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If you're still taking requests, could I ask for fluffy RFA+MC morning routines?



  • Assuming you’re both students and you stayed overnight to help him study yes actually study, your mornings would sometimes be quite hectic.
  • That day you two realized you overslept and you only had one hour to get to school.
  • Guys, one hour may seem like a lot but believe me it’s not.
  • You didn’t kiss unlike those lazy Saturday mornings.
  • With you trying to get a shower but him being to shy to just enter and shave while you were in the shower.
  • Yes he’s a man, he shaves

  • So in the meantime, he’s trying to get his backpack and breakfast ready.
  • Once you’re both done in the bathroom you two quickly eat breakfast which was now cold.
  • This bby didn’t want you to eat by yourself, bby so cute.
  • You two finally are at the door and exchange a deep but short kiss before heading out to school.


  • Let’s pretend this was a day off.
  • This dork was still nervous about having to sleep in the same bed as you.
  • All men were wolves, including him.
  • But you looked so cute all cuddled up to him, your arm thrown over his chest and your leg over his own.
  • You woke up and the first thing you saw was a pair of scarlet eyes watching you with unmeasurable adoration in them.
  • He pressed a soft peck on the tip of your nose and slowly stood from the bed.
  • Did I ever mention he slept shirtless during spring-summer?
  • Because he did.
  • Managed to get you all flustered all. the. damn. time.
  • Zen, get ready to be shown off on Snapchat lol.
  • He’d help you make breakfast.
  • Puts on some music and you’re both singing and doing smol dancing while cooking.
  • After breakfast you two go back to bed and take out your laptop. 
  • You guys watch One Piece (I feel like he’d be a sucker for One Piece, tbh) to your hearts’ content.
  • At one point you two forget the anime and have a not-too-heated make out session.


  • Okay, mornings with Jaehee don’t get too fluffy or emotional.
  • But on occasion, when her week’s been amazing at work, she’d totally be super cute towards you.
  • Like one morning, one off day, she’d press you close to her and bury her face in your chest.
  • “Jaehee, come on, let’s make breakfast.”
  • “But, MC, I’d like to stay like this a bit longer… If that’s okay.”
  • Once she feels like getting out of bed she’d be preparing breakfast all by herself.
  • “Jaehee can I–”
  • “No.”
  • She just wants to spoil you. Sit tf down and wait.
  • The rest of the morning you two spend it literally lazing around.
  • You also use it to plan that day’s later date.


  • Omg, he totally wakes up with his head on your chest and his arms wrapped around you.
  • Slight drool.
  • You are vERY careful not to wake him and take a quick picture of him. 
  • SO CUTE.
  • His morning hair is just the most beautiful mass of floof you’ll ever stumble upon.
  • He looks so confused in the mornings.
  • So confused.
  • Like, what year is it?
  • He ruffles your hair and presses kisses all over your face and on your shoulders.
  • He likes you hold hands until you start making breakfast.
  • “MC, please, let the chef cook… I just want you to myself right now.”
  • He uses the cutest pouty face when saying that.
  • Fucc. Okay.
  • He’d never do it anywhere else but with you.
  • What can you do? He’s known for being persuasive.
  • These bois don’t like you skipping meals. SO after breakfast you two spend the rest of the morning on the couch with Elizabeth the 3rd, trying to resolve this crossword from the newspaper one of his bodyguards brought him.


  • Even after he got the toy shop and quit hacking for illegal purposes, it wasn’t easy for him to go back to a regular sleeping schedule.
  • Still, when he did wake up early the first thing he’d do would be reach out for you.
  • When he didn’t feel you there he panicked and shot out of bed in like .3 seconds.
  • Runs out towards the living room and the strong scent of bacons suddenly hits him.
  • Kitchen.
  • He finds you in the kitchen and as fast as the weight on his shoulders appeared, it was gone.
  • He was always afraid that you’d disappear for one reason or another.
  • “Oh! Saeyoung! Good morning, babe! How are you fee–”
  • You were interrupted by his arms being tightly wrapped around your body.
  • “Babe. What’s wrong!? Saeyoung, look at me.”
  • “You’re still here. Thank, God.
  • You ran your hands along his hair and press your lips firmly against his own. 
  • You wanted– no, needed to reassure him that you were here and that you would never leave. At least not willingly.
  • “Ugh, you two already started? It’s ten in the morning”
  • The both of you chuckled and noticed Saeran leaning against the doorframe.
  • “You guys want breakfast?”
  • The rest of the morning you have you boyfriend right next to you, kissing him ever so often. 
  • He also likes to sit on your lap. HE LOVES IT.
  • Likes playing whatever game you two feel like playing at the moment.
  • Enjoys seeing you and Saeran talking. 
  • He loves this feeling of belonging. He loves having a family.

