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The Black Parade and the Phoenix Witch are essentially the same thing. TBP is based on the belief that death comes for you in the shape of your favourite memory - in the Patient’s case, that’s seeing the marching band as a kid. In the Zones, however, many people grow up with legends and the faith of the Phoenix Witch, so that’s what death looks like to them, because that’s what they imagine it to look like. To some Killjoys, who don’t believe in the Witch or follow another religion, it might look different.
Both the Witch and the Black Parade serve the same purpose: to guide and bring peace to the souls of those who die in battle, be it an actual war, a rebellion like the killjoys’, or the battle against illness and your own demons, like the Patient.

Audio Verse Awards 2016

Looks like, for the second year in a row, Wolf 359 is in the running for the Audio Verse Awards! This is super exciting, really touching news, and I want to thank everyone who supported us by making sure that we’re nominated for these awards. It’s an absolute honor (and, frankly, a little scary!) to be in the running for these prizes, especially in the company of so many great podcasts and audio dramas (I see you up there @thebrightsessions, @theboardofdirectorslovesyou, @arsparadoxica, @woodenovercoats, and @hadrongospelhour, you beautiful, audio-producing beasts!)

Wolf 359 as a whole is up for the Best Original, Long Form, Small Cast, Ongoing, Dramatic Production category, which is a tremendous honor. But you know what makes me even happier? 

All of this: 

THAT. That makes me overjoyed. The only reason why Wolf 359 works on any level is all of the amazing, wonderful people who have devoted their time and talents to making it happen. I have the best, most amazing, most tireless, most generous, and just all around tremendous collaborators that any artist could have ever asked for, and I am so thrilled that Cecilia, Emma, Michaela, Zach, Alan, and Zach are getting their amazing contributions to the show recognized. 

So thank you to everyone who’s helped us get here. It means a lot to us. 

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olicity || ao3 || mature (for now) || angst || 1727 || more fics

summary: Don’t involve yourself in the league of assassins and don’t fuck with the league of assassins. It’s a pretty easy concept, right? Well, it would have been if Felicity had known what she was meddling with. Now she has one of the league’s best assassins knocking down her door. 
chapters: 1/?
a/n: because there’s never enough al sah-him stories right? 

the enabler(s): @yellowflicker09011996

The sky was dark, the blue easily mistaken for black, and the stars drowned behind the clouds and the lights of the city. He would have preferred for the entire city to be basked in darkness, but it would do. His body was perched upon a building; unmoving, barely breathing, and camouflaged by the shadows. He could have been mistaken for a gargoyle. A figure moved into his line of sight. He had carefully been tracking this person for weeks with the information given to him by his sources.

The league held ties with few computer experts. They apparently weren’t anything compared to this person. The hacker had become somewhat of a nuisance to the league of assassins. His superior, Nyssa Al Ghul daughter of the demon, had sent him on a recall mission. There was to be no blood on his hands unless necessary. He was to bring the hacker to Ra’s Al Ghul to face him. Whether that meant a punishment or to turn them into something useful for the league, no one was really sure.

He had been a part of the league for almost a decade now. A family vacation gone horribly wrong had led him to be picked up in the middle of the ocean. Not that he remembered it at all. He had been picked apart, every last bit of his personality and being scraped away. They took him down until he was nothing but a shell of a human being. Slowly, building him back up to be an assassin, a soldier that would do everything that they wished without argument. There was nothing left of his previously life. No love, no emotion, no family; not even his old name. No, they called him Al Sah-him and he was one of their best.

There was a part of him that did think he was wasting his talents tracking this hacker. Eris as they were known. That was the only thing they knew about this person. Eris, chaos, discord, and strife; the name was fitting for a person that seemed hell bent on wreaking havoc on the league. Information lost, money taken from accounts, and plans postponed for weeks at a time. It was time for this to end.

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Trapped after the Fall ((Closed RP))


During the fall of Beacon, Ozpin tired to transfer the Fall Maiden powers to Pyrrha. Only for it to fail be Cinder, during the fight with her he was wounded and debris from the school collapsed around him the tower soon followed. Weeks pasts and Ozpin arose from his unconscious state. Unable to tell when it was or how long he had been trapped, he tried to move only for pain to shoot through his spine and body, he was stuck under piles of debris and concrete from the school grounds and tower. Ozpin’s aura was fading. His cries for hell were voiceless, his body was motionless, thoughts were soon leaving him. It was a matter of time before the rest of his body followed his thoughts into the void.

