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I was tagged by @confessionsofashyfangirl I don’t know much about kpop as a whole, I’m just a BB freak but I’m gonna try this anyways! I have no idea if these song choices are even relevant in any way but things are happening. I TRIED REALLY HARD NOT TO PICK ALL BB SONGS.

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if anyone would like to do this or please feel to ignore if not! Also anyone that wants to do this, consider yourselves tagged!

B- Bae Bae by Bigbang
A- As If It’s Your Last by Blackpink
E- Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang
J- Just Right by GOT7
A- Amen by Monsta X
G- Good Boy by G-Dragon & Taeyang
I- I Am The Best by 2ne1
Y- Yesterday by Block B
A- Angel by EXO

can I just say that putting “Caps tickets are the way to my heart” on my tinder bio is quite possibly one of the best things I’ve ever done? because cute and very nice hockey boy is taking me to the Caps/Wild game tomorrow and then another guy just asked if I wanted to go to the Flames game with him on Monday. so literally if nothing ever comes of any of these dates (although I really do like the guy taking me out tomorrow night, this is our second date) I will at least get free Caps tickets…


when will he stop

When you’re the only one who likes That One Thing™ amongst your friends and you get excited but can’t talk to anyone about it so you just stand there like

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happy late birthday to @vulpes–vulpes


list of things lup and taako have argued over:
  • who owns that skirt
  • how to pronounce macarons
  • what the best type of wine is
  • the ultimate fmk scenario for the crew
  • who the hotter twin is
  • who kicked whose ass at duelling/pool/arbitrary game they just came up with the rules of which are also made up
  • who the hottest not them member of the crew is
  • which of them has had the coolest/gruesomest/most dramatic death