Detention! And Updates! Updates from detention!!

Saturday school is in session, and unfortunately for Quinn, it’s a hell of a ride. I’ll be updating Detention in four parts, the first going up before Tampa Bay Comic Con on the 28th. Thank you for reading!!

working on a fic… because fuck the almost finished wips i have, right? ahaha. AHA. fuck those things. they only need like 500 more words ahahaha. who C A R E S. not me! nope. ahahaha. nope. ah. hhaa.

anyway here’s what i’m working on because i crave attention.

Loki doesn’t often resort to Grindr.

He has an easy enough time getting dicked without the help of an app—it’s really more of an inconvenience, with random guys messaging his profile with pictures of their dicks or heart-eyes emojis. But every now and then, Loki finds himself mindlessly flicking through the pictures of profiles self-identifying as his type. Most look like brainless meatheads and get passed over.

But every now and thing, every once in a blue moon that lines up on a Friday the 13th on a leap year during El Niño season… someone catches his eye.

‘Thor’, his profile says. A 36 year old that lives within a few kilometers of Loki’s position. His pictures are… Loki bites his lip. A ripped older guy with plenty of golden chest hair to run his fingers through? Photos of him genuinely enjoying himself as he laughs at a picnic or an actual honest-to-god baseball game, instead of the forced, 'sexy’ selfies of abs and puckered lip sneers? Lord God above.

There’s only one slight flaw.

Well, actually there’s two.

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I did it. I did the thing.
It’s not as wonderful as my more creative peers’, but it’ll do.
Sorry I delayed this for so long. I hope it makes it easier from now on.

Update - 21/07/17

So, Chapter Nine is coming along really well. I managed to finish the first branch, which was great, and I played through it to edit it and was pleased at the result :)

It’s the first time the stats come into play for changing how certain things can go, so that was good fun to start trying out as well.

I have to admit that the small flirt scenes were probably my favourite to write as usual :D (The flirt scenes in one branch will differ to the flirt moments in the other branch, so I’m looking forward to writing those too!)

Next week I will be working on the second branch then, once that’s done, it will be onto Chapter 10- which is more linear but is a very important scene with a few bigger choices.

Today I’m going to settle down when I can and really get to work on finalising plans on where and how the romances and friendships are going to play out throughout the whole series- exciting but quite intense, lol.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and I’ll talk to you guys on Monday :)

Series ~

Since I don’t have access to wifi on my laptop I won’t be posting series updates until I’m back at home from holiday, another reason is because I can’t write long posts on my phone without it messing up somehow… I’ve tried writing a part to something, then tried drafting but it deleted it ._. So yeah I’ll update series when I’m back in the UK but as for the next few weeks I’ll post texts but they’ll be limited since I’m busy ^^ ~K.

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(adm: Hi guys!! Here’s me again with another update lmaoooo

First of all, I’m sorry for not answering your comments!! I’m just super busy, I’m really sorry I can’t answer them. I do, however, read all of them, and as always I wanted you to know I appreciate them very much!! I’m super happy to see some of you are excited to see the new character ;w;

If there are still some people lost, I am working on a sequel to my version of HetaOni, which was completed and has my own ending. These characters I’m releasing are going to be part of my next game, which I named HetaOni : Ai [or HetaOni : Love]. 

That character’s design will be released when/if I reach I certain amount of followers. If it takes longer than two-three months, though, I’ll release him anyway XD

Also, the game is going super well! I worked on it today, and I’m excited to say you’ll be able to get multiple, random answers whenever you interact with objects. This will make the game to be not so boring whenever you’re lost/searching for things!! I wanted to add random dialogue on HetaOni too, but I didn’t know how to do it back then lmao XD 

I’m having a lot of fun working on this, so I really hope you guys have as much fun as I’m having now!! Unfortunately I believe the game will still take one-two years to be released, but I’m working at the best of my speed. There is still much to do, but I’ll keep you updated!!!

Thanks for reading, and I wish you all a great weekend!! <3333)


Tablet is officially broken… Right around con season as well….

I am unsure of when I can get a new one…. I will look around my art folders and see if anything can be uploaded in the mean time. For now I might upload traditional stuff and paintings. I’m sorry everyone.

Focus on feeling good

Lately I’ve adjusted my thinking.  Before I had been thinking “eat healthy, walk over 10,000 steps, hit the gym 6x a week, be healthy”.  But now that I have fibromyalgia, just jumping into that hasn’t been possible.  Working out too hard too fast causes flares. Which makes me tired, and then I can’t cook, and I got sad and felt like a failure and it would spiral.  

