For Halloween: @felixmendelssohn-official @official-felixmendelssohn as a necromancer and @papabach @jsbach-official as a reanimated corpse

Bush medicine Headcanon

Medic and Sniper love music, so sometimes when they have a day off and peace from the others they will just dance. The first time it happened sniper had seen medic swaying to some waltz. Shyly and clumsy he sneaked closer while he tried to recall how to waltz. But medic already knew, turned around and pulled him close and lead him to the dance, in his arm a lanky red tomato. Since then he had teached Sniper most classical dances but both also like to swing. If they don’t dance they just sit there and listen to the records while relaxing,

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We are Number One but every “one” is replaced with Muselk unboxing an SMG


So I was watching part of the legally blonde musical when this came up in my recommended…


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