tf2 artbook

Ok so this was my submission for the tf2 artbook and ah, the coloring and perspective and a lot is really off and its kind of embarrassing now (but at least that must mean I have improved??I hope) but I might as well post it



i’M GO,,, I’M GO IN g

i solemnly swear never to try and organise big events again holy gosh but i started using habitrpg and i’ve made it a goal to complete at least five artbook pages every day with rewards for bonus pages so i’m motivating myself and i’m doing it cause i’m damn well awful for keeping it this long

BUT!!! since i’m such a butt, feel free to post your art that you did for the book. it’s awful for me to keep you guys this long. if you don’t want to post it that’s cool too! but i know some of you put a lot of effort into your pieces and not letting you post it for so long is really trashy of me, so go ahead. :>

ily all i’m so so os osrryr i can never give enough sorrys for how awful a mod i’ve been. but cHRIST I’M GONNA DO IT I’M GONNA FINISH THE DANG BOOK

ok basically i’m working on this! it’s just a little tedious since for the contents I have to keep going into google docs and checking what names you all wanted and websites (not complaining ofc, this info is p important for the contents! :> it’s just slow) as i put the artwork into pages etc so it’s takin a while in that respect

but yes i’m actually working on this now and will be hoping to get it out soons

at least you all can ask for the book for christmas ayyee ;DDD

i’m so sorry for taking so long i’m really sorry really really sorry gahhh