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i'm still pissed tf off that emotion didn't get any grammy nominations!!! like that album had banger after banger!! what did adele's album have?? sad song after sad song!! (jk no shade to adele. i actually really love her and went to her concert a few months ago!!) it's homophobic tho that emotion was just snubbed like that!!

carly Is like too good for the grammys im sorry shes jsu too good for tha xx


these two scenes aren’t necessarily related but i like to imagine them quite often drinkin and smoking when everyone else is asleep, gradually talking and getting to know each other,,, and then,, 

And I don’t want a never ending life
I just wanna be alive while I’m here


He’s far too different today. What’s flipped his switch?

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I kinda wish Ratchet was able to clean up his act….