tf:let me go

Let me go // H.S imagine

Requested by the lovely @justherefortheharry :)

Where you need a break from yours and Harry’s relationship.

I hope I did your request justice and I hope you enjoy.

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You checked your phone for what seemed like the 10th time that day- sighing when you saw you had no new notifications. Locking your phone you looked down at your outfit- a gorgeous red silk dress covered your frame, a present from Harry. It was date night tonight- something that you and Harry liked to do when ever he gets back from tour. You had been looking forward to this night all week, you would finally have Harry all to yourself which is something that you don’t get to have very often.

Harry had been back from tour for a little over a week now but you haven’t been able to spend anytime with him, as soon a word got out that Harry was back from tour everyone wanted a piece of him- tv appearances, radio interviews,recoding sessions in the studios and not to mention the sheer amount of people that wanted to meet up with Harry to go for drinks or for dinner at an uber fancy restaurant that you had no clue how to pronounce the name of.

You were a little jealous that they got spend time with Harry before you but you didn’t let the jealousy get the better of you. You and Harry have been dating for coming up 3 years now- so you knew how this sort of thing worked and you knew that you would get to spend time with him at some point so you couldn’t really complain.

Your phone suddenly started to vibrate in your lap, signalling that someone was calling you, you grabbed you phone out of your lap- your heart sinking when you saw that it wasn’t Harry that was calling you but your Mum was instead- sighing you answered the call.

“Hey Mum” You tried your hardest not to sound too disappointed but you couldn’t help it, you desperately wanted a call from Harry or even a text, you have been sitting waiting for Harry to come home so you can go on your date for 2 hours now.

“Hi Y/N, what’s wrong you seem upset” You looked down at your dress-smoothing the creases out with your free hand, you sighed “I don’t know mum, me and Harry where supposed to go on a date tonight but I can’t get a hold of him” You tried to not let your emotions get the better of you but you were slowly becoming more and more upset, a lump formed in your throat and your eyes started to glaze over with tears.

“Oh baby, maybe he’s just busy” you choked out a silent cry as tears began to slowly fall from your eyes- you once again looked down at the beautiful dress that you had on the words ‘he’s just busy repeating in your head’. You missed Harry so much you really did, it just seems like Harry has met up with everyone else but you. You know that you are probably overreacting but you can’t help the way you feel.

“That’s just it Mum I can’t help but feel that he’s only busy when it come to me” You bit your lip trying your hardest not to loose it and start sobbing. Truth be told this isn’t the first time that Harry has missed date night because he’s too busy and knowing that he is too busy to come and see you or even call you honestly hurts your heart. “Come on now Y/N you know that’s not true, Harry loves you so much I know that and you know that you know he’s a busy person Y/N and I hate to say this but this is what you signed up for when you started dating”.

You looked down at your chipped nails-taking your Mothers words into consideration, you knew Harry loved you- he made an effort to tell you that everyday but you can’t help but feel pushed away. You know Harry is a busy person you did, and you’ve managed it for the last 2 years but for some reason you’re starting to crack.

“I know mum I guess I’m just feeling a bit emotional” You continued to talk to your mum for another 10 minuets before hanging up when you heard the front door being opened. You sprang to your feet and began smoothing out your dress and quickly wiping the tears away from your eyes-hoping that Harry wouldn’t tell that you had been crying. You took a step forward but quickly came to a halt when you heard multiple voices instead of one.

You were standing in the living room for another good 5 minuets before Harry finally walked into the room, with 3 well dressed men - who’s faces you didn’t recognise walking in behind him. Confusion spread across your features but you quickly covered that up with your best fake smile, you looked over at Harry who was motioning you over to him. Once by his side he placed his arm around your waist- pulling you close to him.

“Y/N I’d like you to meet, Jeff, Steve and Andrew, gentlemen I’d like you to meet my beautiful girlfriend Y/N” Harry looked down at with his signature smile on his face. You looked up at him with a half smile- confusion filling you eyes. You took a step forward to greet them ”It’s a pleasure to meet you all” You took a step back and grabbed Harry’s hand- gently pulling him to the side so you can speak to him more privately.

“What about our date?” You tried not to sound too upset but you couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed- you had dressed up, tried really hard with your makeup so you could look nice for your date but as of right now you weren’t sure if there’s going to be a date at all. Harry noticed your sad gaze and brought his hand to your cheek, caressing it ever so gently “Of course we’re going on our date” A wide smile spread across you face, and butterfly’s erupted in your stomach at Harry’s statement. You were finally going to get the alone time you wanted so desperately with Harry and you couldn’t be happier.

“But is it okay if they come too?, their wives are already waiting for us at the restaurant” The smile dropped from your face and was replaced with a frown- you took a step back from Harry and stared at him- a displeased look on your face. You where thinking of what to say, by the sounds of it everyone was expecting you to go and you couldn’t exactly say no when 3 of the people going were standing less than 10ft away from you.

