Sherlock TfL Posters

A while ago, I had the idea to create posters promoting different locations featured in the series as if they were sights accessible by public transport. The posters’ aesthetic is inspired by vintage advertising designed for Transport for London or British railroad companies.

So far, 24 motifs are done. I’m still fiddling with details, so these are wips still. More to follow soon using the #sherlock tfl tag.

Yoongi Scenario: Two Faced Lovers Part 1.

Request: I was wonderig if you could do an angst scenario where the character has a fling with yoongi, gets pregnant and has an abortion when he leaves her. later, she starts sleeping around to fill the void?? Based on Hatsune Miku’s “Two Faced Lovers” 

Genre: Angst / Drama.

Part 2. / Part 3 / Part 4

Warning: This scenario contains scenes and topics that might be triggering for some people: mentions of sex, abort, violence, cursing and unhealthy relationships.

My brain has been now completely taken over by this evasive entity called “love”.

“Falling in love” with him had been so easy. You had met at a university party, nothing too fancy, just a regular campus party in which everyone was losing their head. The alcohol was running hard, the music blasting throughout the whole space.

You were dancing with two of your friends, enjoying your time, you jumped and swirled around without any care in the world, tonight you were just a young girl who wanted to have fun, you didn’t want to think about tests, exams or responsibilities, just the music and you, making your body move, making your blood pump. But the room was hot, there were way too many bodies moving around, you had a thin layer on sweat covering all your body so you decided it was time for a refreshment.

First it was a little stop at the bathroom to check if you still had makeup on and as expected you applied lipstick and retouched your face. After that you went for a drink, the beverages table was located at the back of a hallway so you had to dodge people and walk around couples making out to be able to actually reach the table. You poured yourself some of the mysterious liquid on a plastic cup and off you were, but when you were again on the main room you couldn’t find your friends, or any one you knew. 

You stood there enjoying your drink, trying to catch a glance of any of your friends, they had to be jumping around the middle, but then you felt something bumping to your back. Turning your head you saw it was a guy, and god he was hot.
He was a bit taller than you, he had a black leather jacket on and an olive green simple shirt underneath that left part of his collarbones for you to see, his pants were dark and skinny. -Sorry about that- he said lightly, not giving much mind to bumping into you, but still he stood beside you, not getting away.

-Don’t worry-

He had blond hair, it was a really light shade with a blue hue to it, just the hair color combination and his jacket made him seem edgy, interesting, you couldn’t stop looking at him.
The surprising thing was that this stranger was too staring at you, his eyes were roaming around your body up and down, hungrily, like a predator. He licked his lips and turned directly to you. -Want to go outside?-

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