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We can thank William the Conqueror for excellent, colour, identity, and about 8000 other French-derived English words left over from the Norman occupation. Linguists estimate that French has influenced up to a third of the modern English language, from the language of the courts in the 11th century to modern terms like je ne sais quoi, après-ski, and bourgeois.

For language learners, English has more in common lexically with French than any other Romance language. This means that French vocabulary is more familiar, recognisable, and easy to comprehend. Advanced French learners may struggle with its gendered nouns and 17 verb forms, but for conversational learning, it’s relatively facile.


Luna Cafe - Green Bay Wisconsin
‘Luna, nestled in De Pere close to St. Norbert College, roasts their coffee fresh every morning in a pre-WWII German roaster made by the Barth Company of Ludwigsburg. Some people swear by the flavor of their beans. I know of a few die-hard coffee-drinkers that only like and drink Luna’s Coffee. It’s a good thing they roast and sell it by the pound. The fact that Luna buys their coffee from small estates that produced beans with fair trade standards makes their coffee that much better.
One of my good friends takes the family to Luna most Sundays for quiche, pastries and a steamy hot cup. If you like cold coffee drinks, you can get a frappe, shake and they make smoothies too. I’ve had the Mocha Shake a few times – it’s super tasty and I definitely suggest it.
You’ll also find an assortment of wraps, pasta salads, and soup for lunch and some enormous cookies and other desserts!
Luna has an inviting atmosphere, live music from time to time and they display artwork by some of the area’s best photographers and painters.’
-  Ashley Steinbrinck, October 21, 2013
Luna Cafe in De Pere, Wisconsin.
330 Main Ave. De Pere, WI 54115
Open 7am - 6pm daily
Small batch coffee roasting
Mike Wiesman - photography

Life - Owners of London’s first cat café won’t ‘demand anything’ from their felines
by Zosia Bielski - The Globe and Mail - Friday, Sep. 13 2013
One could see some potential for this going wrong.
Following Osaka, Vienna and Munich’s lead, London will soon be getting its first “cat café.”
Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium will indulge patrons who want to sip coffee and tea while squeezing felines in trendy Shoreditch, a location that had Buzzfeed screaming “hipster cats.”
With cats, it is always a hesitant sell. From the café website: “Anecdotal evidence and thousands of years of co-evolution also suggests that cats are not entirely disinterested in human company.”
Sounds like hipsters alright.
Members of the public forked over £100,000 in crowd-sourced funds to get the cat café going; more than 10,000 people follow the Emporium on Facebook. The owners faced plenty of red tape but construction will now begin, as will the all important rescue cat audition process: “Our animals will be assessed by an animal behaviourist before selection to verify that their temperament is suitable for communal living and social engagement with humans,” reads the site.
When Lady Dinah’s opens, “cat carer staff” will be tasked with thrice-daily health, eating and toilet checks on each of the 10 resident cats. They’ll keep an eye out so the pusses aren’t fattened up by over eager patrons, and make note of any spats and “undesirable patterns of behaviour.” (According to the online explainer, “It is expected that there will be some natural conflict. Even within a happy group, much like with humans: sometimes we have bad days.”) Vets will visit to make sure the cats aren’t suffering from fleas, worms – or “chronic stress.”
Cat cafés have been popular in novelty-loving Japan, where customers, who often aren’t permitted to own pets in their small apartments, pay an hourly cover charge to “pet rent.”
In London the owners promise, “We do not enforce or demand anything of our cats.” It looks like the acquiescent humans of Shoreditch will suffice.