When David had stopped stroking and petting him and checked to see if the cage needed to be cleaned, Tezka walked towards Sparky, purring and rubbing against the bars like a cat. Most Enders didn’t act so feral as he did, but he was raised as if he was a wild animal, and instead of learning the ways of his kind from Elders, he’d just had to follow his own instincts and urges.

Nobody ever listened to the “Do not pet or feed” signs, and by this point the zookeepers and workers had just given up enforcing the rule. He’d never hurt anybody, and seemed to love the attention.

He reached out of the bars towards Sparky, purring louder and letting out a soft chirr. He lay down pressed against the bars, still watching him.

“Aren’t you going to eat, bud?” David asked, walking over to try to catch the Ender’s attention. He brought one of the pieces of meat over. But at the moment he was more interested in trying to get attention from the human on the other side of the bars, then eating his meal.


Decided to build Tezka’s enclosure in Minecraft. I imagine glowstone to be nicely warm, so the rock for him to bask on has  glowstone for him to lay on. It’s warm and he loves it. The cave is artificial, and allows him to get shelter from the rain. He can be viewed from inside, where he has his nest.
Lots of tall grasses, and trees. to make it look nice, and glowstone so he can always be seen clearly.

Day 219

Today is a super special one as this was a DUO SKETCH with artistic suplex master Lutefisk.  Two drawings for the price of one! We call that El Bargain! (nobody calls it that)

Here are Tezka and Enrique from the Manga/Anime Soul Eater, though technically just the manga, because they don’t show in the anime. I stopped reading Soul Eater before they showed up so I don’t really have any idea who they are but they’ve got STYLE so let’s draw ‘em anyway!

By the time Arren is about five months old, the little guy keeps escaping the enclosure! Several times a day!

David had the idea to put chicken wire on the bottom part of the enclosure, but the smart little guy just climbed right over it, and escaped again! Any higher, and the baby would hurt itself escaping. The enclosure was built to hold an ADULT Enderman, not a baby one!

Tezka is growing frantic with the baby’s escapes… and actually managed to get out of his enclosure himself when Arren was being particularly noisy over a zoo patron refusing to give him a treat. He ran off to fetch Arren, but now he can’t figure out how to get back in so all he can do is claw at the bars and whine piteously until somebody lets him back in. It’s the third time it’s happened.. and David and Sparky just got to work fa few hours ago!

David and Sparky have their hands full!

Leaving Sparky to sleep, David came into work to a very confused Tezka. At first he couldn’t tell WHAT Tezka was fussing about until the fretting Enderman slunk over to him.
The tiny squeaking and cries alerted him to the fact that the egg was no longer intact. On the nest was egg goop and broken shell.
And suddenly, in his lap was a squirming, slimy, crying hatchling. Tezka backed up a bit, head low and ears down and back, unsure, nervous, and afraid. He had NO idea what that little thing was, and thought he would be in trouble for breaking the round thing.. not that HE had broken it. It had just.. broken! He didn’t know what had happened and had NO idea how to say it since he had never been taught to speak. 
The hatchling shivered and shook, cold from being soaked in egg goop. Judging by how some parts had dried and matted down the fur, Tezka hadn’t cleaned it yet and it had been cold for a while. The hatchling tilted its head back and let out a tiny little sneeze. That wasn’t good… David shook his head a little. He hoped it wasn’t sick, just sneezing out egg goop. The best thing for it would be to warm up and nurse from its mother.
“Nonono Tezka… this is yours. This isn’t mine. C’mere bud.” David said softly. He took off his shirt and used it to clean, then wrap up the shaking hatchling.
It nuzzled around, snuffling softly. Clearly looking for something. When it didn’t find what it wanted, it started to cry. It sounded hoarse and scratchy; it was still cold during at night. He had to make sure Tezka accepted the hatchling. He’d had to help him accept the egg; and now it was time to do the same with the baby.
He gently moved the blanket aside, checking the gender. “Male.. no…” He paused. “Both.. he seems more male than female. Maybe we should call him David Junior.” The man chuckled softly. “No… I think we’ll call him Arren.”
Tezka just watched. 
David stood, cradling the hatchling against his chest. 
“Tezka, go to your nest, lay down.” He said. Tezka lowered his head, still averting his gaze submissively before slinking to his nest and laying down. David gently pushed him to his side, setting the hatchling near his lower belly. Tezka jerked away with a startled hiss when the hatchling found his teat. Having the food source taken away had the baby crying louder, the cries loud and piercing.
“Shhh.. its ok Tezka.” David scratched under his chin to calm him. He jerked a little again, but simply whined instead of moving. The cries quieted, proving that the little one had started to nurse. 
After a few moments of nervous tenseness, a quiet rumble of a purr started up. Tezka finally relaxed, a surge of hormones causing his body to respond by providing food for the baby. His eyes drooped until he looked like he was about to fall asleep. Not wanting his food source to move again, Arren grabbed hold of Tezka’s fur in a very firm grip and refused to let go. 
Pulling his phone from his pocket, he dialed Sparky’s number.
“Hey, yeah.. Sparky? I know I was going to let you sleep, but you might want to come in. I need a clean shirt… and I think you’ll like what you’ll see.” He said.

