tezzeret agent of bolas

Number 7

Tezzeret Agent of Bolas and total BA

A boyfriend of a good friend of mine donated cards for me to play with. I had SOOO much fun playing with this one :D
I even got a Sorrin to play with but I’m a little nervous to do that :p

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wizardprivilege  asked:

So in my Tezzeret control deck, I put in Inkmoth Nexus, because turning a 1/1 into a 5/5 with Tezz is a good alternate wincon. I have a question about that ability though, does the 5/5 effect go away once it turns back into a land, or does it stay? (I know I could google it, but the way you guys explain stuff helps a lot more than just some random forum)

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If it’s this Tezzeret, its third ability specifies “until end of turn”. When the turn ends, the effect will immediately expire.

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If it’s this Tezzeret, the Nexus will still be a 5/5 artifact creature after it stops being a land. This Tezzeret’s middle ability doesn’t specify a duration (it doesn’t say “until end of turn,” for example) so it doesn’t expire at any particular time. The Nexus will be a 5/5 artifact creature indefinitely. (Note that it will lose any abilities, creature types, etc. given to it by Inkmoth Nexus’s ability when that ability expires at the end of the turn.)