tfh spoiler

  • Eddie: A princess of her people has no business putting herself in danger.
  • Jill: A princess of her people has no business sitting off to the side while her people are in danger.
  • Eddie: Do you have any idea what could have happen if-
  • Jill: Oh, shut up.
  • She said, reaching for him. He flinched in surprise, but once she started kissing him, the tension left his body.

I had a stupid thought pop into my head;

What if Sydney breaks herself out of Re-Ed and ends up finding everyone all together in the midst of planning to break her out. Everyone is busy and serious, then Sydney walks into the room and she’s just like "you guys were taking too long" and everyone just gapes at her as she walks out of the room like the queen she is.

Sydney Sage wearing tight sexy dresses and colorful bras (✿◡‿◡)

Sydney Sage refusing to put her shirt back on (✿◡‿◡)

Sydney Sage sneaking into Adrian’s bed naked in the middle of the night (✿◡‿◡)

Sydney Sage being confident about her body and sexuality (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧

You know how at the end of TFH, Adrian said he was going to go somewhere where he won’t feel anything for a while. I hope he goes to a bar, orders a drink and just kind of stares at it. Then I want Rowena to find him and take the drink away since she knows he has a problem and they talk. I want Rowena to pull him out of the darkness and help him focus on finding Sydney.

Someone should write this… please.

The Fiery Heart: Chapter 22

“Eddie,” I said, panting. “We need to split up.”
That answer wasn’t a surprise. What was a surprise was that out of all the things rattling around in my mind, Abe Mazur’s words popped up in the forefront: Don’t think for an instant that I wouldn’t do terrible, unspeakable things if it could save someone I love. Because it was Abe, I’d naturally assumed he was talking about doing terrible, unspeakable things to other people. But as Eddie and I held on to each other, the words took on a whole different meaning. In that moment, I knew I would do anything to save Eddie—my friend—whom I loved.
Even if it meant doing something terrible and unspeakable to myself.
I could hear shouts and feet pounding on the earth. They were getting closer. So were the guns. And even in the throes of terror, with my heart ready to explode in my chest, I managed an effortless Alchemist lie.
“You saw what I did with the fire? I can do another spell like that. Not the same but just as good. I have an object—a charm—but it has to be used from a distance. If we split up and I distract them, you can cast it. It’s a sleep spell. It’ll knock everyone out, except me because I’m protected.”
“I can’t cast a spell,” he said. “Why don’t you do it, and I’ll distract them?”
“Because it’d knock you out too if you’re in its path. You can do it. The magic’s in the artifact. You just say the words to make it work.”
With my free hand, I managed to fumble in my purse while still running. I pulled out Hopper, in inert form, and handed him to Eddie, along with my keys. “Take the keys since you can start the car faster when we escape. For the spell, hold up the dragon,” I panted. “And say centrum permanebit.”
Centrum permanebit,” I said firmly. “Say it three times, and face toward us, but make sure you’ve got some distance. If someone catches you and interrupts, the spell will backfire.”
“I can’t! I can’t leave you. We’ll find a different way.”
“No, we won’t.” I could feel myself tiring, and my foot ached even more. If Eddie found out, I knew he’d try to carry me, and it’d only make things worse. “This is our chance. There are too many, but we can take them out in one blow. Please, Eddie. You said you’re my friend. I’m your friend. Trust me. I know what I’m doing.”