tf2 pixel art


TF2 Pixel icons! :D

Yeah.. im not very active in tumblr… anyways.. i worked hard on these.. (and i use my style cuz i might never finish these if i use the TF2 style)

EDIT: If anyone of you thought i stole these at TF2 amino, uh nO Im literally Clarissa in there. I posted it here so anyone will have the high quality version of these and if they wanna use these as their icons

Anyways this acc goin to be dead again xD

Post-MechaCon 2317 Watercolor Commission, No.1 ~ The Pyro (Team Fortress 2)

Being commissioned to draw TF2 stuff never fails to be a nostalgia trip for me~ Definitely had a lot of fun watercoloring fire for the first time as well! =D 

Thank you so much for commissioning me, @disdainful-loni! I’m so happy you enjoy it!

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