sorry for not posting new updates these past 1 or 2 weeks ;; 3 ;; these weeks were busy with exams so i didnt have time to draw anything. but now exams are over and will go back to drawing, but then in about 2 weeks im going to be taking the big exam ;;;~;;; so i wont be be able to draw much in these 2 weeks. thank you guys for your patience.


Heading for freedom!
Releases are always the best part of the job, and recently it was time for our newest swan to head back to the wild.
With his wounds fully healed, he was given a final sign off from the vets before being taken away with RSPCA Animal Collection Officer, Annie, for release!

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I’ll take this time to update ya’ll on the comic and life atm. So, there’s a good chance Sabers may not update in early March. Mostly because I’ve recently landed a job, so my time is gonna be fucked for a while. I’m currently inking ch. 5, and that’s taking me quite a while due to more panels and a variety of backgrounds since there’s more than just the rooms in this chapter (IT’S ONLY 28 PGS TOO). It’s been a full week since ch. 4 ended and I feel like I’m super behind!! 

But even so, I’ll do my best to get as much done before I start working and we’ll see what happens from there QvQ There might be a small hiatus till I get the chapter all finished, and even when it updates, I may have to slow the updates to once a week. So, there’s a lot that may change and I heavily apologize for that! But still your support, whether on here, Twitter or Tapastic, all counts and I am insanely thankful for all of you! 

Thanks everyone for reading Sabers / w \ 

So I’ve added a commission page to the main blog :o

it’ll always be there for commission info at easy access and have a link to a form to fill out when commissions open

…if I can get the links to work reliably :v

EDIT: The form is working fine (yes, it’s supposed to say it’s not collecting responses) but the details document is still messin w/ me