Hey guys, back at it with another big update. Here we have the last pages of Ch 10 of MyStereoBot, and we’re almost nearing the end folks (two chapters left!). After Ohm gains a wedgie from riding with ya boi Sub, the boys meet up with this mysterious boi at his crib, and learn something about Infinity’s situation, enjoi~

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Glitter- Chapter 25

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The night was getting on, but the party showed no signs of stopping and I had a feeling it wouldn’t begin to calm down until day broke. I was sitting on a log beside Tony, probably annoying him. Tony was the quiet one of the group. He was always so happy with sitting around and watching, but there I was talking away to him as if he cared, and even though I knew he didn’t, I kept speaking.

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well, it looks like eos spoilers are out there. spreading. so i must hide from them bc i refuse to be spoiled. 

this unfortunately means i’ll probably be on hiatus until after i’ve read the book. :(( i’m going to miss everybody and any last minute theories, but, spoilers 

anyways, after i have read it i’ll be tagging spoilers as eos spoilers and there will be spoilers on my blog so beware. <3