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  • meet mingyu
  • he looks intimidating as all hell but he’s truly a dorky, lovable meme who cares for the people around him and isn’t afraid to show it…. when he feels like it seriously tho most of his misconceptions come just  from his height and build
  • that’s why kids used to kick fusses up with him while he chose to brush them off at first after all what use did he have for them
  • but ok the thing is he’ll only really engage you in anything if he thinks you’re worth the energy which is why he rarely got into fights unless it was v necessary and even then he took one step and they dipped tf outta there in a heartbeat
  • continuing on, just the mention of his fave videogame is enough to get him fired up so when people are treating him shittily he easily serves the same behavior right back
  • given he was taught not to take anyone’s shit, he usually fought back in elementary school and middle school with the ones who were usually the bullies tbh
  • he was the lowkey heroic dude that would save potential victims it was actually really sweet bc the ones he saved would back him up and make sure he had rewarded instead of reprimanded like #freemingyu
  • high school was ultimately where everyone generally tried to avoid him what with his record and his overall intimidating demeanor bc puberty was his friend and enemy at this point
  • he spent much of this time alone and doing his own thing, finding a huge interest in music bc it allowed him to express himself without being seen as some hulking monster that could kick ur ass cuz he can but does that mean he wants to??? no (ok that depends but still)
  • this lovable giant didn’t actually befriend anyone until prolly his second to last year of high school
  • thank wonwoo bc he was a new student who as quiet as he was had a knack for music as well
  • somehow these two found each other and became an inseparable pair who lived to create music together, always hyping each other up and supporting one another
  • even when wonwoo was getting shit for his graffiti, mingyu made sure his bff knew that a) his art was cool as shit and b) he got detention with him just y’kno to be at tru bro
  • moving forward, the two eventually made it into university much to their peers’ surprise since they only ever assumed the worst about the both of them as like ‘gangsters’ and shit
  • it’s funny cuz you’d think that he’d let the stigma affect him drastically but instead he’s still a really loud, semi-hyperactive giant who welcomed seungcheol and vernon in his and wonwoo’s friend group
  • bc wonwoo was actually really hyped about meeting others who shared a passion in music like him and mingyu did and how could mingyu say no to his bff??
  • anyway, with their love for music, they discovered the underground rap scene not too long after and chose to perform and just have a shit ton of fun there cuz they absolutely adored the vibes and idk it just became a thing for them ok
  • so i feel the need to mention just how impulsive mingyu can be bc he actually dyed his hair orange bc he saw how cool it looked on ichigo from the anime bleach and the volleyball anime haikyuu!! with hinana shoyo like he just…. wanted to lmao
  • everyone else was like “???? ….you dyed it bc of an anime?”
  • “yeah, looks cool right????”
  • no one wants to tell him he looks like a walking cheeto
  • ok well
  • no one except…..
  • can u guess???
  • you
  • ahahah yup you called this giant a walking orange cheeto
  • so, here’s the backstory behind this:
  • you had gone to one of the underground rap battles bc your friend was so hyped about it and you were part of the school’s paper for the current events section
  • rumor has it that a group that went to your high school was actually killin it and you wanted to see it for yourself and maybe write about it otherwise you’d settle on the dance team’s biggest win thanks to the v cute dancers (*cough* jimin *cough* hyungwon *cough* yugyeom *cough hoseok *cough* *cough* ahem) who you didn’t mind interviewing…. again
  • but anyway, even if the school’s hiphop group turned out to be a bust at least the talent from the other groups was poppin and you always admired hiphop music anyway so it wasn’t like an unenjoyable way to spend your friday night
  • now most people at the rap battles are actually really cool and chill, normally you’re fairly chill yourself, but there was a particular group of people that rubbed you the wrong way, figuratively speaking (and almost literally bc you swear you felt someone brush against you)
  • your discomfort must’ve been noticed by your friend bc she hooks an arm with yours and leads you toward the stage where she promises you she’ll get you an interview with the rappers when y’all see ‘em in action, all you gotta do is wait
