tfln: the closer

What Mary McDonnell pulled off was extraordinary. She was hired as an adversary, she was hired as a foil to a beloved character–she was hired to be her nemesis. And then TNT said not only is there going to be a spin off, but now we have to make everybody like you. And Mary pulled off the impossible. She got in there, and she’s completely the lead and the protagonist and made everybody love her. She’s amazing. And she did it with dignity. She didn’t do it with anything else than just being Raydor. Because Raydor’s strengths are the things that drove Brenda crazy. And now Raydor’s strengths are the things that have garnered the respect of the squad on Major Crimes. She didn’t change anything about Raydor, she just pulled off the impossible. An amazing arc.
—   Stacey K. Black.
So, it's official; I'm writing some Sharon/Brenda fanfiction.

I’ve planned my whole story already, but only written about a third so far. Hopefully I’ll be done by Monday?

I feel terribly unworhty though. I mean, I’m not 100% comfortable with the characters yet, and the writers of this fandom are all so awfully talented.

I hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless! It sure is pleasant to write, anyway.

Can we just appreciate the subtlety and nuance of this scene?

Buzz, one of the more minor characters on Major Crimes, in a scene of brief heartfelt drama.

I mean just LOOK at him. No words. And even though he seemed to dislike or complain about baby-sitting Rusty at the office, it’s clear that he’s come to care about Rusty a whole damn lot.

And you can see in his eyes here that he’s just a brief step away from breaking down because he’s afraid he’ll never see Rusty again.