I don’t know why this has never struck me before. Remember that scene where Kylo is speaking to Vader’s helmet, confessing that he still feels the pull to the light? He asks his grandfather to show him the power of the darkness so that he can finish what he started. Queue the next time we see Kylo: he arrives on Takodana, ventures into the forest, and finds….what? Darkness? No. He finds the light. What if Rey is Anakin’s response to Kylo’s request? What if he’s telling him that the answer is not power: it is love.

plague-d0ct0r  asked:

aaa i would so buy your art if i had money omg,, but your art is great, so i think doing commissions would go well!! also, for the palette challenge, mitaka in "sylveon" :0c ?

aaa, tysm!!

and here you go- mitaka in the sylveon pallete! :D

idk what he’s doing standing in front of a window with an armful of roses- i just wanted this to have a flower/sky theme…

…maybe he’s about to go on a date, i suppose??


In the excitement of my Mountain trip, I forgot to mention; while out there I also got an email from the Garrison I had been applying too (Badlands) I’m official with my Hux now that the CRL is live!

 TKID 52611  <3 

First (still currently only I think) one in Canada, and one of the first in the Legion as a whole (think I was the second), so exciting! Worked so hard on it, and always wanted to join the 501st so it was a squee worthy email to get. Applying my Kylo to the 501st as well when it’s done, so working my butt off on that right now! Expect pic. spam in the coming weeks. 

Photos by Stacey Dawn Photography