just an update: sorry about last week’s lack of one. We were comin’ back from SPX and decided not to push ourselves. Then this week, I (kc) forgot to give anthony a script in time and he’s working on it now. At the least, this week’s update might be late. Gotta see what them clowNS is up to. That’s all. Thank you for your patience. Munch love <3

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t made a post in so long. I’ll be honest; this has been a tough year for me and keeping up to date with otome games isn’t something I’ve been able to do.

That being said, I’m going to update the blog within the next week or two with everything I can find that I’ve missed. Please feel free to let me know about anything you don’t see here: new releases, upcoming games, Kickstarters…whatever you’d like! I’ll add it to my to-do list.

Sorry to everyone who’s messaged me and not received a reply.  Thank you for your concern and your patience. I hope to be around more often in the future!  ♡



So…I am taking a break.

I will log out of this account and hopefully only come back by the end of october or smt…I really need to get away from internet in general, so i can focus a little bit more on my studies(not that they are going bad).

You can still message me and I’ll reply to it as soon as possible!

I hope you inderstand! <3

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Fall Quarter Update!

I haven’t done an update in a while, so here’s one to summarize the Summer Quarter and give a vague outline for what I’ll be doing over the next three months. 

Last Quarter Accomplishments…

  • Finished the fourth draft of TWLC
  • Finished the read through of Pearl
  • Started the second beta reading round for TWLC, which is now more then 2/3rds of the way through, though some readers have already finished in the last few weeks.
  • Found a few people to do a heavy critique of Pearl.

This upcoming quarter…

I have a huge list of things I may of may not do depending on how quickly my beta readers and critiquers get through the novels. These possibilities include, in order of importance:

1. Editing Pearl based on my critiquer’s feedback, and starting the actual beta round.

2. Starting the fifth draft of TWLC, and holding a ‘first four chapters’ beta round.

3. Outlining more of the second and third book in TWLC trilogy.

4. Writing one of these short stories:

  • An older, grouchy man goes to a black market sale to purchase magical guard dogs for his mansion and returns with three orphaned children of various mythical humanoid species instead.
  • An alien’s tragic life on earth is recorded by the people who met them, both friends and foes. 
  • A sci fi fairy tale in which the owner of a extra-dimensional way-stop demands a guest build him a series of objects for a mysterious reason. 

5. Starting my next standalone novel, a YA fantasy in which three teenagers must stop an ancient vengeful deity from rising out of a volcano and decimating their island while navigating the harsh tension between the island’s human and monster residents. 

i’m back!

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And it feels good too! I was quite inactive for a while - I was shit-posting random stuff here and there but not really keeping up to date with everyone’s blogs (so if you’ve had a load of spam in the past couple of days… it’s a sign I love you and your blog and have missed it!) 💕

Anyway, here are the updates:

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Hey guys! Thanks again for the support for this AU and I’m glad that so many of you enjoy it! Will be away for a couple of days just go do some adulting things, but these are the headcanons currently on backlog as requested:

• Gryffindor!Break Trio

• Slytherin!Penguin Trio

• Gryffindor!Fubuki! Twins

• Ravenclaw!Kiyama Hiroto & Ravenclaw!Midorikawa Ryuuji

• Ravenclaw!Shindo Takuto & Ravenclaw!Kirino Ranmaru

• Gryffindor!Kurama Norihito or Slytherin!Kurama Norihito

• Gryffindor!Raimon GO Trio

• Gryffindor!Ibuki Munemasa

• Slytherin!Matatagi Hayato

•Slytherin!Sun Garden Kids

Somehow I found myself taking all these requests you’ve left in my ask.

These requests are coming about slowly over the new few days/weeks alongside my own stuff + graphics:D

We are extremely sorry to announce that there will be a delay in the emails!
We hope to get them out by the 26th, the 27th at the latest. This is due to a combination of excess schoolwork, other unexpected obligations and the sheer volume of applications. It’s been really difficult to limit ourselves to 40-50 applicants due to the talent we’ve been seeing, so combing through them again is going to take more time than expected.

No sickness today! :)

I have a light throat infection but I‘d choose that over sickness everyday! 😅

Tea, medicine and taking things slow!

Seeing my doctor tomorrow to talk about the results of the biopsy from the gastroscopy!

AND I am starting a class of back stretching with my mum tomorrow! 🤓

How is your week so far?