[[ @darkscompany Sparky gets to see Fuzzbaby! 

All the babies have hatched now! ]]


David: *Keeps petting Tezka, who has calmly lain his head in his lap* Tezka trusts me more then any of the other keepers. Getting fired wouldn’t just hurt me, it’d hurt him too. So I won’t be testing out any of my curiosities with him. No matter how much he… ah… tries to get my interest.

Seems that petting him distracted him for now, though. The keepers before never spent much time with him. He was miserable and lonely when I first came here. I had to convince the zoo to let me spend more time in the cage with him. They were worried he could be dangerous, but so far he’s been nothing but tame and sweet. I think he’s terribly lonely, because he’s always all over me when I come into his enclosure, purring and cuddling like a huge cat… and he’s always pressing up against the bars to get closer to the people who come to look at him. There is a sign saying not to pet or feed him but nobody ever listens. And we’ve just given up on stopping them. He loves it, and he’s never hurt anybody. He’s incredibly docile and gentle, hard to imagine that so many people are so afraid of Endermen.

A week passed since the strange Enderman had come and gone. David was starting to notice something… that Tezka seemed to be feeling sick. His appetite dropped considerably, and he started refusing to eat after a bite or two.

Day by day it got worse, the Enderman getting less active. Spending more time sleeping.

David was starting to suspect that something was wrong with him. That he was sick… because he was sure acting like it. One morning, the Enderman wouldn’t let him leave the enclosure, cuddling up to him and whining on and on and clinging when he tried to get up.

He was left just sitting on the stone floor in the den stroking his hair and back to try to calm him down.

“You alright, bud?” David asked. It was an affectionate nickname he gave to Tezka. Tezka only whined and pressed closer. He kept shifting uncomfortably, though with his face buried in his chest David couldn’t see his expression. But the whining got a little more urgent for a few moments.

The man stiffened as he saw the Enderman’s back heave as if he was going to throw up, but fortunately for the human, he did not. He just whined louder. Once he calmed down, David offered food again. Tezka just looked at it, before turning away and burying his face in the man’s chest again.

“C’mon, bud, you’ve barely eaten a bite in three days. Just one bite… for me?” David tried, but Tezka still refused it. He had no interest whatsoever.

“Shanna, can you bring me a cloth, or something? He’s acting sick.” He asked his assistant. The woman nodded and left, to return a few minutes later with a few towels…. just in case. “Alright bud, you gotta move a little.” He moved Tezka, who protested until he had placed the towels across his lap. He let Tezka settle once again. Sitting on the hard ground with a lapful of something almost twice his size wasn’t exactly comfortable, but Tezka clearly felt like crap and needed his company, so he ignored his own discomfort in favor of caring for the Maltese.

Finally, Tezka dropped off to sleep. Of course, David couldn’t move. He just kept holding onto Tezka, hoping the rest would help.

Tezka felt strange again.. but he was used to it. It happened every year, and made him terribly restless. And he always shed right after.

He was, in fact… in heat. Not that he knew what it was. Or what its purpose was.

But this time it attracted an unexpected guest…

An Ender teleported into his cage, a creature utterly unfamiliar to Tezka.

The Ender was curious… Tezka scared. He didn’t know whether to approach the tall black creature… or run away. SO he just crouched nearby, fur standing on end, and hissed nervously. A few times he tried to approach the strange Ender, only to hiss and run away again.

His battling instincts and hormones had him confused on what to do. The strange behavior confused the dark male; who kept trying to approach Tezka. Both from instinct lead on by the scent of heat… and complete curiosity of the strange caged herm.

[[This may or may not end up in a giveaway… if I decide that Tezka ends up with an egg, it will likely be given away (basically just saying that the zoo sold the egg off since Tezka would have NO idea what to do with it xD)
But yus, introducing Tezka! He IS askable and interactable, he’s just stuck in a zoo xD]]

David tended to Tezka daily as his belly swelled… and soon, the fourth month rolled around.  

