tf2 crafts

For the first time of my school year, I had the opportunity to make a TF2-related work. Basically we had to create an “aquatic box”, and when I was drawing the concept art for my project my teacher came and circled a silly doodle of a tentaspy I did, then told me it could be interesting if I was able to develop the idea.

…so yeah I totally rolled with it and that’s the story of how I got recognition for shitposting in my art school.

Sorry for the overall poor quality of the photos and video, I don’t have the right equipment to make the photos clearer. Also, we had a short amount of time to finish this assignment so it’s far from being perfect.

BONUS : The concept art.


So I started a new project since I have a day off. Found a Walking Dead Funko figure that I thought would be a good base for a Demo. This is my first time working with an epoxy clay so I’m taking it slow and will probably build him up over the next week or so.


A little update. Added the closure on the front of Demo’s best and started his ammo belt. Also started on my little Heavy. He’s being altered from an Andre the Giant figure so I had to cut the back of his head off to get rid of the hair. A bit more build up, but I like how it’s coming.

The figure choice also means Heavy will be taller than Demo which I love


More work on my Heavy/Demo Funko conversations. A bit more build up on Demo’s belt and straps so I’ll be able to move on to the shoulders and front pouch next. Heavy had some fabric folds added as well as belt and glove openings. Most of the rest of the work on him will be finishing his head.

Once that’s done, I’ll clean up the sculpts to carve in detail where I need it and then it’ll be on to paint!