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Emma helped herself to the scotch on the sideboard and, without looking over her shoulder, asked, "What's your favorite movie?" -RLYB


“Captain America: The First Avenger.”

She said with a complete deadpan.  “Though I’m really fond of the original Thor as well.  It’s hard to beat the original Star Wars trilogy.”

She shrugged.  “I have an 11 year old son.”

Prompt: “Ohhhh could you do a bones/reader where the reader meets the mirror universe crew and everything goes pear shaped and the real crew have to rescue her please?” - Anon

Word Count: 2,127

Warnings: Sexually charged aggression, mention of knife play.

Author’s Note: I haven’t worked with the Mirror!Verse before, so this was my first go at it. I really hope it came out well, for those who know moreso what the Mirror!Verse looks like. Enjoy, everyone <3

You raised a hand to your pounding head as you came to. Sifting through the last moments of your consciousness, you remembered what happened. There was an electrical storm outside, an ion storm. You were at a terminal on deck six when there was a power surge. Your body went numb and then… nothing.

Slowly cracking your eyes, you looked around. You were still on deck six, although several feet away from the terminal. Likely you rolled with the ship’s motion in the storm.

You moved your hands beneath your body and pushed yourself into a sitting position. Equilibrium took time to settle, but you managed to find it before standing up. The world rocked gently from side to side.

The doors to sick bay swished open and you walked in. It was surprisingly quiet, only a handful of patients and some nurses. The floor shuddered with the turbulence from the storm. You walked yourself to the closest nurse and tapped her on the shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” you muttered. “Where is Doctor McCoy?”

She turned and looked at you with a sneer and jerked her head in the direction of Leonard’s office. You squinted at her as she scowled but you left her to her work and knocked on Leonard’s door.

“What?” came the response. You furrowed your brow.

“It’s me.”

“It’s open.”

You tapped the panel next to the door and opened it. Leonard sat at his desk thumbing through a file on his PADD.

“Since when do you knock?” he grumbled.

“Sorry?” you said, walking around the desk and placing a hand on his shoulder. “Can you give me a once over? I think I might have hit my head.”

He laughed.

“On what?”

“The floor… not that it’s funny,” you mumbled.

Leonard spun his chair to face you. He had a devilish grin and he didn’t stand up. He took you firmly by the hips and pulled you into him, seating you directly on his lap as he kneaded handfuls of your body.

“Leo! What are you doing?!” you asked, swatting at his hands.

“Leo? That’s a new one,” he growled, diving forward and grabbing a chunk of flesh on your chest between his teeth, hard.

“Ow! What’s wrong with you?” you slapped at his shoulders to get him to stop. He pulled back and looked up at you questioningly.

“What’s wrong with me? What the fuck’s wrong with you?” he wrapped his arms around your waist and hoisted you high up in the air.

“Stop it, Leo, I’m serious!”

He pressed you up against the wall with his body and kissed you hard and rough and with entirely too many teeth as he firmly grasped each of your wrists and held them high above your head. You wriggled and squirmed and tried to muster the momentum to thrash against him but he had you pinned. You resorted to making angry noises against his mouth.

You felt something cold close around your right wrist and then your left. Leonard pulled back and your weight sank towards the floor. You couldn’t reach the deck plating with the tips of your toes.

“Leonard what is this?” you looked up at your hands and realised you were chained to the wall, dangling from the ceiling. Waves of adrenaline coursed through your body, freezing your blood.

“Baby, you never complain. What’s gotten into you?” Leo drawls as he picks up his tricorder. “If you’re so worried about your damn head, I’ll take a look.”

He hovered the sensor around your head and read the screen. Suddenly he stopped moving and his jaw locked.

“What the fuck?” he barked, snapping his eyes up to you.

You felt hot tears start welling in your eyes.

“Leo, you’re scaring me.”

“Stop fucking calling me that,” he spat. His eyes roamed your body with disdain before a sinister smile crossed his face. “This might be my lucky day. You stay right here, I’m going to have a chat with Jim. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.”

He pinched the soft skin of your inner arm before leaving.

You thrashed within your chains as hard as you could. Your head was still pounding a steady rhythm and your vision blurred with each heartbeat.

After what felt like an eternity, your arms were growing heavy and tired and breathing was a chore. You let your head fall back against the wall and you heaved to bring enough air into your lungs to keep you awake.

The door swished open gently and you cracked your eyes to see Leonard’s face as he approached you slowly. You started thrashing your body as hard as you could, not sure what you were trying to accomplish anymore, but determined not to go down without a fight. With each movement all the colours in the room ran together into a rainbow muck with a soft blue core steadily growing larger in the middle.

