Got my Fight Songs in the mail today! The different colored records were an amazing surprise! And the photo collage inside was too cool!

Miss F. Pauling anyone?

(It also came with a poster, but it was too huge for me to get a proper pic. Sorry for the crappy photo quality ^^;)

So, I FINALLY got my TF2 music CD (more than three weeks after its release date #valvetime)!

I would have loved to get the vinyl version because it also comes with a huge poster, but without a record player that wouldn’t make much sense. ^^’
Oh well.
Anyway, I love the collection of SFM photos in the booklet. And when I looked at the pictures I found something:

Someone here probably already pointed this out, but: “F. Pauling”, huh? Interesting! Which English female first names start with F? Fiona? Felicity?

We’ll find out eventually, I hope.


Oh… Oh my god.

It’s beautiful! So much feel coming out of me.


We are Number One but every “one” is replaced with Muselk unboxing an SMG

Overtime - The Game

   Absolutely amazing fangame which combines two of my favourite thematics Undertale and Team Fortress 2. It was present by GermanPeter on 8th march. Today on 9th I have spend all day completing Pacifist route of this precious gem. I wasn’t dissapointed in it.
  The characthers are amasing, the plot which has same concept as Undertale one, is still original and interesting! Overtime is much shorter then original game, but i still gonna replay it one day! The only thing that was not ok for me is lack of 8-bit TF2 music, which would definetly complete this game to perfect stuff!
  Big Thanks to creators of these masterpiece!


So I was watching part of the legally blonde musical when this came up in my recommended…


this just made my day!!!