GIF: Evolution of the London Underground Roundel (1908-2016)

Surprisingly, I haven’t seen anything like this on the Internet before, so I went and made my own. It’s been compiled from various sources (both official and unofficial), so the quality is a little variable, but it’s still fun to look at! 

I’ve made the dimensions of the circle/ring consistent across all the different versions, so the height and width of the crossbar shrinks and grows over the years. The graphic is by no means exhaustive, but I think I’ve covered all the major revisions over the years. Let me know if I’ve missed a big one!

Of particular interest is the subtle tweaking of the negative space in more recent times (from the 1970s onwards), and the sheer number of roundels in use today.

Yoongi Scenario: Two Faced Lovers Part. 3

Request:  I was wonderig if you could do an angst scenario where the character has a fling with yoongi, gets pregnant and has an abortion when he leaves her. later, she starts sleeping around to fill the void??

Genre: Angst / Romance.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 4

Warning: This scenario contains scenes and topics that might be triggering for some people: mentions of sex, abort, cursing, depression and unhealthy relationships.

Sleeping around was satisfying. Even if every week you told yourself you would stop, you knew deep down that it was a pointless effort of thinking, you wouldn’t stop, you couldn’t stop. Because how could you? If you felt like that was the only thing that could give your depressing existence a bit of life. The rush, the adrenaline, you wanted it all.

You were on your apartment, a small space that suddenly appeared to be terribly empty. You had poured yourself a cup of coffee to be at ease and try to relax a little, you sat on the little couch looking at your feet, was it possible for a person to suppress loss? Was it possible to forget? It had been two months over a year since that horrendous day and you still felt your insides constricting at the thought of what could had been.
Without noticing you had swallowed the liquid, now the cup was empty and you felt so as well, your throat that should had been burning because of the hot coffee felt dull. You needed something else.
So you stood up and went to put something decent on, it was time to go on a trip to the grocery shop, you needed wine.

You got there by foot, it wasn’t that far and you felt like you needed the walk, you wanted to get your body moving somehow.
Searching through the aisles you didn’t know if you should take two bottles or if you just had to forget about being a hypocrite to yourself and just bought the three pack at once.
You placed the three bottles and a pack of chips in your basket, ready to go to the cashier when you heard a whistle.

-Wow, looks like we have a party-

You thought about ignoring that, the least you needed was an annoying prick telling you anything about alcohol, but you turned your head, letting your eyes see the guy beside you.
He was hot, a handsome tall guy with mischievous eyes. You eyed him shamelessly and he did so as well.

-We?- you replied, turning around again to start walking, swaying your hips a bit more than necessary. 

The guy responded as you thought, men were predictable, you knew exactly how to deal with them by now. You heard his steps approaching, a light touch on your shoulders. -Wait-

You arched an eyebrow, but smiled slightly nonetheless. -Yes?-

-Do you… I….- the guy was actually stuttering. How cute. -Do you want to go out later? We could get to know each other-

You looked at him again, brown blondish hair that fell to his eyes, he seemed young now that you looked at him well. -Alright-

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