Here’s some Finn love for today: Finn, who spent his entire life isolated from the conditions of the real world, who was told over and over again that the FO was bringing justice and order to the galaxy, who believed it because he had no other information to go on, threw all that off the second he saw the outside world.

In both the TFA novelization and BTA, the second he sees the world for himself, he realizes that the FO is full of shit. He immidiately empathizes with the people he’s been taught to hate his entire life.

His Very. First. Time. Out.

Anyway, Finn is the beating heart and moral compass of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Thank you for your time.

Hux wakes up to darkness and the awareness that he’s not alone. He’s still in uniform: his belt feels too tight. When he sees the shape of Ren looming over him he shrinks, afraid to see Vader’s mask locked over Ren’s head. His eyes adjust, first to the bared pale of Ren’s skin. Then he sees the gash across Ren’s face and remembers why he’s here.

“You’re in my bed,” Ren says.

(Life Sentence, No Cellmate (chapter 1), from Children, Wake Up by hollycomb)

After a year plus of beating around the bush, I’m going to come out and say it. That Kylo Ren stans, Reylo shippers and Kylo/Hux stans and shippers are actual real life Nazis. And I do mean ALL of them. No exceptions. Every single one of them, including the ones who go out of their way to write inane posts about how much Finn is a bad guy.e.t.c.

And if you know one of this people in real life, you should know they are Nazis or Nazi sympathizers which is basically the same thing.

The Star Wars fandom need to eject this people from the fandom. They are a cancer to humanity. They deserve nothing but scorn.