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but, here are the reasons why i should // she makes me feel like the swollen desert sun is inside of me and like i am s h i n i n g   g o l d e n through all my broken places. // she knows more of me than anyone else. // she’s always been all the best parts of me.

Based on the Desert Girls poem by @nowthatsheaven​ for making me cry.

novishu  asked:

70 andreil (can it be neil who says it aaah)

ofc, i wrote something along these lines over the weekend, posted and deleted it an hour later, im gonna use that for insp too hope u dont mind

70. “You’re so beautiful.”

 Neil Josten pressed down on the stub of his cigarette, impervious to the sear of heat that brushed his knuckles, He held on for a moment, and looked up across the horizon, before flicking the remains across the skyline and over the ledge. He didn’t hesitate before lighting another

           The smoke was a comfort. For a while it wasn’t; what would his mother think of Neil Josten, captain and starting striker for the biggest Exy team currently in the media? All Neil expected was running, and he had to stop to remind himself the Butcher was nothing. Nathan Wesninski was dead, and now Neil was sat beneath the sunrise, and he was here to stay.

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All for the game by Nora Sakavic

They never pried, but it took him weeks to realize they didn’t have to. They didn’t ask for secrets; the settled for the breadcrumb truths of day to day life. They knew he hated vegetables but loved fruit, that his favorite color was gray, and that he didn’t like movies or loud music. They were things Neil understood only in terms of survival, but his teammates hoarded these insights like gold.

[…] He was their family. They were his. They were worth every cut and bruise and scream.

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88 + andreil for the prompts?

  okay so i did no research for this bc im a lazy fuck but just pretend the concept can actually happen lmao thank you,, and im sorry this took so long

88. “Don’t panic but I think we might have accidentally gotten married…”

Andrew pulled himself away from the scene replaying itself through his head when the ambulance rattled; he looked up, and the doors had been swung open, and Neil was being passed down to nurses stood outside the van.

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@fuckrikosquad creation event: roasted riko (insp)

‘i dont think any of us should have to put up with this much of your bullshit. pity only gets you so many concessions and you used yours up about six results ago so please please just shut the fuck up and leave us alone.’