Nothingness ...

As I tumble further into this great abyss of nothingness, trying to spot something, anything at all, that is familiar … but alas, to no avail, all I thought an took so for granted … there is nothing familiar. There is nothing at all.

The nothingness, so thick an heavy as it consumes and absorbs all I thought I saw … all I thought I knew. Spinning … suffocating … the nothingness sucking the very life from me. “am I even falling?” No point of reference, absolutely nothing at all … suspended in nothing.

The sound of silence deafening to my mind, I try to cry out, but the nothingness sucks the very sounds from my throat. There is nothing but silence in all the nothingness. I struggle and frantically begin to fight against the vast nothingness, but alas, the very will to even survive has been sucked from my being and absorbed into the nothingness. The struggle subsides and as I slowly begin to let go of the final thoughts of “this an that,” I begin to drift away, into the nothingness.

As the final shreds, of even helplessness, evaporate away, into the nothingness, I feel at peace, softly, gently cradled within the nothingness. The warm familiar glow of a smile, deep within my being, begins to shine. It was all a dream, I am the nothingness, from which all that I thought, arose.