can we talk about this [x]. let’s talk about this. i remember this so vividly from the FOC trailer. i’ve never forgotten it.

it’s everything i love most about Megatron in a 3 second gif: sheer, raw power. gladiator power. he’s just meandering through the battle, swatting Autobots out of his way like they’re fucking flies. look how he sends them flying. it amazes me how powerful he is. i love it. i fucking love it.


(this was going to be a simple answer but turned into a full-blown appreciation photoset bahaha) … These, gurrgler, my friend, are what i mean by knee covers/pads/guards :D i’m not sure why, but i always take notice of bots’ knee guards. and i think some, like the above, are really gorgeous??

it started with Bayformers Optimus - the way they move when he walks, i just love it so much. then TFP Ratchet’s always caught my eye as well; and, more recently, i have fallen in love with MTMTE Megatron’s. i could add so many more, like Roddy’s, Drift’s, TFP Jackie’s, etc etc etc.


when you forget the context behind these images (from Sick Mind), it looks like they’re just a happy couple standing together with their arms around each other (^^)

i mean seriously, by that last image, i’m pretty sure Optimus isn’t even using Ratchet for support anymore. they’re just holding each other anyways *cries softly*