My chest ripped open about a month after surgery (a couple weeks ago) and it looked really nasty, luckily enough it has been healing and the scars are getting lighter around it so I might not even need to visit my surgeon again about perhaps needing a revision surgery. We were worried at first when the wound was wide open and really scary looking but now there is a lot less worry!
My surgery was done on June 3rd

Mechanics of Poetry - C. 10

This is the last chapter. That’s all. It’s…finished???

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Dex hates midterms, especially when they’re doing really well at hockey. They’re almost shoo-ins for the Frozen Four this year, and it’s got all of them stressed out. Chowder, Nursey, and Dex all want to make it because it’s going to help C’s prospects with signing, which would make him the third generation of Samwell grads in four years to go pro, and Nursey and Dex just want to go out on a high note. Whiskey and Tango want to make it because they’ve made it to the Frozen Four both their previous years of service on the SMH. The tadpoles are panicking because they don’t want to be the ones who fuck it up for the seniors – who are on their possible four year consecutive streak.

Dex especially hates his own playoff beard because it makes his face itch and it’s every bit as ginger as his hair. Nursey, of course, looks like he just stepped out of an HBO show because he’s that kind of asshole.

“Stop glaring at my facial hair,” Nursey protests.

“You conditioned it, didn’t you?” Dex asks, running his fingers over the wiry but surprisingly soft hair.

“Well, yeah, I asked Shitty for advice,” Nursey says. Dex grimaces at him and faces forward again on the bus.

“C, how’s your beard coming?” Nursey asks.

“Shut up, Nursey,” Chowder says.

“How does Farmer like your playoff beard?” Dex asks, because even when he’s miffed at Nursey, they can always find common ground in exactly two places – joint nudity and chirping Chowder, and since they’re on the bus, he’s pretty sure the other guys would shoot them for the nudity.

“She understands why but she also won’t kiss me until I shave,” Chowder admits.

“But beard burn is fun,” Whiskey says, leaning over his seat to join in the chirping of their captain.

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Starlight: *turns back* Oh I’m sorry, did you say something? I didn’t see you arriving. Beautiful night, isn’t it?

???: *remains quiet*

Mod: that update was totally not an excuse to introduce a new character lmao this is not what was supposed to happen originally but heh, it’s way better like that. Maaaaaybe you should ask about that mare sitting next to Starlight, who knows. *whistles*

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Hi. Woah. Holy cow. Hey Tumblr!

It’s been a while.

I’m still not dead. It’s actually the opposite.

I am doing exceedingly well.

I got the okay to go off of my antidepressant officially on Monday. My doctor said she did not think I needed them anymore.

For someone who has been medicated since she was 8, this is huge news. For the first time since then, I am strong enough to face my problems without the help of a medication.

Don’t get me wrong. I am 100% in favor of medication if one needs it. The goal, though is to no longer need it. This is a huge milestone for me and I am so very happy.

There was a time when blogging about dragon age was the only thing I looked forward to in a day. Now, while I still adore blogging about dragon age, there are other things that make me happy.

Hopefully once I get moved in at my new home I can pick some fanfics and fanart back up. My current apartment does not have anywhere for me to comfortably create!