  • and so as you’re on your way there, those creeps are watching you and one of them actually tries following you despite how fast your friend tried getting you outta there and so you’re torn between telling the dude to either a) “fuck off” or b) be semi-nice and turn him down
  • but before you can, mingyu kinda appears and tells that guy to leave you alone and said dude is both terrified and irritated with that pretty attractive stranger who has you lowkey miffed also even more so at the fact that you may or may not have lost ur friend in the crowds
  • it isn’t like you’re some defenseless person who can’t y’know handle themselves so the act of saving you just wounds your pride a lil but you don’t say anything (yet) just watching the scene unfold as the creepy dude backs off and says “whatever man just watch it later” and mingyu gets a lil worked up but he tries not to embarrass himself in front of you when you’re both left together
  • i mean you’re not ungrateful for the help but like i said it wounds your pride and you’re just like “ok ya big ol walking cheeto head where did you come from and why did you just put yourself in this position???” bc you’re under the impression he’s about to get into a fight (lmao oh hunny just wait until he’s up on stage) and he’s just baffled
  • he gives you this dumbfounded look like “??? what do you mean- HEY DID YOU JUST CALL ME A WALKING CHEETO HEAD”
  • and you’re just like “hell to the yeah i did! now answer my question. do you have a death wish or something?? over a stranger?” bc to say the least you’re a strong feminist who isn’t afraid to lay out some facts on someone and you’re pretty adamant about staying lowkey when it comes to situations that could endanger other people so you’ve gotten a little worked up on trying to convince him that you had things perfectly handled and he thinks you’re so flippin cute getting worked up as you are and he’s just speechless listening to you
  • he has no time to respond tho bc wonwoo comes up and is like “yo bro we gotta go say bye to the damsel and leggo”
  • you shoot both of them a minor glare but mingyu nods and leaves you with this cute lil two-finger salute and disappears like how he suddenly appeared and your heart is pounding like crazy and you’re like “who is this kid???”
  • after a while forget about him bc your friend finds you and drags you over to an area closer to the stage where one of her bodyguard friends who also went to school with you two jackson was there all smiley and happy to let you guys wait with him
  • most of the acts that have gone up were pretty good but from what your friend and jackson were telling you, the ones from your school were the ones to watch bc they were so good!!!
  • so you wait it out, trying to decipher some form of distinguishing factor about the groups and of course you take notes on a little notepad of yours that you keep for nearly all articles of yours and as you’re finishing a note on a group… jackson and your friend began squealing and shaking you to pay attention to the next act
  • the performance starts off with s.coups and vernon with their strong verses but it serves as a surprise to everyone else and you when wonwoo and mingyu come in with their own
  • you’re in a bit of shock to see that orange-haired dude up there and you expected yourself to be imagining things buuut the hair was a dead ringer for him and as you’re jotting down notes about mostly his verses and the group, you had to admit that they were worth the hype and watch if no one else had done it already
  • just listening to mingyu was enough to entrance you for the rest of the show even as the satisfaction of them winning over the group with the sleaze who was harassing you earlier too and you didn’t realize your friend was dragging you behind the stage until you nearly tripped over a step
  • there’s a deep chuckle off to your left and you see the orange-haired boy that has caught ur eye and you’re tryna put up a front like “???? psh whatchu want???”
  • and she’s going over to s.coups and vernon with a friendly grin, telling them about how you’re on the school’s paper and how you wanted to interview the infamous rap group
  • of course they’re down and she doesn’t say anything as she watches you and mingyu talking again, dragging wonwoo away to let you two talk
  • he’s teasing you for nearly tripping, not even offended that you called him a cheeto head and you compliment him for his rap skills bc your pride isn’t as wounded as it was before