That has been my last year.  And every time I “failed”, I would gain more weight. 

After meeting with my rheumatologist, I had to re-frame my thinking. She gave me a lot of good tips and ideas.  Told me to take it slow.  Ease into it.  “EASE INTO IT??? THAT SO ISN’T ME! I’M A GO BIG OR GO HOME TYPE” screamed in my brain when she said that, but deep down I knew she was right.  

So, I looked and found a workout program that I thought was “too easy” for me, that would get harder each week.  I chose the “transformed” 12 week program from  I decided that I wouldn’t worry about food right away, just focus on getting my workouts in, and resting when my body needed it.  

At first, any day I worked out I needed an hour or two nap in the afternoon.  So I did it.  I didn’t worry about being “active every hour”, or how many steps I got.  I listened to what my body needed.  

Once I was ok with my workout program, I started meal prepped.  I told myself I would cook whole foods that I liked.  I would meal prep my breakfast, lunch, mid morning snack and afternoon snack.  I wasn’t going to stress over supper or evening eating.  I just wanted to eat healthy foods I enjoyed for the first two meals of the day.

That went super well.  Now I’m trying to be mindful of evening snacking (ensuring it’s healthy, and not stress related), as well as TRYING to cook evening meals at least 6/7 days a week.  BUT, I’m not stressing over it. 

I may not be having crazy fast progress at this point, but I AM making progress for the first time in a year.  I feel the momentum increasing.  I am focusing on what makes me feel good.  If my body needs a break from cooking,  I will order a pizza.  If I need to postpone a workout so I can have a nap, I will.  

I’m really happy with where this is headed.  I’m half way through week 5 on the program and gaining momentum! 


Update Time.  Gather ‘round, friends.  

First off, i was cleaning out my Mac and came across old video clips of my 2014 trip to Boston to meet fellow tumblrs and watch @malloryrunsthis kick ass in the Marathon.  To document and share this trip, i put together a video of my trip to the tune of Drop Kick Murphy’s Shipping Up to Boston.  Anyways, i watched the video for the first time in years and it brought a huuuuge smile to my face (mostly cause i was leaner and had more hair😂).  During that trip, i remember thinking that “from here on out, i’m gonna document my trips with video highlights”.  However, i never followed through.  Now i’m wishing i had shot real video on this Kentucky trip instead boomerang IG stories.  

So, Kentucky.  This time we stayed in Louisville (last trip was in Lexington).and Louisville was a bit of a disappointment.  Their downtown isn’t lively all.  Touristy here and there, and kinda desolate throughout.  Also, a lot of panhandlers.  However, we got a lot of work done, played some golf, and drank a lot of Bourbon.  We toured Makers Mark and Bulleit.  We tried to tour Angels Envy, but got denied in a sort of way that left a bad taste in me an my partner’s mouth… which led me to declare that i will go out of my way to never ever drink or purchase their product(s).  Makers and Bulleit, though -two thumbs up.  If you are ever in the area, pay them a visit.  Even if you don’t enjoy Bourbon, there’s so much history to learn about Kentucky and at the Bourbon industry.   

Now I’m back in Chicago and prepping for my flight to SF tomorrow to see the GF and Zeet and Ollie and drive cross country to Chicago and begin our lifelong adventure.  Our rental home is good to go, but empty.  The movers have yet to deliver our goods …the goods they picked up in OC on June 30th.  Unfortunately, the only information they are able to provide is that our stuff is “enroute”, and no ETA😒  It is what it is and i don’t want to explain why it is what it is.  But, it is.

Maybe i’ll shoot video on our cross country drive…

I need to refocus my law to actually look like law ‘cause I feel like my art has been veering off track lately and so I will stick to more canon one piece related things in the near future
//but like i literally looked at my own art and was like “who the heck is that??”
//I changed my bby so much he’s unrecognizable now T_T

Also it’ll be another couple days before I can draw and post things and such ‘cause I’m still staying in the middle of nowhere with no service nor internet (I came to town for a moment but it’s such a hassle to get here) and I have a shit ton of online course things to catch up with.

I hope you guys are liking my new legacy at least a little bit…! With my new laptop, I actually completely lost all of my Giles sims and saves… Which makes me very, very sad. I’m kinda self-conscious about my legacy right now, but I really hope you guys are liking it, and if you have any ideas or requests feel free to message me!