tezuka killed the dinosaurs

the signs as ridiculous-ass things that actually happened in Prince of Tennis

Aries: Marui making the ball roll along the top of the net
Taurus: the ball splitting in half and half landing on each side of the net during Ryoma vs Kinta
Gemini: Ryoma vs Atobe’s tiebreaker ending with a score of 118-117
Cancer: Tezuka killing the dinosaurs with tennis
Leo: Ryoma blacking out and playing “subconsciously” vs Akaya
Virgo: Ishida hitting the ball so hard he knocks Kawamura to the very back of the bleachers.
Libra: Shishido stopping a 200km/h serve with his bare hand
Scorpio: Fuji beating Akaya nearly effortlessly while temporarily 100% blind
Sagittarius: Eiji’s shadow clones
Capricorn: Atobe taking Momo to pick up Ryoma in a helicopter he had on standby, just ‘cause
Aquarius: Kaidoh hitting the ball around the net, under the ref’s chair, and back in bounds
Pisces: Fans Sent More Than 100,000 Valentine’s Day Chocolates to “New Prince of Tennis” Characters

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i never know what you are talking about in these but i diligently read every one and go “hmm. fascinating”

In most of them I am talking about tokusatsu (japanese SFX), specifically about Kamen Rider (karate bugmen fighting rubber monsters… trust me, they are AWESOME), but in this one specifically I’m talking about this scene in Prince of Tennis. (I recommend watching just to have your head explode a bit).