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TF2/Avatar AU! Character Headcanonns (My version)

Ok I LOVE @madjesters1 AvatarTF2 AU!, and for some time I’ve been thinking about a little AU of my own, with inspiration from Madjesters1… With some, Uh, unique changes. If you guys decide you like it, ill be happy to expand on this version! Well, here it is:

Soldier: A firebender and ’Leader’ of a small ragteam, trying to save the world in that ‘no-good, deserting Avatars’ Absence. He’s low-key been the Avatars biggest fan since he was a kid, but became really bitter after his disappearance. Would probably hug the Avatar, after punching him in the face for leaving.

Medic: Master Waterbender, who was kicked out of the Northern WaterTribe by his father, after attempting to do some experiments called 'science,’ that ended with half the North Pole being melted. He is with the group, hoping to find the new, or possibly the last Avatar, for reasons unknown, although most the group think he has some weird science thing planned. They aren’t worried about it. He has his suspicions that the newest member of the Team might be 'The One,’ since he’s almost the exact age as when the last Avatar disappeared.

Heavy: A champion Earthbender from the Northern Earth Kingdom he owes Medic his life after the healer helped saved him and his family after their village was destroyed. He joined the group, not just got Medic, but to help make the world better in the absence of the Avatar.

Demoman: A non-bender, who, when not drunk, happens to know alot about spirits, bending, and everything in between (something about his family being cursed with knowledge) He’s just kinda along for the ride with Soldier, his friend since they were children, just doing his 'good Samaritan duties’ while getting free booze and admiring women. Almost, but not quite, a Master of Swords.

Engineer: Airbender, who wears a helmet because someone botched his tattoos. His grandfather was the previous Avatars Airbending master, so he feels strongly about making the world a better place in his absence. He also appears to have suspicions about the Newest member of 'Team Replacement Avatar,’ and about the waterbender, Pauling.

Pauling: A southern Waterbender, as well as training bloodbender, who’s mission is to find the new Avatar, and bring him or her to her boss for reasons she doesn’t clearly know… Maybe something to do with that whole 'science’ thing Medic keeps babbling about. Engineer is the only one who at least suspects of her true reasons for being in this 'Team Replacement-Avatar.’

Scout: The newest addition, and, very possibly and according to Medics theory, the new Avatar. His mother, a non-bender from the Northern Water Tribe, was a part of the last Team Avatar, over 20 years ago, and he happened to be born around the same time as the Avatars disappearance. He came to the group as an overly eager Waterbender student (much to Medics delight/horror at the thought of teaching the possible avatar/THIS brat) eager to not only take part in saving the world from evil, but, maybe even finding out more about his mom’s past, not just with the last Team Avatar, but also with his missing father?

Pyro: An airbender… They think. Possibly Firebender, or their just really good at using hot air and matches. They just kinda, started hanging around the group when Engie joined, so everyone just sorta, left them be.

Spy: A apparent 'non-bender’ from the Fire Nation…who is, in actuality, the Avatar, who went M.I.A. almost 20-ish years ago after an assasination attempt, Now posing as a non-bender to hunt down those who dared to attack him. He was in love with Scouts mother, who was apart of his original Team Avatar, but ceased all contact after the assassins came, for her own protection… Of course, after hearing countless of Soldiers rants about the 'no-good, sonofabitch Avatar,’ He was ready to ditch these morons and continue on his own to bring peace to the world… Until Scout came along, and only then did he decide to stay.

Sniper: One of the non-bending assassins sent to kill Spy a few years ago, they, in a weird turn of events involving some bears, an earthbending witch and a week alone in the Northern Mountains, became close friends who happen to bicker like an old couple, With Sniper insisting Spy should make a comeback as Avatar. Sniper is the only person in the team, who actually knows Spys secret. He hails from the Southern Earth Kingdom, and is the only non-bender in his family, a fact he takes pretty hard. But, he makes up for it by never missing a shot with his crossbow… Spy was the only exception, and he insisted it was only because of that 'bloody bear!’

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First of I'm the same annony who asked bout if the two pyres meeting and I didn't expect you to awnser it and I really like the concept of pyro and engine in the tf2 avatar au, enough interest was put into it that i got my pals into the au and role play moments from the comics, Also I have to thank you for even starting you DA and tumblr because I got inspired by you and other artists (like moofrog) and became better and even starting to draw at angels, So keep it up!(I'm also a pyromaniac rip)

AW, thank you very much for your kind words! :D I’m glad my drawings brought joy for you and your friends. :]

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How would their childhood be like in the tf2/avatar? The 9 mercs and Ms. Pauling, I mean.


Curiosity killed the cat

Traumatic event

Escaping captivity

One stolen eye






In short, a lot of crazy shit. Can you guess what happen to each one? :]