  • it’s pretty cute bc for the rest of the night after introducing yourself and everything, they tell you they’ll do the interview which was what y’all spent doing for the next few hours until it was mingyu’s turn who was actually pretty happy to go last
  • now at the wonwoo’s break room at his job at the nearby convenience store, you two end up talking for the rest of the night with a few of the interview questions you had planned and it goes so well honestly
  • of course you forgot how you had work and so when you wake up in the convenience store you’re like “!!!! shit i gotta go” and you leave a note for mingyu, who looks adorable as shit with his mouth slightly afar and semi-snoring that you had to go and leave without your trust notepad bc of your haste
  • anyway you go to work, p normal stuff not realizing you didn’t have it until mingyu texts you bc you may or may not have left it on the paper to be a lil cute and aloof that he has it and you’re like oh fuck bc you wrote some lil notes about him and you’re readily embarrassed as you meet up with him after with his damn smug smile
  • “cheeto head, dont you dare say shit abt whatever you read”
  • him: “me???? who you callin a cheeto head huh? certainly not me ‘the most distinctive rapper of the group’”
  • you: *facepalms* “i will fight u. you wanna go rn?”
  • “go? yeah, we can go out. how does sushi sound?”
  • so that’s how your first date went ahahah
  • it was really cute bc it’s always been pretty casual and lax between you two since your allnighter of talking and it’s just really easy for you two to connect bc you’re both really passionate about helping people and the one thing you’ve noticed about mingyu is how insecure he really is bc he doesn’t believe in his music ability in comparison to wonwoo, seungcheol, and vernon, all of whom are just as talented, and he just thinks they’re much better than him :(  and it really makes you upset that he’d think that ‘cause you genuinely believe he is talented af
  • i’m not saying you wrote your article about him but it was mostly focused on him which the rest of the boys were totally down for ‘cause their dearest cheeto head deserves it
  • a lot of people come to the show just to see the performance (mainly mingyu) and they’re not disappointed in the slightest like even your editor is telling you to get a solo interview with the orange-haired man that everyone is really enjoying and mingyu is in utter shock bc how could that be? how could the people want him more than his brothers?
  • you have to like physically pinch him to get him to realize he’s not dreaming and he’s seriously like “are you some kind of angel? or fairy? like how did you get this to happen?”
  • and you’re like “that was all you bro”
  • and he’s like “bro but like….. bro”
  • “bro”
  • you can’t help but kiss his cheek bc of how adorably dumbfounded he is and he wraps his hands around your waist and pulls you close bc he can’t contain himself bc in the span of meeting you within a few months he feels worthwhile and if anything he doesn’t care if he’s worth anything to everyone else but you, his bros, and even himself and it’s just so cute to see him finally comfortable in his own skin
  • it’s so presh even the cheesy ass lines he’ll use on you
  • he blames wonwoo but i promise it’s ones he’s come up with personally
  • like remember that v live of him with the toilet paper and how he wanted your exams to roll smoothly? yeah he pulled that shit
  • he talked to his friend joshua into letting him borrow his parent’s cafe and pulled off the sweetest date when you were stressing about your biggest editorial and finals and you couldn’t help but kiss him with so much fervor… well, y’all were glad wonwoo wasn’t at the dorm since it was closest hehe
  • some of the pick up lines that he used but aren’t limited to:
  • “i’m not a photographer, but i can picture me and you together“
  • (you: “you nerd we are together”)
  • “ if you were a vegetable you’d be a cute-cumber”
  • (you: …why are you like this?”)
  • (wonwoo: srsly bro why are you like this???”)
  • even some of his texts, which haven’t failed to get a laugh outta of you:
  • “You wanna know what’s beautiful? Read the first word again.”
  • “Would you grab my arm so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel?“
  • but in all seriousness, he’s really precious with you and the boys love that you bring him strength especially wonwoo who acts like a total tsundere about it and is like “oh yeh, whateves. y’all are p cute”
  • and you’re like “is the emo king actually complimenting us???”
  • wonwoo: shut up i take it back y’all ugly (’cept ming)
  • you: (งಠ_ಠ)ง
  • mingyu: never thought i’d have people fight over me before (’:
  • but yeah, you and mingyu are really really REALLY CUTE AND I SHIP IT MUCH LIKE EVERYONE ELSE

