Film journalists, fans and critics: ”Well, you know,  guys like Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac manage to be handsome *despite* their big, dented noses...“

*Me*  “But I thought that was what made them so appealing in the first place though. The imperfections.  Because absolute perfection is dull and unsexy and nothing to empathize with or truly want or long for.”

“ Evening pumpkin…”
“ K-Kylo! You’re okay… ” sniffs loudly “ what happened to you?”
“ The girl… And her friend… They bested me.”

And… And then Hux would quietly hush Kylo and kiss his forehead and hold him while he slowly changed back into his human shape. :B

Finished the sweet anons request for a follow up to poor hurt birb Ren. :)

interstellar (when it's me and you)

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by thegoodlannister

kylo’s trying, but he’s having a hard day. somehow, hux knows just what to do.

Words: 1060, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Almost done with season 2!!

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how can you not ship finnrey….i do not understand… is so Good and Pure. look at my little star-children, see how in love they are, they will get married shortly after kicking the shit out of kylo ren. leia officiates. poe will cry into a lace handkerchief. chewie is best man to both bride and groom. maz gets drunk and passes out in the punch. bb-8 is brides-droid and wears a tiny flower crown.

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Mitaka x Thanisson in #70 for the pallette thing?

look at these space dorks

(headcanon that mitaka is pretty comfortable with pda and is generally an affectionate person and thanisson is the kind of person who passes out if shown the slightest bit of affection)

Ugh, has this fandom agreed on a tag for new trilogy related Star Wars stuff yet?

Or do I just have to blacklist the title of every single goddamn EU book in addition to every character name and every possible way to say “The Force Awakens”?

Like. I don’t even care about the EU. Do I really have to learn the names of all the books just to protect myself? Can we please just agree on one tag for all this stuff?

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I know its weird and he's not really the type of character who would do the cute things, but can I just get some cute fluffy relationship stuff for TFP and TFA Shockwave? He's my favorite but theres not much for him. I hope you're having a great day! I love reading through all of your stuff, its really helped pick me up lately <3

It’s not weird at all! 
Aw, I hope you’re having a great day too! I’m glad my stuff has helped you! 

Shockwave TFA

He likes it when you assist him in his experiments. This could be anything from reading off notes, passing him tools, or just being there, he enjoys your company

He likes it when you hold his hand, or at least one of his claws. He knows his hands aren’t the best for holding, but he loves it when you do it anyway 

He doesn’t have a mouth, but he’ll rub his helm against wherever to implicate a kiss when he’s feeling especially affectionate

Shockwave TFP

 He can go for days without looking up from an experiment, so he appreciates it when you look out for him and make sure he eats and rests 

When he does choose to rest, he likes it when he leans back with you on his chest, he finds it relaxing 

He likes watching you while you walk around in the day. He thinks it’s cute how you’ll study all his work, and shift from foot to foot, before moving on to do the same for the next

If he works late into the night and you fall asleep near him, he’ll stop to pick you up and put you somewhere safe and comfortable before going back to his work. He might look back at you a few times though, he thinks you’re cute