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2D Domestic Head canons

Wow another one of these. Tell me if you guys want a Noodle, Murdoc, or Russel one of these next.

  • Ho, boy where do we start
  • He likes going grocery shopping with you. In the mart you go to they play music over an intercom and you best bet he’s walking along side you to the beat of it. He’ll grab random cylinder shaped things and use them as microphones, singing to you. Once he got so into it with a cucumber he threw it on the ground at the end of the song and it smashed to bits. If it’s a slow song he’ll take your hands and dance with you, if you refuse him But like why would you he grabs the nearest thing on the shelf and dances with it. He’s known by the staff and the guy who dances with marshmallows and eggs. He likes to stand as far away from the cart as he can and throw stuff into it. he really quietly says ‘Koby’ if he makes it. You have to scold him for this because things will break when they impact on the cart
  • Late night runs to ice cream parlors are his favorite. You go at like 2am and get the same thing. He takes you to the same spot, a little bench in the middle of a Plaza where a fountain lights up the surrounding area. You watch the little water show, memorizing the patterns of the water. He watches your illuminated face from the fountain light. It usually ends with the two of you having a short make out session on a bench. Romantic.
  • He’ll sneak in the shower or bath T H E  B A T H with you. It startled you at first, but you slowly got used to it. It’s kinda awkward with his height and leggies, but you work it out. In the bath you it with your back pressed against his chest or on his thighs when you face him. He likes it better when you sit on his legs, because he likes to look at you. You later up his hair and contort it into weird things, giving him a Mohawk, devil horns, slick it back, give him a Clark Kent curl. It’s his favorite part of a bath or shower. You wash his hair every time and it makes his legs jello every time.
  • He L I V E S for the moments when you come out of the bathroom at night, already half asleep with a towel wrapped around your hair, a face mask on, a t-shirt from when you were in school, and baggy pants. If there’s one thing that isn’t sexual that gets stu’s dick hard, it’s this It really makes him feel like he could spend the rest of his life with you.
  • He loves it when you run out of the shower and throw your leg in his face saying, “Stuart! Feel my leg I just shaved!”
  • He brings you tea, coffee, or whatever you drink ORANGE JUICE in the morning. He does the same thing, brings it in with a smile, sets it on the nightstand and kisses your forehead. He loves to see you with your hair sticking everywhere, tired eyes looking up at him, a half smile on your face as you thank him.
  • When you have your marathons you lay on the couch with your head in his lap and he plays with you hair.
  • Neither of you cook well, so most of the time food is simple things that don’t require much effort.
  • Stuart likes to doodle and sometimes he’ll doodle on the back of your hand with a pen, one time he went all the way up both arms, successfully giving you fake sleeve tattoos. It was wicked cool.
  • You keep lighters on you because he forgets where he puts his when he pulls out a smoke. You get ones with cats and space tacos on them, he really likes them and they always make him smile.
  • Sometimes he just stops what he’s doing to pull you close to him and press his forehead against yours. He closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and presses a kiss to your forehead before continuing whatever it was he was doing.

Remember, YOUR actions as fans also represent BTS. Be kind to one another (Yes, ALL fandoms). I’m sure you don’t want them to be remembered by people in the U.S. as the “group with crazy, rude fans”, right? Of course you don’t. Be nice.

With BTS here in the States attending the BBMAs, not only are they representing themselves, but they are basically representing the music scene back in their home country, which is a lot of pressure. So to those other kpop fans who find joy in hating on other groups…FYI, this relates to you as well. Not only will the negative comments effect them, it will also do the same to your favorite groups. You don’t want your favorite groups to be stereotyped and to be known as the ones with rude fans, right? Of course not.

Be nice to one another (To ALL artists and their fans) and let’s have people remember them for the positives.


“maybe ur coping mechanisms are unhealthy”
“maybe u should speak to someone about it”
“maybe thinkin bout death 24/7 isn’t normal”