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“Thank you TF2. You let me keep my house this year, and helped my son with his lead poisoning.”

Author of pl_swiftwater here. I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the TF2 community. 2016 was a hard year. In March my son tested high for lead levels. The health department determined my house could double as an x-ray blanket. Between medical bills and the cost of lead remediation, my wife and I were looking at some very difficult and heartbreaking decisions. It felt like the world was coming down on us hard.

And then Swiftwater became official.

Between Valve and the Community Stamp contributions, I was able to comply with all the health department criteria to make my house safe. Since, my son’s lead levels have been steadily going down. I can keep my family in my house, and my son isn’t likely to suffer long term effects from the lead. I can sleep at night knowing I didn’t mess up the life of my son. You guys helped that.

Thank you to all who supported my map from the early days. Thank you to all who lobbied Valve to get swiftwater official. Thank you to all who purchased a stamp. Thank you, most of all, to everyone who played Swiftwater.

Source: r/tf2 [x]

Swiftwater’s popularity rose since being ran in UGC Highlander years ago before finally being added as an official TF2 map in the Meet Your Match update. We are very happy to hear that Schwa and his family are doing better, and we wish them all the best. 


Well, here’s another one from the sudden burst of inspiration thats now…a something. I don’t know what it is and I’m scared to go into r/tf2 to see what its mutated into, but here it is. ctf_2fort, possibly the most iconic map in TF2′s inventory (despite how crappy it is).  

made in magicavoxel

oh yeah, I’m probably not going to upload a new one tomorrow. these take ungodly amounts of time (this one took circa 12 hours) and I still have things to do.



“And Cygnus is right… there!”

“…That’s literally just five stars in a t-shape; how the fuck am I supposed to see a swan out of that?”


Finished my entry for’s current Intel/Spawn Room detail entry - welcome campers, to Camp Redmond!

With nearly 200mb of custom assets made for the revamped theme, it’s surely a labor of love, with over a dozen easter eggs scattered around the campground, along with a fine-print backstory to the locale!

If you wanna check it out in-game, I highly recommend checking out all entries alongside it in the contest over on! There’s a lot of good work there!


A confessed listener to the show, going by the name of Lucardio, has posted some beautifully simplistic isometric drawings to /r/tf2. These images represent some of TF2′s more recent maps, capturing their unique and iconic structures.

Check out his full collection HERE, including 4K and mobile resolutions. 

Lucardio has given us permission to post these images. He’s hinted too that he may be up for doing some more maps in the future. 

What would you like to see him create next?  

Sniperspy Fanfic Recs

A lot of people were asking about what fanfic I was talking about, when I said that a certain Sniperspy fic had convinced me that Sniper’s name was Bailey. And a lot of people have been asking for fic recs, so I thought I’d put it together in one list. 

1. Smoke Wisps by Mumbling Mice

This is my all time favorite fanfiction of all time. It’s written so well you’d think it was a best-selling novel, and the plot twists and character development are amazing. I’ve reread it so many times, haha. 

2. Professionalism by ChibiJaime

Another one of my very favorite fanfictions. This one is written in a more fanfic style, but it is still well written and engaging. I especially love the author’s new take on the spawn systems and maps of TF2. This is the fic that inspired me to think of Sniper and Spy as Bailey and Laurent.

3. It Could Be Worse by Anonymous TF2er

I was unsure of this one, at first, because it featured same-team sniperspy, while I usually prefer RedSniper with a BluSpy, but it wuickly made up for it. It’s cleverly written with great story development. 

4. When You’re a Stranger - TheProofIsInTheSloth

This fic was never finished, unfortunately, but still has four or five chapters and the author has said there will eventually be more updates. Anyway, it’s a very different take on Sniperspy and sort of gets right to the point, which is nice if you’re impatient like me. 

bad tf2 map concept: a payload map that’s as long as like upward, badwater, barnblitz, etc, but there’s only the start and the end and no points in between

Aside from cp_gorge_event, we don’t have the original maps of the other three. I’d like to see pl_millstone, koth_moonshine, and cp_sunshine without the Halloween textures when the event is over, because overall I think the maps are pretty fun this year. Also, props to the community on the maps and item designs included this Halloween. I raise my glass to you!

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