[ENG] 160915 New Boys - Rap Monster Cut


In case the video gets taken down, here is an OPENLOAD link to the video

LISTEN listen closELY there are gonna be subunit songs in this album do y'all truLY wanna know why??? How long have Namjoon and Jungkook made cover songs Together for?? Why in Namjoons fancafe post when it’s pretty obvious other members have made contributions to this album did he only mention Jungkook? What about that “song” Yoongi was writing for Jimin?? What about when Bighit literally called them the #miniminiduo?? What about all the fansigns where both of them said they want to do a subunit together?? What about Taehyung and Hoseoks cover of hug me together??? And Jin well…..Jin just deserves that solo. Tomorrow, we are getting Yoonmin teasers and the day after that we get Vhope and the day after that we get solo Jin they think they slick but I am ON THEM


he’s literally just saying “yah” but im melting