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Soo-Ha ignored the pain in his knee as he raced from the parking lot to the obstetrics department of the hospital. Hye-Sung had been in labor for the last six hours and he had been stuck at a crime scene unable to leave until it was finished because his new captain was an asshole.

He was out of breath when he arrived at the nurses’ station and struggled to get out, “Jang Hye-Sung. I’m her husband. She’s having our baby.”

He’s so young. How can he be the father?

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Various shots of Crispin Glover’s death scene. The meat cleaver effect was achieved by having a prop cleaver cut to fit Glover’s face and then putting it  into place and having it pulled away quickly.

Then when they got the footage into editing, the played it in reverse, making it appear as though he was being hit in the face with it.