Episode VIII: The Family Reunion on Ach-To

Ren had come for the girl, but before him stood no powerful Force-user, no magnificent sight to behold…no, before him stood an old, pathetic, frail hermit, waiting with a brandished green saber, the anxiety emanating from his being like a toxic gas. Ren grimaced– he wanted nothing to do with Luke Skywalker; he’d left his former Master to suffer in silence and regret many years ago…this time, the punishment must be permanent.

The Light (Kylo Ren x Reader)

Summary: After battling Rey and Finn, Kylo is left in agony not only physically but mentally. But like always you’re with him - his only apprentice and his only lover.

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“Don’t make me do this.” You exhale as your body racked with sobs, “Please don’t make me do this.” Kylo places the end of lightsaber to his broad chest which is filled with searing burns and cuts from his battle with Rey.

“Look at me.” He orders through gritted teeth and past your blurry vision your eyes connect with your first and only love, “It’s okay.” He doesn’t even stutter or look scared as he grabs your hand and places it on the lightsaber. You start to inhale and exhale loudly and you feel like there’s no oxygen making its way to your lungs, “Y/N–”

“I can’t! Kylo, please! I won’t do this. I n-need you.” You cry out loud as you pull your hand away. Kylo places his cold hands on your cheeks and leans in. Every breath, emotion, and thought stops when he places his lips on yours. He tastes like fresh strawberries and smells like something sweet you can’t describe, he just smells like himself. You grip the weapon and pause. Shaking your head, you pack it away in your back pocket. He is not dying.

“My dear, I’m in pain. I’m being torn apart.“ He aches referring to the pull of the light and dark side, “Do this for me, please.”

“Trust me, I’m helping you.” You reply genuinely but you still feel a weight of guilt sinking your stomach. You know he’s suffering, but you can’t kill him.

“I know that’s what you think,” he whispers, “but the pull is too strong. The light side is getting to me.”

“Let it.” You whisper, “I’ve loved you as Kylo, I will love you as Ben.” You admit truthfully as you run your hand through his long, black hair and he closes his eyes before placing his hands on your hips.

“You need to do this.”

Stop.” You beg with your voice breaking, “Please.”

“I know it is difficult, I know you love me.” He states and you gulp.

“Then why ask this of me? You know how I feel about you. You know I could never do anything like this.” You wipe away a tear that spills down your cheek and Kylo looks down at you with pity.

“You’ll do what’s right.” Kylo nods his head once and you feel the lightsaber in your back pocket, “I’m not strong enough. Throughout all the training I’ve taught you and all the missions you’ve completed I’ve come to know you very well. I know how much potential you have and I know how strong you are. I know what I have to do but I know that I don’t have the strength to do it. You need to help me. I know you can.” You feel your eyebrows furrow as tears fill your eyes.

“I love you.” You tell him genuinely. Kylo leans down, pressing his lips to yours and you close your eyes instantly. As the earth begins to shake Kylo pulls back and looks around.

“Hurry.” He whispers, his hot breath visible in the cold air. Grabbing his lightsaber, you steady yourself. You’re still not sure if you can do this even if it is what Kylo wants.

The red laser casts red light upon the crystal, white snow. You’re convinced nothing has ever nor will ever look as beautifully desolate. Your hand shakes as you take a deep breath and raising your arm high in the air you prepare to strike down on Kylo.

"Sir!” Phasmas familiar voice makes you flinch as tears roll down your cheeks, “The Finalizer awaits your board.” She marches up to the two of you, stopping when she notices the lightsaber in your hand.

“Kylo,” you look to him win your eyes alight and he already knows what you’re going to say, “Let’s go home.” He blinks at you a few times before he places his hands on your wet cheeks.

“I love you too,” he confesses as his eyes travel over your features as if he hasn’t seen you in years, “And so will Ben Solo.”


Thierry Meisel is a drag queen who happens to look like Hux. I love him! And his drag mother is Raja, one of my favorite drag queens ever.

@littlcrystal​ as I said it looks like shit D: but he’s so cute!! looks so much like hux! I can imagine a 18 year old hux doing this. Perfect.

sorry if the gifs are shit, tumblr won’t let me post them in good quality.


watermeloneverything  asked:

Which transformers (from any continuity) that would have an out of character hoarse voice after there s/o kissed them by surprise. (Keep writing I love u 💋💯)

Aaaaaaa thank you! ^^ 
Oh man this is so cute 

First off MTMTE Megatron, he’s very flustered 
Also MTMTE Ultra Magnus, Pipes, and maybe Tailgate 

TFA BUMBLEBEE (he’d try to play it off), TFA Blitzwing if you kiss Hothead

TFP Smokescreen for sure, TFP Wheeljack, and TFP Ultra Magnus 

ARMADA DEMOLISHER, Armada Jetfire (only if it was the first good and long kiss you ever gave him)

Beast Wars Dinobot and Rattrap honestly 

And G1/IDW Prowl

Also RID2015 Sideswipe 

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TFA Jettwins and bumblebee having a competition with their s/o to see who could make the other laugh first? Who would win??????

Transformers Animated

Though they try very hard, the Jettwins they actually lose to you. They think you’re super cute, and end up giggling at your adorable jokes, and that leads to them in laughing at each other. In the end, the three of you are on the floor in absolute hysterics

Bumblebee actually ends up winning, though it’s not a huge surprise there. As well as trying to make you laugh, he lays on the Charm, and even though it embarrasses you, it’s also pretty funny. He’s super overdramatic about everything and it’s hard not to laugh at him.