tf2 characters

Tf2 Characters according to my Mom

Spy:  Monsieur Noodle Legs

Medic:  Your Fave

Sniper: Crocodile Dundee

Engineer:  Bob the Builder

Heavy:  Beefy Vladimir Putin

Demoman:  “He’s Scottish?”

Pyro:  “He doesn’t have a face?”

Soldier:  Marines

Scout:  That Annoying Kid In Your Friend Group That No One Is Actually Friends With


Honorable Mention for Dad Character of the Day: Spy from TF2

First off, I want to give a huge thank you to @sacklegend for linking me to this. I didn’t even realize the newest TF2 comics came out yet and I had a good laugh at the situations in here.

But this right here? While this is another addition to how much Valve and TF2′s crew listens to its fans’ creative (though sometimes weirdly concepted) story pitches, this was a genuinely sweet moment that at least deserves an honorable mention. Scout denies the Spy being his father so much that Spy tricks him into believing Tom Jones is his father in his dying moments (typing that out is unbelievable in itself) but he gets that one moment to actually be there for his kid in a genuine(ish) manner.

Honestly, they played something semi-humorous out in a well told way.

While playing Team Fortress 2

*hears the characters thanking each other for stuff and genuinly being nice to each other*
Me: *clutches heart with tears in my eyes* What is this warm and nice feeling? Is… is this what friendship between characters feels like…?