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My take on the whole "dorky" thing is that he does have a great childlike dorky side, he has fun and shows that side of him often in public. This film he has been promoting for SIX months was a very serious film (vs Star Trek or even TFE, which he was also serious when promoting) but this has been a relentless 6 months of work on something serious, so I would guess, he was less goofy in part due to that fact; and, he is protective of his private life. Doesn't mean he's not still a fun guy. 1/2

2/2   He was fun and goofy with Josh H. in that fun interview when he was a comic con (and was already with SH) and he was greatly goofy in that fun interview with him and Keira when they were given cards to ask questions about the other. People are just forgetting what they don’t want to acknowledge is still there. Photobomb at GG anyone?  It’s still there - in spades.


Dorky enough? LOL


"Over the weekend, I’d picked up a handbag for Sherri at a swag event. As I left for work on Monday, my young daughter came running out the door in her footie pajamas calling, “Mommy, Mommy, you forgot the purse for your wife!” And I thought: six years old, and we have done our job. We have affected one child who is going to branch out tolerance to her children and her friends. This is now! And on the way to work I cried because we’ve let her know: this is love. No matter gender, size, shape, color, love is love." - Teri Pole