It’s as easy as this:
just go out and do the things you say that you’re going to do. Don’t just think about them; go out and actually do them. Go to the aquarium, talk to the person you like at the coffee shop, explore nature, get a dog, get a cat, swim in the ocean, get heartbroken, jump off a plane!
Just live goddam it.
I believe you can do all those things and much more, so if I can believe in you, why can’t you?
—  g-p-j
BTS Reaction Their Girlfriend Lifting Up Their Shirts When Their Alseep.

BTS Reaction to them being asleep/nearly asleep and their girlfriend lifting up their shirt. 

*Everything in Italics is them speaking*


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As soon as Jin felt your hand on his stomach as it rubbed up and down his eyes would shoot open. He would turn his head to look at you, biting his lip and giving you a warning look. To say the least, he would be turned on. There would be no doubt that you two would be having some fun.

“Jagi, you have no idea what you’re doing to me right now”


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He would groan and move his head out of your sight so you won’t see the blush on his cheeks and the smile on his face. He would love that you were trying to snuggle even closer to him.


*Stops rubbing his stomach slightly*

“No, Jagi, don’t stop”


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He’s just dead. He immediately stops breathing and tries to be still. Way too nervous and enjoying it to make you stop so he thought he would pretend to be asleep so you wouldn’t stop.


“Jungkook is sleeping”

“I guess I’ll stop then”

“Jungkook is very awake”


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Tae would look down at you silently and pull you gently closer to him before closing his eyes again a smile still lingering on his face. He would feel so at peace with the world at that moment.


“Shh. Just go to sleep”


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When your hand connected with his belly he would start giggling so instead of sleeping you two would be having a little cute tickle fight. Ending with him pinning you down and a sweet little peck on the lips.

“I didn’t know you’re ticklish Oppa”

“It should’ve stayed that way too”


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Prepare to be squished like full on pushed into his body. There would be no chance on you wriggling out from his grasp because he is hugging you so tight. He would then drop his head so his face is like buried into your hair and you would stay like that until you both were tired.

“Hobi! I can’t breathe”

“Sorry Jagi. I just love you too much!”

“Then don’t suffocate me”


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He would just smile. He won’t let you now that he enjoys it until the morning when you’re both awake as he knows that you aren’t far from being asleep. It wouldn’t leave his mind as tries to sleep though.

-Helmet Girl

Not gonna lie...

Every time I see something about the Queen of Shadows show, a little bit of me dies. Because while I try and hold optimism for adaptations of books to TV/movies, it works out so little of the time that I’ve lost a lot of hope.
Fingers-crossed for this one, obviously, but I am almost purely skeptical at this time. Not that the books could ever be ruined for me, but still. It will sting if the show isn’t done well, and doesn’t stay true to the story.