You let out a breath and looked at the 3 men who were stood watching you then you looked at Harry who had a pleading look on his face “Okay fine, but you owe me” Harry lurched forward and pulled you into his embrace- you sighed hugging him back. “Thank you Y/N, you have no idea how much this means to me” You pulled away from Harry taking his hand into your own and smiled up at him. You could tell this meant a lot to him and as much as you were displeased you weren’t prepared to ruin this for him.

The dinner was in full swing and to say you were upset was an understatement. You felt completely out of place- you tried to join in with their conversations but they kept discarding you, even Harry. So instead you sat picking at your food with your fork-trying your best not to cry but truth be told you were struggling. You wanted to leave so badly but you couldn’t let yourself start a scene in front of who you learnt were very important people from Harry’s management.

You looked up from your food and at Harry who was in deep conversation with his management about his new album, you sighed this really wasn’t how you planned your date to be. Your gaze then landed on one of the wives- you smiled at her but that quickly changed when you saw how she was looking at you with such disgust, you quickly looked down at your food- tears threatening to fall from your eyes and in that moment you knew that you needed to leave.

You tapped Harry on the shoulder but got no response from him you let out a huff and tapped him once more, again you got no response you looked over at the ladies again and was met with the same harsh glare from earlier. You visibly gulped and looked down at your food- you took a deep breath and stood up from your chair. Looking down at Harry you saw that he hadn’t even notice you get up- the first tear fell from your eye and you decided that it was time to leave.

You brushed passed the back of Harry’s chair and rushed to the front door of the restaurant- pushing it open you were met with the sharp coolness of the nights air, at this point tears were streaming down your face, taking a deep breath you looked into the restaurant- your heart breaking at the sight, Harry hadn’t even noticed that you had left. With a heavy heart you called a Uber and went home.

You cried the whole way home- your night was ruined and your heart was broken. Once you got home you went straight to your shared bedroom and changed out of your dress- you wanted to get rid of anything that would remind you of the nights events. You took a deep breath and began packing an over night bag, so you could stay the night at your friends house-as you didn’t want to spend the night with Harry.

Once you had done that you went back down stairs and made yourself a cup of tea- in the hope that it would relax you. You were drifting off into sleep when the front door being pushed open snapped you out it. You were in the middle of sitting up when a very angry looking Harry walked into the living room.

“What the hell Y/N” You looked over at Harry and stood up anger radiating off you. “Don’t even start Harry I’m not in the mood” Harry scoffed at you making you even more angry- it was clear to see that he thought he had done nothing wrong and quite frankly that angered you even more.

“What do you mean don’t start,you’re the one who’s in the wrong here not me” You rolled you eyes at him and pushed passed him- walking into the kitchen so you could clear your head, however you didn’t get the chance to as Harry followed you. “Don’t you dare walked away from me Y/N, you’ve done enough of that already” You sprung around startling Harry.

“DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHY I LEFT HARRY” You yelled waving your arms in frustration, you had finally cracked all of your frustrations coming out one by one, Harry stood still staring at you with a unamused expression on his face. “I LEFT BECAUSE YOU TREATED IT LIKE I WASN’T EVEN THERE AND NOT TO MENTION,IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OUR DATE NIGHT NOT A MEETING” Harry rolled his eyes at you and scoffed.

“Oh please no we didn’t you just couldn’t be bothered to try and join in with our conversation” Harry seethed, fresh tears began to well up in your eyes. You haven’t ever seen Harry look at you with so much anger before and as much as it made you angry it saddened you.

You stood staring at Harry, tears falling from your eyes “H-how could you say that Harry, I-I tried my hardest to join in with the conversation and all you did was shut me out” You wiped your eyes and pushed yourself off the counter- you couldn’t bare to look at Harry- it brought you too much pain to do so.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me” You took a deep breath and turned around, facing Harry you sighed. “Do you know that you have missed the last 3 date nights because you were too busy or you forgot about them all together” Harry’s eyes softened at you. You sniffled before taking a step towards him “ I can’t keep doing this Harry” Harry stiffened at your words, afraid of what you are about to say.

You choked out a cry “ It-it hurts to much” Harry rushed forward taking you into his arms “No, no, no, no please don’t say that” Harry tried his best to comfort you, but it wasn’t working he knew that he was loosing you and the thought hurt his heart.

You pulled away from Harry and placed a hand on his cheek- wiping the tears that fell from his eyes “I need to go Harry, take some time for my self, you need to let me go H” Harry brought his hand and placed it on top of yours. He didn’t want you to go but he knew that you had to, he had no idea that he had caused you so much pain. He knew it would be wrong of him to make you stay. He was the one who caused your pain so it was only right of him to let you go.

“I love you so much Y/N” You looked up at Harry a sad smile covered your features. You tilted your head up and lightly kissed Harry, pulling away sighing “I know you do Harry”. With that you walked away leaving Harry on his own standing in the kitchen the ghost of your touch still lingering behind.