tf2 the announcer

Things I love in the tf2 fandom
  • . tentaspies (esp the little ones!)
  • . drawing spy in place of a multitude of things with a mask of that thing
  • . spy crabs
  • . when artists draw scout with buckteeth
  • . when artists draw sniper with a lil tummy
  • . the massive amount of medic content
  • . the overall love and acceptance
  • . everyone's mutual hatred of drawing the bullets on sniper's vest
  • . when artists give scout freckles
  • . our mutual anger about comic #6
  • . the ask blog apocalypse
  • . The beautiful cosplays
  • . gmod videos
  • . the amazing ocs keep it up my friends
We have captured the control point!

That brings us to the final submission in this competition!  Time to hand out prizes!

Crossover for $100

The Fashionable @donnez-moi-vos-vivres

Mental Health for $100

The Horror of the Night @katuen

Out of Frame comics for $100

The Imaginative @cerchionero

Creativity for $100

No submissions.

We pondered what to do with the $100 allocated for the creativity category.  A generous supporter contributed an extra $50, so @annesqf  @jelli-sfm  @archbowmistress y’all are getting $50 each just for making our day with your awesome submissions!

Prizes will be going out over the next few days via PayPal.  If the e-mail you provided us is different from the one registered with PayPal, if you’d prefer to receive your prize via Skrill, or if there are any specific instructions we need to know about, please let us know by this coming Friday.

I’m hyped as heck for the “tf2 comic finally arriving” announcement, because no matter if im actively playing the game or not tf2 as both a game  and a story universe has had a MASSIVE influence on my aesthetic and gameplay tastes, sense of humor, and in some weird cases even outlook on life.  So like the game could literally eat every server and be removd from human consciousness for 3 decades in a freak accident, and if valve was like “here’s a comic” I’d still wanna read the thing


New voice lines, new models, new medals, and a lot more babies than before. Bring on the slow grind, I’m ready whenever this 10-minute queue is ready.

(Also an excuse to animate ladies in purple.)




As announced i’ll be hosting another flash fire week cause, people have been demanding for more so, it’s never enough pyroscout for us~

This time as you noticed I’ve set up a small…let call it ‘shedule prompt’ where each day you can draw something based on the prompt!

Week Schedule:

  • Monday: Feels day/hurt comfort: let’s start the week by breaking everyones hearts!
  • Tuesday: Alternate univere: Simple, just create your own or use an existing one perhaps you own? you saw on tumblr. If you create one, why not also briefly explain the plot of the story!
  • shadowenza sais: Yes, you can use my AU’s too!
  • Wednesday: The first kiss: What do you think they’re first kiss was? Awkward? sloopy? romantic? sweet? i’ll let the imagination to you!
  • Thursday: Activities: what do you think they’re pass time is?
  • Friday: Dirty Friday (NSFW): self explainatory~ Pyro can be either fully clothed or not! If some aren’t comfortable with making NSFW content, for you, you’re free to draw what you like!
  • Saturday:  cuddles, cuddles, cluddles: what else is there to say~
  • Sunday: Filler space! To finish the week, lets all end with a big bang and just draw or write as your heart desires!


  • We accept anything, SFW, NSFW and in all forms, Art, fics, SFM, etc.
  • This week is for supporting the ship and not for flaming or hating on it
  • No hate art
  • Everything has to be consent, I don’t want to see non con, abuse, rape or anything like that!!
  • People will have different types of Pyro headcanons, so respected them!
  • This week is involved around the ship Pyro and Scout, no OT3′s
  • If you can’t find any ideas for the given prompt, you’re free to draw what you prefer or, in this case, even skip
  • Tag your posts with ‘flashfire week
  • Have fun!!!
  • For any more questions you’re free to hit me up with a message!

The Flash Fire week starts from July 20th to July 26th

So spread the news and let others know :D

Don’t forget, have fun, we are hoping to see many people joining and we hope so see lots of content :D

For those who don’t know:

I was making a joke about unusual hats, which are very rare hats in TF2. They are basically regular hats with effects coming out of them and revolving around the player in a pretty eye-catching fashion.

They’re kind of like “shinies” in pokemon. They look neat and are incredibly small in numbers, but don’t actually add anything to the game.

Here are a few examples:

Miami Nights:

Cloud 9:

Death by Disco:

This has been a TF2 public service announcement™.