wanted is a normal, happy collage life like all another people, but all the drama and stuff are STRESSED M E O U T
  • Endless Summer MC: i just want to have fun on this trip and make some friends and memories too but sundenly, B A M weird things happens and i afraid to losing everyone else on this trip
  • #Lovehacks MC: i want a job but then i have to date every man with weird attuide and all, and all the experince were worthless and i feels that my best friend named mark in love with me and i have find a new job again sigh
  • Rule of Engagement MC: i just want to have a fun cruise with my family and all but all the task that given to us was hard af and i think i learn more about the adult stuff with marrige and stuff
  • The Royal Romance MC: idk if i was lucky or not but i have gone to the royal prom and met the cuite prince but i hope i would stay longer if i want to stay there longer
  • The Haunting of Braidwood Manor MC: i don't think this idea for going to haunted manor is a good idea but for my brother i must do it for---OMG THE CUITE GHOST WOMAN
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