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Scout’s Mom’s Song by Mag Magnet

Happy Mother’s Day!

Father Of Mine

Part two of my Tf2 Secret Santa gift for @madiebelleadventures!

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It started with a simple phone call.  

A simple phone call, a simple question, and a simple request, to be exact.

It was a long walk down the desert road to the lone payphone, but it was the only method of contact that Spy felt comfortable using.  He knew that neither the Administration nor the BLU team had bugged the phone.  The only reason he could be so sure about that was because he had bugged the phone himself.

He had been talking to his lady love, the only person in the world that he dare show any sort of affection to, when she asked him the simple question.

“Have you ever wanted children?”

Of course, being the sensible man that he was, Spy panicked.  

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