tf quote

  • Seongwoo: you deserve a prize for putting up with me
  • Daniel: you are my prize
  • -
  • Daehwi: you deserve a prize for putting up with me
  • Jinyoung: yeah you can be a real bitch sometimes
  • Zarkon: I wish to meet this man so that I may reward him!
  • Arusian Leader: I thought you said you wanted to arrest him?
  • [pause]
  • Zarkon: Execute them.

imagine giving so little shit about basically your only female character that in the vlog where she could talk about her planet/father/how it was connecting with the blue lion/how hard it was when she woke up after 10,000 years and everything was different/ANYTHING you make her talk about other people instead of herself and it was only 2 minutes long. you’d think that allura is her own character instead of being there just for the paladins but what do i know