tf mugs

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maybe gary & hopper hanging out drinking cream soda?

i tried using the paint chain thing

also jpg is totally the waiter in this situation

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I have more HSAU: Alicia and Elyza are dating already, okay. And I feel like Alicia would be well known around the school bc of Madison and stuff, so people would know about her Nick and his drugs. And I feel it could make her a target, somehow? Like she's on her way to class and she was running late which is why she wasn't with Elyza but some dumb fucks were just being hella rude and decided to bring up Nick or her relationship w/ E and Alicia just sees RED. She's just swinging, and (1)

(2) teachers and students are rushing out and Alicia and whoever she just beat up get taken to the nurse’s office. And everyone gets pushed back into their classrooms and one of the kids who saw the fight was also running late but he’s in Elyza’s class and he just starts shooting his mouth off about what happened and Elyza. Just. Has like an internal Google alert whenever Alicia’s named is mentioned and now she’s hearing her girl got into a fight? She just grabs her bags and runs out, fuck the class. And while Alicia was all hitting mad, Elyza is that shaking anger, that slow amber that could fucking burst she’s so mad and worried like who tf touched her girl. She forces her way into the nurse’s office, past the nurse and Madison, and she just zeroes in on Alicia, who’s icing her hands, slumped and still seething and glaring at the person across from her. Elyza rushes forward and Alicia finally notices her. “Babe-” “Are you okay? Wtf happened?” Alicia goes back to glaring at the person across from her, who way worse off than she is. And Elyza looks back and mugs tf out of them before she brings Alicia’s attention back to her. “Hey. Are u hurt?” Alicia just shakes her head but Elyza can tell she’s still mad. So she just cups her face and kisses her forehead. “Breathe w/ me.” And they just inhale, and exhale together, calming down together and Alicia slumps against her. When Madison and the nurse come in, they tell Elyza she has to go back to class and Elyza is back to that shaking anger. Bc she’s deadass not leaving w/o Alicia and making sure her hands are okay. But she needs to go to class and Alicia just tells her to go and that she’d call her if anything. So cue this like, extra ass long goodbyes of “are you sure"s and “I love you” and kisses and Elyza just grabs her stuff and walks out. The next morning Elyza and Alicia walk into school, Everyone just clears a path. And Alicia thinks it’s bc of what happened but it’s all bc Elyza threatened to set anyone else who dared to even breathe wrong in her girl’s direction on fire.


Ayyyyyyyy our Lexark HSAU Bae is back!!! @everybodyhatesjroth check this out this is so cute I need 300k fic of Lexark HSAU is anyone on it btw?


Sergeant Kup for Mug designs, made for my Society6 store.



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Okay but HBIC!Clarke saving Hipster!Lexa a seat in AP Lit by putting her backpack or cheer bag on the seat and someone tries to take the seat and she literally? Mugs tf out of them and then Lexa comes up and says excuse me and moves past the kid, and just grabs Clarke's stuff and puts it on the floor. No one really knows they're like friends or dating or w/e so everyone else is like, "binch... Tf??? ABORT ABORT" Lexa just sits down and gives Clarke a drawing "look what I made u last period"