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Hetalia Human Names but with Autocorrect

Uhhhhhh, hey yall, it’s me back with something dumb.

Alfred: Alfredo

Ivan: Uvane

Arthur: Arthritis

Yao: Yo

Francis: Francisco

Matthew: Mat the

Mathias: Mathis

Emil: Emit

Lukas: Luks

Berwald: Be real

Tino: Tono

Feliciano: (No change)

Kiku: Kik

Ludwig: Ludwick

Roderich: Roderi

(I understand these are the most typical names, but if yall think I’m gonna change them then no lmao. Send another ask if you want last names.)

Mod Sheila

  • plagg: hey adrien what are u gonna be for halloween
  • adrien: a detective
  • plagg: *snORT S*
  • adrien:
  • plagg: *WH EEZES*
  • adrien:
  • adrien:
  • plagg: *sighs* hilarious

Hervé Mariton
Born: November 5, 1958 in Algiers (55 years old)
He is a member of the National Assembly of France UMP).
He represents the Drôme department since 1983
Mayor of Crest since 1995
He was the Minister of Overseas in the government of Dominique de Villepin
He is a member of the Union for a Popular Movement.
Hervé speaks fluent Russian.
Parents: His father, Military (drômois Catholic), Maurice Mariton.
His mother (Blackfoot/Jewish), Yolaine Benkemoune.
He has an older brother Bernard Mariton
He is married and has 4 children (3 boys; 1 girl)