“Y/N, sweetheart, it’s me,” Leonard rushed to you and lifted a hand to your face.

“Get away from me!” you screamed, causing your vision to white out for a moment.

“Y/N… darlin’, please, it’s me, it’s Leo,” he said in a soft voice, he laid his hand on your cheek and you kicked at him to push him away. He staggered back watching you with wide eyes.

“Y/N…” he trailed off, taking slow, careful steps towards you. “I need to get you down, okay?” he said softly, taking a long stride to close the distance. He pressed his body flush to yours.

“No!” you whined, turning your head sharply to the side to keep your face away from his.

“I can’t hold you up and get these off at the same time, darlin’, I don’t have enough hands,” he murmured as he raised his arms and began working on the cuffs around your wrists.

His fingers moved gently.

One of your wrists fell free and you started slapping at his shoulder. He reached down and grabbed your hand. Instead of gripping your wrist tightly like before, he twined his fingers in yours and held your hand firmly against his chest.

“Y/N,” he whispered as his face came closer to yours. You turned your head side to side to avoid him. He looked down at your lips and sighed. “I know it’s hard to believe, but I didn’t do this to you, I promise. I promise,” he repeated, looking into your eyes with soft, watery ones as he let your fingers go and reached up to undo the other cuff.

“You got shocked during the storm,” he explained. “You got switched out with an extra-dimensional version of yourself. We found her on the Enterprise, and I knew right away that it wasn’t you,” he grunted as he struggled with the metal loop. “This happened once before, years ago. The people in this world, the version of me in this world, aren’t good people.”

The cuff opened and your arm fell free. You let both of your arms fall to your sides. You rolled your head on your shoulders so that you were looking up at Leonard. He placed his hands under your rib cage to hold you up as he stepped back, gently lowering you to the floor so you could stand. He raised a hand slowly and touched your lips where they’d been bitten.

You skin was sore and chapped against the pad of his finger. When the touch ended you ran your tongue over the spot and tasted blood.

“We need to go. Spock and some security are holding down the transporter room.”

“How did you find me? If I’m… extra-dimensional?” you asked quietly, wrapping your arms around yourself and not moving.

“Can we walk and talk?” he asked, offering you a hand. You didn’t take it, but you followed him.

Before the door opened, Leonard stiffened his back and puffed out his chest. You instinctively straightened your back, too, and watched his shoes as you mirrored each step between his office and the hallway.

Once the doors to the sick bay closed you felt his arm snake gently around your back.

“We need to hurry, if they realize we’re here, it’s gonna be anarchy,” he said, pulling you along a little faster.

“How did you find me if I am where you say I am?” you repeated, quickening your pace.

“This happened once before. As soon as we found your other version, we knew where you ended up. We knew how to use the transporters to get through the divide, so we came. It wasn’t even a question. We need you back. I need you back, darn it,” he muttered as you moved through the hallways silently.

As you rounded the corner into the transporter room you stopped dead in your tracks. Leonard stood in the middle of the room with Spock, who mysteriously sprouted facial hair since this morning. Both were holding phasers aimed at the far end of the room.

“Don’t be shy, come on in,” Leonard grinned.

You felt Leonard’s arm tighten around you and his other one came up to cross in front of your shoulders.

“That won’t help you if I decide to shoot her,” the farther Leonard waved his phaser. “Now, from where I stand, there’s a trade to negotiate.”

“We ain’t negotiating anything,” Leonard barked, trying to shift you behind his back. “You want your harpy back, you can have her. But we’re taking our Y/N back.”

Your eyes grazed over the room, vision blurring at the edges with every heartbeat. There was another Spock with no facial hair on the far side of the room with two security officers. You exchanged a look with him and he merely nodded at you.

“I don’t appreciate that you get yours back first, Doctor McCoy,” Leonard rounded on the pair of you and took a step closer.

You raised your hand closest to Leonard’s body and grasped handful of his shirt. Tracing your fingers slowly across the hem, you found the butt of his phaser.

“Wouldn’t it be fair to do an even trade, Doctor McCoy?” the harsh man asked as he came even closer, white knuckling the phaser in his grip. “I want back what’s mine!”

Taking the phaser’s handle in your hand, you drew it and aimed it directly at Leonard’s counterpart and pulled the trigger.

A flash of light impacted the doctor in the chest and he groaned as he fell to the floor.

