tf2 artbook

Another piece of promotional art to, well, promote this non-profit artbook some more.

Like making TF2 art? Want to take part in some sort of compilation? Look no further, the TF2 Artbook is here! 

Check out the blog, our FAQ, and if you’re really interested, check this out to get started. So far, there is no deadline

We’re still open to submissions, so feel free to go ahead and submit!

If you’re not the art-sy kind of person but still would like to contribute, reblog this and spread the word! 


Some artwork I did for the TF2 artbook, which STILL hasn’t come out yet. These things are almost a year old and hailed from a time when my tablet pen went missing, so looking at them is a little bit painful. I still like the Scout one, though. It’s arguably one of my best works from that time (if not ever).

(PS: The BLU Demoman in the middle’s transparent, so if you wanna use it for personal stuff, I’m cool with it. Just remember to link back to me. ;))


List of people who did not submit

brainslugonakitten, skulspliter, okamiandlinklover, teracoda, granboy, charleneislame, hetalianofawesome, dangfox, asktentaclestia, ask-paint-mako, khatmedic2, adammcquaig, eclecticthunder, zenami, f-l-o-i-p-o-i-d, animal-electricity, rafaelrubik, waybones, bekuh, natalielight, semperfry, atomicslamjam, 

your names have been removed from the artist list for the book.*

List of people with an extension

owlygem, psychoamanda, callmeohana, spiritleaf, atrocedie, the-chocobo

Character count (based on number of appearances)

Scout: lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll lll 28
Soldier: lllll lllll lllll lllll llll 24
Pyro: lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll l 31
Demoman: lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll ll 27
Heavy: lllll lllll lllll lllll llll 24
Engineer: lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll lll 28
Medic: lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll 21
Sniper: lllll lllll lllll lllll lllll 25
Spy: lllll lllll lllll lllll lll 23
Miss. Pauling: lllll ll 7
Administrator: llll 4
Saxton Hale: l 1
Scout’s Mom: ll 2
Gray Mann: l 1
Blutarch Mann: l 1
Redmond Mann: l 1
Radigan: l 1


So I’m putting the book together now. I’ll be able to see how many pages we have, etc, and might be able to offer a few extra pages out to some artists if we fall shorter than expected. For now, just sit tight. And to those that haven’t finished their pieces yet, goddamn it hurry up ya’ll are slowpokes.

- - - - -

*if your name has been removed and you know that you’ve submitted, send an ask. It’s possible I may have missed your submission due to the large number we received.

TF2 Artbook?

Anybody remember this project from last year?  I haven’t heard about it in months and I’m wondering if it’s every going to get finished.  It’s a bummer because I know a lot of artists were rushing to meet the deadline and produced some really cool stuff.

I’m also mixed about it because the work in it is old enough that my style has already changed.  


i’M GO,,, I’M GO IN g

i solemnly swear never to try and organise big events again holy gosh but i started using habitrpg and i’ve made it a goal to complete at least five artbook pages every day with rewards for bonus pages so i’m motivating myself and i’m doing it cause i’m damn well awful for keeping it this long

BUT!!! since i’m such a butt, feel free to post your art that you did for the book. it’s awful for me to keep you guys this long. if you don’t want to post it that’s cool too! but i know some of you put a lot of effort into your pieces and not letting you post it for so long is really trashy of me, so go ahead. :>

ily all i’m so so os osrryr i can never give enough sorrys for how awful a mod i’ve been. but cHRIST I’M GONNA DO IT I’M GONNA FINISH THE DANG BOOK


This is my first time doing this sort of thing and I’ve learnt, and am learning, lots. Most recently, I’ve learnt that for printing, we’ve gotta go big. Big canvases so the print quality is the best, and I’ve been telling you guys to go small.

I messed up on that and got page dimensions mixed up and I’m sorry if that’s affected/going to affect any of you. I take full responsibility for my lack of knowledge on this part. But basically here’s the rundown:

  • Anyone who has a full page should draw to the dimensions of 2397 x 3147 pixels or anything to that ratio (must be bigger than 2397x3147, not smaller).
  • Anyone who has half a page should draw to the dimensions of 2397 x 1552 pixels or anything to that ratio (must be bigger than 2397x1552, not smaller).

If you’ve already submitted your piece: do not worry! I went through them and they all fit into the page perfectly well. Pretty much 99% of them were already made quite big so when I made them that little bit bigger they looked just fine.This is just a notice to people who haven’t started yet, or if they have started and wish to change their document size.

If you’re well into your piece and don’t want to re-do anything, fair enough. We won’t make you and your art should look fine anyway in the book. Again I’m so sorry.

Just a heads up

That I’ve completely updated the artist list now. Here’s a list of those who haven’t submitted on time nor contacted us when they didn’t:

  • brainslugonakitten
  • skulspliter
  • okamiandlinklover
  • teracoda
  • granboy
  • mugenmcfugan
  • charleneislame
  • hetalianofawesome
  • dangfox
  • asktentaclestia
  • ask-paint-mako
  • khatmedic2
  • adammcquaig
  • eclecticthunder
  • zenami
  • f-l-o-i-p-o-i-d
  • animal-electricity
  • rafaelrubik
  • waybones
  • bekuh
  • natalielight
  • semperfry
  • atomicslamjam
  • medacris

This is your last chance. If you don’t message us within 24 hours your places will be forfeit and we’ll pass them to someone else. Saying that, those with an extension, you have until the 25th to finish. I’m going to be busy until then and it’s a good amount of time to get your stuff together. Gogogo!

(p.s. if your name is on that list and you did ask for an extension or have submitted already, send me a message too. It’s possible I may have derped on keeping the list updated properly.)


We’ve only had 4 submissions so far! We know how much Tumblr loves the last on-the-day rush for anything involving a deadline, but come on soldiers! Pick your feet up!

That being said, take your time and we hope you’re all doing well with your pieces. This is just a friendly reminder because we’d rather you all didn’t stress yourselves out at the last minute. Good luck!

We’re also in contact with a couple of people about getting an artbook to Valve Headquarters, so that’s exciting! And finally I got held up with the artbook cover/back post but I will definitely be posting the info on that tomorrow so that our artists for that can get started.

Carry on!

commanderwilloh  asked:

What's going to happen if we don't get any more submissions by the time of the deadline? Are we still going to go forward with the book?

If we don’t get over 40-50 submissions by the deadline, I’m going to hunt down every single person that hasn’t submitted yet and kick their asses.

No but seriously, if this happens I’ll probably either extend the deadline and/or send those who haven’t submitted yet messages to see what their situation is.

To be honest I think a lot of people will submit their entries in the last week. That’s how it usually goes with deadline-timed things.

ok basically i’m working on this! it’s just a little tedious since for the contents I have to keep going into google docs and checking what names you all wanted and websites (not complaining ofc, this info is p important for the contents! :> it’s just slow) as i put the artwork into pages etc so it’s takin a while in that respect

but yes i’m actually working on this now and will be hoping to get it out soons

at least you all can ask for the book for christmas ayyee ;DDD

i’m so sorry for taking so long i’m really sorry really really sorry gahhh