Episode 001 - Throwback to my old TF2 maps

I haven’t posted on tumblr in a while, but I just recently made this video about some suuuuuper old TF2 maps that I made/worked on/conceptualized.

This is my first narrated video. I figured I would actually get something uploaded, even if it’s not the most amazing video out there.

This takes a look at 4 old maps:
- dualpayloads: has nothing to do with two payloads
- airblastravaganza: Pyro vs Pyro airblast-only map
- pl_btbw_wheels: a tug-of-war payload map setup
- koth_cakeday_b3: a birthday KOTH map I made for friends, features a giant cake as the control point

This is intended to be a series of 3-4 videos about old mapping projects I made 2-4 years ago, or so. I will try getting the other videos out in a timely manner. After that point, I’ll make efforts to create things that are interesting enough to make videos about.

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