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Ive had the biggest crush on Ratchet from any continuity for years now. He's so strong and capeble, with a heart of gold under that grumpy exterior. I usually imagine sitting on his lap on a rainy day, getting gentle pets or neck kisses if he's in his holoform. Quietly dozing off to his careful touches, while he's working on some paperworks. Making me feel safe and loved, especially if it was a bad day that reduced me to tears. Letting me just rest in his lap or arms. I just love him so much. ❤❤

After I read this I could not stop laughing (not at you, don’t worry love :) ). This scenario would not stop replaying in my head and I had to share it with you (and with the rest of Tumblr);

    You would just be hanging out with Ratchet, on his lap (or course), till you eventually doze off. Ratchet obviously wouldn’t mind at all and just keep working (on whatever he does). You would just be sprawled on your stomach across his legs, snoring softly while on of his digits lazily rub up and down your back.

    Since we all know Ratchet’s a very “popular” mech, I feel Optimus would just walk in chatting with someone else and earn a very unfriendly glare as he continues to stroke your back (kind of like those evil villains with the cats, but with more of a I-will-kill-you-if-you-speak-again look). Ratchet would calmly set down his work and make the shushing jester, eyes still burning.

    Optimus and whoever else he was talking to would slowly retrace their steps back out the door into the hallway….

“We just meet death, and he’s our medic…”

“And at the whim of a human no less…”

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