Another thing how tf are shaladins gonna cry and whine about us and seeing the real world when literally every shaladin I’ve ever met has no idea what some of the most talked about issues are in the real world

You bring up lightskinneds a concept that been around for years and has had multiple social effects and a lot of popularity yet they have no idea what ur talking about…infact if u even bring up light skin they’ll assume ur talking about white people as if POC can’t have light skin

You ask a shaladin about the effect of fiction in reality once again another brought up topic in newspapers and social media before this discourse even happened this shit literally goes back to the early 2000s if not further and they won’t know shit about except what they know from other shaladins

They don’t even know what a proper source is they will literally scream to the heavens about letsv0ltron and how its SOOO official but they literally called lanc3 19 and then said there were no ages a day later…

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the most common response i've heard to mlm fetishization is that the majority of fandom is made up of queer women, so it's a myth that straight women are fetishizing gay men, and this is just an attempt to police queer women's sexual expression. i... never know what to say to people about it anymore. /sigh. it's tiring.

Queer women….aren’t queer men. They’re two separate groups. One is every bit of capable of fetishizing the other. Like tf. mlm are still marginalized, and contribution to fetishization culture around us is damaging even if its contributed from another marginalized group. Just like bi men can still very much fetishize wlw. The fuck.

Even still, the straight women who are the supposed “minority” still are fucking vocal and very very prominent in fandom and putting up some numbers on a graph doesn’t lessen the amount of their bullshit I have to deal with.

you ever realize how much your pets love and trust you and get emotional lmao

i have a towel i use as a makeshift bathroom rug and my old hag sugar curls up there while i shower and then gets all excited when i drag the towel around with her on it to mop up water droplets

and then last night she sat in there watching me get ready and when i sat on the bed out of her sight she kept talking in the bathroom and when i went to see what tf she was going on about she “mrp” when she saw me and spent the next five minutes just following me around the room while staring up at me and purring

it was just such a silly thing but it was so cute and i love this damn cat

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good i'll tell you, but it's sick af. like, not rly the good kind of sick. the porter & i were in a relationship and haven't seen each other in ages, and then there was a terrorist attack and i was in the midst of it (as a witness, not a terrorist), things blew up and were flying around my head, anyway i somehow escaped (can't remember how) and i called him with my cell phone and he was SO RELIEVED that i was okay. and then we met and he fucked the living shit out of me.

Honestly that sounds about like what would actually happen though?
Also I WISH I had gage dreams that’d make writing fic easier tf y'all out here dreaming about him and I have to use my brain like a peasant

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I spend a lot of time focusing on solo harry, for good reason lol since he's doing some amazing things right now, but the fact that he's in a Nolan movie is a really big deal lol. There was a lot of really amazing press around his casting and it was definitely a nice thing for us to focus on last year when we weren't sure what else he was doing, but this could be really huge for his career too. If his acting is well-received, this will bring a whole new level of attention and that's so exciting

I’m so amazed every day at how much I, even as one of The Most Extra harries, have underestimated him. Like… his career is literally blowing tf up before our eyes - like he’s been unleashed on the world or something. All these massive, amazing opportunities he’s getting, and the attention to everything he puts out - incredible. Dunkirk will be a major one, too, especially now since he has so many new sets of eyes on him. It might be what seals the deal on some people’s impressions of him overall. Locking in fans left and right. Beautiful.

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I'm a neurotypical and fucking bpd people have fucked up my life. My mom has bpd, is addicted to pills and severely beat me as a child/neglected me. My ex has bpd and sexually abused me to the poimt where I'm scared of anything sexual. My bestfriend used me for my money and house and then, when I helped her identify her parents as abusive, turned around and threw my words back at me, leaving me after i gave up a lot to help her. What tf is wrong with y'all.

this ask is disgusting and not even worth my time to respond, the fact that you would write this and send it to me, a random blogger on the internet who has nothing in common with any of the people who hurt you besides my mental disorder - and end it with a “y’all” indicating this is directed to EVERY person who has bpd to boot - is so incredibly ableist i don’t even know what to say.

i would go into why the conclusion you’ve drawn is wrong but if you can’t come to me in good faith i don’t feel like wasting my time - i’ve already talked about it anyway so you can do your own research if you want to learn but somehow i get the feeling you’d rather just keep thinking that we’re all monsters

i can only hope that you didn’t send this ask to anyone else as well since doing that seems to be in vogue right now, because you clearly have no idea how harmful messages like this can be

Okay so considering Bruce’s public persona that he has to keep up… What are the chances there’s another little Wayne runnin’ around out there?
Just imagine some kid showing up on his doorstep and he’s like oh fuck I saw this one coming.
“Are you a vigilante?”

