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Fattening Up: Earth Is Space Australia/Humans Are Weird

I just had lunch, and was considering having a cookie or three, and the thought occurred–what if other species didn’t have a built-in nutrition-storage system? Suppose their bodies have just so much of a reserve of energy, and if they don’t have food stockpiled when lean times arrive, well…

Then they discover Earth, and the concept of “fat”. An automatic system that in times of plenty, stockpiles fuel right inside the body, placing it in predesignated locations. And not only is it a hedge against lean times, the “fat” provides padding, insulation, AND it’s a natural flotation aid! What miraculous stuff! What an ingenious system! What an elegant solution to the threat of starvation posed by the Death World’s constant environmental fluctuations!

Then the aliens learn about the Western world’s obsessions and phobias and general social neuroses about fat. No matter how hard they try, they can’t make sense of it. To them, the fat-storage system is a miracle of biology. Yet another wonderfully bizarre element of life on Earth. Which is a planet that seems to go out of its way to find creative ways to kill its inhabitants. Earth is home to the Geology of Mass Destruction, the Climates That Want You Dead, the Diseases From Hell, and All the Murder Beasts. Yet instead of addressing any of those threats, humans decide to devote massive amounts of time, money, and the efforts of thousands of our brilliant, creative, fantastically adaptable minds to…defeating one of our own survival mechanisms.

Does Not Compute!

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How about Mob in sodas and skateboards? 🙂

another meaningless drawing +
replacing the whole description w the good old “ I hate this and I hate my art

Tbh, feminists do more for men’s rights than so called “meninists” any day.

I have yet to see a “meninist” do anything for:

male rape victims,

transgender men, 

gay men,

men of color. 

All I’ve seen are angry white cishet men complaining about the draft, “friendzone”, and paying child support.


GUESS WHAT. I’m back to working five-six day work weeks again, so lets upload some older art I have done for my RP group but never got around to uploading.

I just, don’t want month long periods without SOME art on my blog. It is…an art blog after all.

First two is my Human that I play. You’ve seen Myra before. Her soul weapon is a crowbar and she tends to duel wield. She aint happy in that one pic (because a giant flower ate her best friend) and I wanted to try extreme foreshortening I HOPE IT WORKS.

Second is her and her parents, Joe and Audrey. They are scientists that go around busting hoaxes and frauds. They are a very happy family. I play her parents too. Nerds. All of them.

@sushinfood plays a Gaster based on one of @guppys-paw‘s gaster (werester I believe). Of course I had to draw him transforming because that skeleton can never be happy. Give the guy a vacation plz from all the melting and snarling.

The Babyblaster Papyrus player (Nessa) made it so that Papy can assume a mid shift form and so I drew it out. He’s a sweet baby.

So yeah…these are all oldddd so here’s hoping I can make some newer art eventually.


I FINALLY went and saw Beauty and the Beast today...

 … and I feel like there are some thing that I should bring to your attention.

- “belle” was so wonderful and colorful and just exploding with creativity 

- there was literally a harry potter reference iM DEAD

- i genuinely like Gaston?? like he doesn’t seem bad at all until the end?? when she denied him he literally just backed off??

- belle’s weapon of choice is a stick so 

- “so let’s go to the east wing, or as i like to call it, the ONLY wing” lumiERE YOU’RE NOT SLY

- okay the scene with lumiere right before “be our guest” was amazing 

- “if the master finds out what you’re planning, he’ll blame it on me!” “yes i’ll make sure of it”

- “a broken clock is right two times a day, but this is not one of those times”

- “mm, i don’t have taste buds but I’m sure this is exquisite!”

- oh and lumiere dabbed

- belle being So Done with adam for the entirety of the movie

- honestly i just loved plumette like she was so cute

- gaston (the song) made me want to dance on top of tables so 

- belle’s little giggles after the beast walks away from her in the library


- lefou’s slow but AMAZING character arc (”i was on gaston’s side but we’re in a bad place rn”)

- maurice’s conversation with d’arque killed me omg

- “grandmother?!” yeah you go mrs potts attack everyone

- belle being SUCH a badass during the fight scene

- tbh i wasn’t ready for gaston’s death i just wanted a character arc

- okay so was no one weirded out by agatha just standing there?? like did belle not notice that there was some creepy lady staring creepily at the rose and making creepy faces?

- uM i wasn’t okay with the dog being upside down fight me disney

- but the scene where they’re all freezing and the scene where the curse is lifted was SO CUTE aH

- i have SO MUCH to say about LeFou because omg he was so cute with gaston but that little tiny part at the end when he was dancing with that other dude was amazing

-okay but prince adam’s growl at the end had me so shook? boi who gave you the right? i was not prepared?

- emma and dan belle and prince adam are legit goals. the dancing scene at the end was wonderful (”how do you feel about growing a beard?”


- also same at madame garderobe for always carrying around her dog

- okay. let’s talk about how many diverse characters there were including a mAIN CHARACTER BEING GAY AND ADORABLE. like the librarian was supposed to be an elderly white man but nAH HE’S AFRICAN AMERICAN AND YOUNG

- basically disney hit it out of the park and i am now in love with this movie ant it’s cast

So I drew some human TFA Optimus and Sentinel. This one actually needs some explaining:

So a silly thought crossed my mind about “What if they were in art school?”. (Dont ask cause I don’t even know how that came to mind.) So I decided to talk with a few friends and we proceeded to joke about the idea.

We came to this conclusion: Optimus would be that Grad Art History Major with little to no social life and Sentinel would be his roommate who just so happens to be a Grad Film Major and thus proceeds to pull Optimus into the occasional hi-jinks. Optimus you poor soul.

So behold the silliness. If anyone else wants to throw out silly art student ideas, GO FOR IT. I’ll most likely draw said silly ideas.

Star saber x Smokescreen

Today saw this image that i forgot to post, also share this kind of material get me nerveous somtimes tho~

I did one before but it was really ugly and this one is one version even more human of them, ’cause  usually i put some marks on their skin (little neon lines) and also i tried one more cartoonish style :)

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Just wanted to say how much I love your work, especially the human!formers Megatron and Rodimus you've been posting. Love the story you're telling, love the way you draw them, can't wait to see more :)

Thank you very much! I’m so glad you like them ;u; Here’s a bonus sketch of Cyclonus and Tailgate as a thank you.

theres something i just find really…uncomfortable about the humanformer aus where ravage (and most of the more animal tfs, but i find it happens the most to ravage and the other cassettes) is depicted as just an animal, or a pet

and like, in the universes where ravage really doens’t have a character, he’s just a robot cat, fine, sure, whatever. but in something like, i dunno, idw? where he’s pretty clearly sapient(robotient?) and hell, a major part of his character arc in mtmte was how others (nautica comes to mind) treated him like a cute little pet at best, not as an equal

i just feel like in the universes where ravage clearly does have sapience, he shouldn’t be dehumanized in, well, human aus. make him that creepy 14 year old that wears nothing but kitty headphones and stares at you at the end of the hallway at 12am, or a grumpy 40 year old that’s completely disillusioned with the system and expects to be taken 100% seriously while wearing those stupid cat mood electric ear things, just…keep him equal to his peers.