Adjusting your aim, you shot at the goateed Spock as he spun and fired a round at you, which went wide. Your shot hit him squarely in the chest and he collapsed.

Spock and the two security officers each retrieved their weapons from the floor.

Leonard let you go and eased the phaser from your grip.

“Are you alright, Lieutenant Y/L/N?” Spock asked as he rushed past you to the transporter terminal to begin keying in a sequence.

“I’ll live,” you muttered turning to Leonard. “I believe you, now.”

“I know, darlin’,” he said, laying his fingertips on your face before ushering you to the transporter pad, standing a foot apart from you there.

“Stand-by for transport,” Spock announced as he tapped a few final commands.

A haze of gold light appeared around your body and you felt yourself become weightless.

Moments later you felt your body come back together and you opened your eyes to see the transporter room. Scotty stood behind the controls and the Captain himself was restraining a wild looking you next to the terminal.

You stared at her with wide eyes, your heart rate increasing, causing your vision to blur more frequently.

She gave you an evil grin.

“He found you, didn’t he?” she sneered. “Oh he got you good. Too bad you didn’t stick around longer, Lenny really knows how to show a girl a good time.”

“I think we have very different ideas of what a good time looks like,” you responded, clenching your jaw and looking her over.

Her uniform exposed her entire midriff and there you saw ghosts of scars, long and deep, none more than two inches apart.

Your counterpart chuckled as she saw where your eyes went.

“He likes knives, darlin’,” she said. “What I’d give to have watched that.”

“Get her out of here,” Leonard growled at Scotty. Leonard wrapped his arm around your shoulders again and led you off the platform, past the sneering woman, and out into the hallway.

“I think I hit my head, Leo,” you muttered as the doors swished closed behind you.

“I was worried about that, come on, I’ll take a look,” he tightened his arm and led you slowly down the hall to the turbo lift.

He is…

Type & Edit by Jude Dias

I remember reading the story of the prodigal son in the Bible for the first time and whilst in the middle of the parable, I was incredibly sure that I knew what to expect at the end of the story. An extremely angry and frustrated father waiting for his son and a punishment so great that the son wasn’t going to forget for a very long time. Infact I believe that the oldest of the two brothers thought the same too (once he realized what was happening). But I was surprised when I had finished reading the entire parable.

No anger or frustration came out. No punishment or disappointment was even mentioned in the story. Instead what I read was joy, happiness and kindness. Instead of being pissed off at what his son had done, the father was incredibly happy and excited that his boy had returned, so much so that he threw a grand party. 

This is the exact same of what we can accept with our own Father in Heaven. You and I are messed up beings, making mistakes and falling down all the time. But in His utter and extreme kindness, He shows us mercy and kindness and thereby encouraging us to walk in faith and intimacy with Him. Imagine if His nature was the opposite? I’m not sure how you and I would’ve fared. But I do know that life wouldn’t be as we know and live it today.

Our God is so many things to us and most of all - He is kind to us. You and I need not hide away in shame because of our imperfections. His kindness shadows it all and brings us new life and a new story for us to share with the world. 

The Price of Reality (TWD AU RP with Ask-Philip-Blake)(V; Roads Unraveled)

Powerless. Helpless.

That was what Riff/Snipes was currently feeling as she was on her knees, waiting to see her group’s greatest threat decide on who would die at his barbed baseball bat named ‘Lucille’… And the pain Negan would inflict would be a nightmare burned into her mind.


igniisaeternum replied to your post:lays on him aLL DRAMATIC LIKE–

He doesn’t have a clue about what that means, but he’ll sit up, this cute lil’ pout on his face as he cradles the other’s face in his hands. “Ya need ta relax, y'know? Always stressed out.”

       {☾} – “Of course I am always stressed out. I have to deal with being Second in Command, your boyfriend, and Xemnas’ personal assistant. I am very stressed and very tired.”

Sometimes I cannot believe legacy verse is real and that all these treasures are FREE. @ash818 created this beautiful world for our amusement and enjoyment. It doesn’t matter how I feel about the show or anything legacy verse always makes me so happy. And it is this AU that somehow reminds me of everything i *love* about this show and these characters. It is everything I wish for them. If I could write you a letter of the things I wish for these characters it would simply be a list of all the legacy verse fics and all those little questions ash has answered. 

Anyways, I just really wanted to thank you for your various works and for giving us Jon, Abby, Elaine, Tish, and Terry. I love them so much.

Also…someday I will send you my therapy bill re roy harper. 

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