As Tezka started to shed, David brushed him daily, and often had Sparky help, too. Tezka growing restless and lining the nest with his fur clued him in that the time would be soon. That… and he refused to leave the nest. It was cold… wintertime, at the zoo. No snow, but the ground was blanketed with frost every morning. The zoo was usually a little slow this time of year, but it was near the holidays so people were out to take their kids to a special zoo trip and get them special zoo souvenirs. 

Everything seemed normal that morning.. aside from Tezka pacing around his nest and whining a few times. He lay back down after a bit.
David was a little worried when he brought food and he refused to eat. He didn’t seem interested in David; tense and nervous. 

So the man decided to leave Tezka alone.

“Looks like Tezka not very social today.” He commented to Sparky, sitting on the couch in the breakroom. He decided to go check on Tezka off and on. But as he was about to get up something made him nearly fall off the couch in startled surprise. An utterly blood-curdling snarl came from the enclosure, followed by a deep-toned hiss and a constant statically growl seemed to come from every direction at once.

“What the hell’s gotten into him?” David wondered, jumping at another loud snarl and a thud followed by a man’s voice shouting “Oh SHIT!”

The snarling faded off to whining, followed by more growling. David was rushing towards the enclosure in moments, to see Tezka clearly in pain, and frightened… snarling and growling and hissing savagely at anything that even moved towards his nest… even through the glass. He wouldn’t leave the nest and kept hunching over oddly, straining and whining loudly in pain.

“The egg…” David quickly shooed the zoo patrons out of the viewing area, though each time he came near the glass, Tezka snarled savagely and half-charged. His feet never left the nest and every time he did the half charge, he ended up back at the center of it. He was in so much pain David wanted to go and calm him down… but at the same time he knew that was NOT a good idea…

He locked the doors to the viewing area once everybody was outside, before carefully moving to crouch behind one of the benches and watch. Just in case he had to call a vet in. He didn’t like the idea of sedating him while he was laying the egg…. but if there was a problem that’s what he’d have to do.

Fortunately, everything went smoothly, though Tezka fled from the egg and hid outside huddled in the corner behind the trees. David carefully wiped it off, finding it was still soft and pliable. He couldn’t leave it there long… he went and tried to coax Tezka back, but all he did was huddle behind the tree and hiss at him, eyes wide and fur standing on end. He had NO idea what that was… His legs still trembled and he still panted.

“Maybe he’ll accept it when it calms down… “ But for now, David would have to make sure the egg remained warm so as not to damage the life within. Gently and carefully picking up the egg, he wrapped it up in a soft blanket and went into the break room to tell Sparky the news.

[[Yup you don’t wanna disturb an Enderman while they are laying their egg (Or giving birth for the normal dark ones of my headcanons) because they become highly aggressive, and will remain so until the shell of the egg hardens. ]]

As another week passed, Tezka started eating again, much to David’s relief. Eating… and keeping it all down.

In fact, his appetite had doubled. He was eating everything brought to him, and begging for more. Of course, this started to show.

“Now you’re eating too much, bud. Lookit that belly!” He found it rather amusing, really… the tall skinny ball of fluff with a bit of a belly starting to show.  From, he assumed, his increased appetite.

[[Sparky belongs to @darkscompany ]]


“That’s… a distinct possibility, really. I mean, it’s not very likely that an Enderman would get into his enclosure, they avoid the city for the most part. But… the scent of his heat could have drawn one in despite all that… I’ll go over security footage from while he was in heat… think you can help me catch him and take him to the medical room? I will have one of the doctors do a blood test to be sure.” David commented.
Catching and harnessing Tezka was a real problem, since he hated the harness, and HATED leaving the enclosure. It took almost two hours to finally catch him, and another hour of chasing him once he got the leash free from David… and another half hour to drag him into the medical room. Once there, he cooperated, though he whined and whimpered, and kept staring the direction he had come from. The doctor was nervous of those claws, since he had to draw blood from the delicate skin just above his thumb, but Tezka didn’t attack, instead just tensing and whining on and on the entire time the blood was being drawn. 
Once the needle was withdrawn, he licked at his wrist until it was clean and healed.
“We’ll get back to you in a day or two with the results.” The doctor said simply before taking the blood sample with him.
Sure enough, two days later, David brought the results into the break room with Sparky.
“Well what do you know… you were right. The test came out positive. Of course after what I saw on the security tapes… I kinda expected as much. Let’s just say he had his fun several times the night he finally let that Ender near him. That male was persistant, too, he came several nights before Tezka gave in.” David commented, showing the results to Sparky.
Tezka was, in fact, pregnant… and it was time for the zoo to start preparing for the incoming egg.