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dragongirlaaa  asked:

hey I just wanna say you are awesome I LOVE your remixes and I hope you keep doing them do you have any ideas about them like upcoming ones?

I’m starting to look at Vocaloid tracks (I’ve been making a list for a while now), TF2 remixes, and maybe something with Bendy and the Ink Machine o3o 

I’m working on a few different Undertronic tracks and an Original track atm, though I also want to look at my old 2013-2015 tracks and re-write them (since most were never released. Actually, “Renegade” was an old 2014 melody that I reworked into a newer 2016 track. It had a much different meaning in 2014, so I’m planning to write a second version of Renegade that focuses more on the original lyrics, rather than the Undertale-ish version. That’ll probably be coming up in a month or two, depending on when I start working on it). 

I also want to take all the tracks I’ve teased but never released (like Rewind, Breathe, Retribution, Reignite, Pop It Don’t Drop It, Get Jinxed, Fairy Fountain) and re-do them (since they’re a bit outdated now, at least in my opinion) o3o 

I’m poking at my Dusttale remix every now and then and also working on stuff for one of my cat OC’s Silphy, who also happens to be the channel mascot. (Gonna post a doodle of her quite soon) (「・ω・)「

Overall it’s a lot of things to do, and it’s almost halfway through 2017. I’m trying to get work done in a timely manner without rushing anything, but sometimes it’s difficult when the music doesn’t do what you want it to do xD

It’s been a while since I’ve done a TF2 remix, so here ya go! I added a slight alteration of the Kazotsky melody into it as well (The Kazotsky shall live on!) o^o 

So next week I’ll be finishing the “I’m Blue” remix since it’ll be Spring Break, and I’ll have plenty of time to start planning “Megalo Strike Back” & “Interstellar Retribution”, as well as a special TF2 remix I’ve wanted to do for a while OvO

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It’s been too long since I’ve seen this here


I listened to this while doing my Final Major Project evaluation… Actually helped a lot

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To make myself focus, I put on repetitive catchy music to listen to until I finish whatever I’m working on. 
I had a lot to do. 
I was working for almost three hours straight. 
I -

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this makes me so happy


My new video guys, something nobody ever asked for, but YOU’RE GETTING IT ANYWAY


“Gang Of Nine”, a new song!

The Team Fortress 2 Theme mixed with Akira The Don’s Remix of “Clones”. After how popular “Boston Boom Bringer” was, I decided to do another rap song!