As the Everyone...

Have fun!

It’s important to make sure that when playing TF2 you have a good time.

It’s easy to get caught up in the competitive side of things and get a bit too serious.

Remember it’s just a game, and the main point of it is to have fun. Don’t get too mad if someone uses a ‘scrub hat’ or something that may be a bit over powered. As long as everyone’s enjoying themselves, it’s all good.


The PBS Idea Channel did a video on online currency and did a sizable explanation on the TF2 economy with regards to Unusual Hats.

It’s a really great video with some wonderful explanations. 

Also the whole channel is really good and informative. Check ‘em out!


Good news, everyone!

So as you should all know by now, Steam and TF2 are now available on Linux - the Open Source operating system! 

There are some great advantages to using this method of playing, such as a higher average framerate. 

After having a quick look through the Steam Powered User Forums, I saw that the user Lansing has come up with a tutorial on installing Linux (Ubuntu) to your Windows system via VirtualMachine!

Here’s the tutorial

I’m working on it myself just now, and I’ll check back once/if I get it working properly!

You can also get VirtualMachine on a Mac OS, but I’m really not sure how similar it is to install. 

Happy Linuxing!


As the Demoman...

Charge your Stickybombs!

A neat little trick to use (that is surprisingly little-known) is that you can charge your sticky bombs by holding your primary fire key! (Default MOUSE1)

So based off of this - we can see that if you charge a shot and detonate it as close as possible to an enemy - it can do 120 damage. 

This is a really good technique to use if someone is running away from you - clearly with low health especially. 

You can also use the charged sticky to set traps in some harder-to-reach areas, such as the tall rocks near the BLU spawn in pl_badwater. This is particularly useful for taking care of Soldiers trying to rocketjump over them.

This ability makes Demoman a lot more versatile and fun to play, so try it out!

As all classes...

Try everything!

Almost every single weapon has a really decent use for it, with very few exceptions (cough rhymes with blogbispinator cough).

Almost all of the weapons have unique and interesting stats, so don’t judge them by what other people say. Try them out for yourself and find a perfect fit for you!


Hey folks!

I felt like my latest video belonged here because it showcases a cool map and has some pyro tips! 

also if you didn’t know i had a YouTube channel and want to see more, click here to see the trailer and give it a sub if you’re interested!

- Rawr


Hello ladles and gentlespoons!

We’re gonna be doing a very special HAPPY HOLIDAYS STREAM THING FANTASMINARIUM!

(we’re going to be streaming for the first time in like 4 years)

Stay tuned here for the announcement and we’ll do the thing!

We’ll also be doing a live Q and A

And there will be special guests, probably!


Coming soon, to a blog near you!

Astronauts, war heroes, Olympians, you’re here because you want the best! And we are it. So, who’s ready to make some science - er - blog posts.

Now, you all met each other on the Ethernet ride over so let me introduce myself. I’m Passive.

I own the place.

Those other 3 chaps you’ve heard from are my co-admins. Liz, Ruaraidh, and Hydro.

But enough banter (bullhonkey), you want the meat (meat) of this post. TF2 Tricks (amazing blog) is coming up on it’s one (1) year (365 days) anniversary (noun: the date on which an event took place in a previous year) come the 27th (twenty-seventh) of this month! (February) [Confetti!] (celebratory paper flakes, usually colorful and clingy)

We here at TF2 Tricks make these posts from scratch. No hand holding.

Okay maybe a little bit of hand holding but that was just once! And we were good friends so it doesn’t matter. Right?


So regardless to say, we’re quite proud of this achievement.

Not gonna lie, we here at TF2 Tricks are at a bit of a loss of what to do to celebrate, since we already have a pretty big event coming up regardless!

Not gonna tell you what that is though. Company policy. You understand.

So, normally, this is where you’d come in. However, nobody asked for your opinions. Yet.

What would YOU like to see from TF2 Tricks to celebrate 1 entire year of existence?

There. Now somebody has officially asked for your opinion.

So give it to us.

And because of the new tumblr layout, we have to stick a question mark at the end of this post so you lovely people can answer it.

Thanks, tumblr.

So ignore the next question mark you see.

And any other question mark that doesn’t look like it’s where it’s supposed to be.

We got a bunch of these dang-ass things laying around.

Don’t know what to do with them?

Yeah, like that one.

Have fun suggesting and happy early birthday to TF2 Tricks!