Dragons of Renown: Nicol Bolas

Thousands of years ago, it was told that mighty dragons clashed against each other in a great war now known as the Elder Dragon War. Serpent against serpent, the battles crossed the fabric of multiple planes. In the end, only a few reigned victorious.

“Dominaria’s most ancient evil.”

Nicol Bolas by D. Alexander Gregory

There were five of these Elder Dragons: Arcades Sabboth, Chromium Rhuell, Nicol Bolas, Vaevictis Asmadi, and Palladia-Mors. However, only the most powerful among them still lives today. Nicol Bolas may have lost much after the Mending, but he is still a tremendously powerful being, having a wide arsenal of spells and the capacity to planeswalk.

Tyrant of Worlds

Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker by D. Alexander Gregory

I have heard his name spoken both in admiration and in fear. Nicol Bolas, the last surviving Elder Dragon from the wars, is a fearsome being. He has survived cataclysmic events and fought many battles, and remains as one of the most feared forces in the Multiverse.

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