A new theory!?

Hey everyone since the finale I don’t think this blog has posted a single theory. So sad. But I was drunk looking at promos and stills and this crazy shit popped into my head so here ya go. 

Ok so. Most of the promos we’ve seen have been stuff about Charlotte’s hearing, a funeral, some crazy explosion that looks like Aria’s gonna die, and some flashbacks from the girls time in the dollhouse. So my new theory is that when the girls come back to Rosewood they start thinking about that old shit, being trapped in the dollhouse i mean, and i think we know that none of the girls really healed well after it. they all took it really hard but they left rosewood and tried to put it behind them. I think Aria kills Charlotte when she gets out, and i think that the new A wants revenge on Aria for it.

anyway,heres why i think Aria kills her. i think that Aria has the hardest time with it i remember seeing her in a promo sitting at a table in a courthouse and a flashback of the dollhouse shows up real quick and Aria looks freaked out.

After Charlotte gets released i think all the girls are shaken up but aria takes it the worst. In promo pictures and shit Aria looks sus in like all of them, shes running, shes on a hotel video survelliance camera and shes in a police lineup too. 

Maybe someone, like new A, is suspicious of Aria and wants to rattle her cage a little bit because Marlene says that new A is looking for revenge on Charlotte’s murder. Putting her in a police lineup is a good way to do that? I think so. Next, at Charlottes funeral Aria looks seriously disturbed, Ali looks seriously upset too. Now this doesnt have much to do with my theory but its still important. 

Alison really looks upset though, great acting by Sasha. Anyway, we’ve heard so much about how 6b is sooo scary, and how the new A is so dangerous (lol) but i think i may actually believe Mar & co. on this one because in a recent promo theres a big ass explosion and Aria looks like shes gonna be burned tf up. Revenge for killing Charlotte? 

(sorry these pictures are so bad) 

But, anyway, this looks like a serious attempt at retailliation for a murder, this doesnt look like a scare tactic like Charlotte used to pull. This looks like a real threat. Thats my theory. Aria cant handle seeing Charlotte on the streets, walking around free to do what she wants so she takes matters into her own hands. Then new A starts to torture her, and the rest of the girls because they just assume they are guilty by association. 

This is the first theory in a loooong time so I may be alittle rusty but please, let know what you think!! 

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What he lie about

The shit he posts on Twitter: a) saying he’s done with ol’ girl and all the people he ‘fucked’ with last year behind him. Like 3 hours later, ol’ girl posting pictures all boo’d up with him. LIE. b) he said he was gonna follow a whole bunch of people on Twitter. He ends up following 3 people. LIE. c) he claims he hates girls who are thirsty and do too much, guess what? his girl was trying to sell his used jacket on Instagram for some Malaysian/Eurasian bundles or some shit. And he still with her. LIE.LIE.LIE


If that shit she did ain’t thirsty, we may need to redefine the word cause that a clear definition of thirst. I don’t about you, but I cannot be around liars, I just can’t. He be trying to preach on Twitter knowing damn well he in some fuckassshit no nigga with a brain would be caught in. No matter how good the pussy is. He now strikes me as the type that people accuse Drake of being soft. He lacks a backbone and I cannot deal with that. If I pulled that shit with my man, he would’ve been set my ass straight just that way i like it . No matter how headstrong I am, I know that I am supposed to be submissive in a relationship, cause having a girl wear the pants in a relationship is not okay. I wanna know that if I get out of line, my man will put me in my place. That’s attractive as hell. How do you think that makes the guy feel? He would be clowned forever. 

I feel dumb as shit for defending him the way I have way back. What was wrong with me?