When David had stopped stroking and petting him and checked to see if the cage needed to be cleaned, Tezka walked towards Sparky, purring and rubbing against the bars like a cat. Most Enders didn’t act so feral as he did, but he was raised as if he was a wild animal, and instead of learning the ways of his kind from Elders, he’d just had to follow his own instincts and urges.

Nobody ever listened to the “Do not pet or feed” signs, and by this point the zookeepers and workers had just given up enforcing the rule. He’d never hurt anybody, and seemed to love the attention.

He reached out of the bars towards Sparky, purring louder and letting out a soft chirr. He lay down pressed against the bars, still watching him.

“Aren’t you going to eat, bud?” David asked, walking over to try to catch the Ender’s attention. He brought one of the pieces of meat over. But at the moment he was more interested in trying to get attention from the human on the other side of the bars, then eating his meal.

Camp Not-mare! (Starter for tsubakidemonsword)

“Aw yeah! Camping trip!” Sayaka sang with excitement as she stepped of the bus. It was the annual camping trip and and practically everyone was there. The cabin layouts were relatively simple. The group layouts were as follows:

-Spirit (maka, soul, kyouko, and homura)

-Marie (sayaka, black*star, tsubaki, and madoka)

-Justin (Kim, Jackie, Kirika, and Ginka)

-Stein (kid, Liz, patti, and aya)

-Yumi (seira, Chrona, mami, and kilik {plus thunder and fire})

-Tezka (Ox, harvar, kamui, and Hiro)

Once everything had been set up, several students were sent on duties. Sayaka, black*star, tsubaki, and kyouko were out on firewood gathering. After an hour or so. The quartet headed back to camp. “So what do you think guys, a whole week of camp away from studies, sounds like fun, eh?” Sayaka asked.

After the dark Ender stopped visiting, Tezka felt a bit restless. His heat was over, but whatever it was that dark male had done… he’d liked.

His keeper had a scent sort of similar to the male. At least…. similar enough to make him wonder if his keeper could do the same thing.

When he had presented to the dark male, he’d mounted him. Curiously, he took the same position, crouching down and lifting his rear up, stretching out with deep-throated purring.

‘What the…’ The keeper frowned in confusion. ‘What… exactly is he doing…?’

He accidentally glanced downward as he got an eyeful of the Enderman’s nether region.

He quickly looked away. “Aaaand I think I got a closer look at that then I ever wanted to see…” He murmured out loud and cleared his throat, quickly placing the tray of food down.

He glanced at his assistant, a woman with shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes, raising a brow at her as she snickered into her hand. “I think he likes you a little more then usual. Think it’s his heat?”

“… Ah… that’s probably it.” He cleared his throat. “He’s just never acted like this during a heat before.”

Purring louder, Tezka rubbed against him, bumping his forehead and cheek against the human’s chin in a very feline fashion.

“What is up with you, bud?” The man murmured. “You’re sure acting strange this morning…” More deep purring had him reaching out to scratch behind his ears. Tezka leaned into it. “Affectionate today, aren’t you? Maybe you just wanted some attention.” It was distracting him from … well, putting certain parts of his body in his face.

Tezka lay down, stretching out as the man rubbed him over, scratching at his favorite spots. The human didn’t do what that Enderman had done.. but to Tezka it was good enough. The scratching and petting felt very nice, too.

[[The Keeper’s names are David and Shanna. David is Tezka’s main and favorite keeper, David works with him exclusively. Shanna is his assistant and helps him.

David and Shanna ARE askable! ]]


Decided to build Tezka’s enclosure in Minecraft. I imagine glowstone to be nicely warm, so the rock for him to bask on has  glowstone for him to lay on. It’s warm and he loves it. The cave is artificial, and allows him to get shelter from the rain. He can be viewed from inside, where he has his nest.
Lots of tall grasses, and trees. to make it look nice, and glowstone so he can always be seen clearly.

Day 219

Today is a super special one as this was a DUO SKETCH with artistic suplex master Lutefisk.  Two drawings for the price of one! We call that El Bargain! (nobody calls it that)

Here are Tezka and Enrique from the Manga/Anime Soul Eater, though technically just the manga, because they don’t show in the anime. I stopped reading Soul Eater before they showed up so I don’t really have any idea who they are but they’ve got STYLE so let’s draw ‘em anyway!

Tezka felt strange again.. but he was used to it. It happened every year, and made him terribly restless. And he always shed right after.

He was, in fact… in heat. Not that he knew what it was. Or what its purpose was.

But this time it attracted an unexpected guest…

An Ender teleported into his cage, a creature utterly unfamiliar to Tezka.

The Ender was curious… Tezka scared. He didn’t know whether to approach the tall black creature… or run away. SO he just crouched nearby, fur standing on end, and hissed nervously. A few times he tried to approach the strange Ender, only to hiss and run away again.

His battling instincts and hormones had him confused on what to do. The strange behavior confused the dark male; who kept trying to approach Tezka. Both from instinct lead on by the scent of heat… and complete curiosity of the strange caged herm.

[[This may or may not end up in a giveaway… if I decide that Tezka ends up with an egg, it will likely be given away (basically just saying that the zoo sold the egg off since Tezka would have NO idea what to do with it xD)
But yus, introducing Tezka! He IS askable and interactable, he’s just stuck in a zoo xD]]

Sick Day Blues

Kirika was miserable. Of all the people here who had to get sick with the damn flu, it had to have been her. The ravenette mumbled and groaned a she lay in her bed with the covers pulled over her nose. ‘This sucks! I can’t even leave my room…well, LD did say he would have someone look after me today… but I don’t need a damn babysitter!’ she thought to herself.

Poor kirika didn’t even know who this person was going to be. For all she knew, it could have been anyone of the death scythes, like Albarn, or Marie, or Yumi, or Tezka or…………. Ah hell. Oh if she was stuck with him for the day, she was going to mentally scream… Granted, since she started living here she had been a little nicer to him (and even more so since Oriko came back), but that didn’t mean she liked him.

((a little backstory here: after the incident with the Yakuza, Kirika had become very distant towards people. When people tried to interact with her she would respond with cruel words and violence. Kirika didn’t want to form bonds with people because she was afraid she would be left alone again. Justin Law was one of these people.

The two would bump into each other every now and again, and she would react viciously each time. On one occasion he caught her stealing fish from a shop, which she used to feed a family of stray cats. He also would often offer her money and food, which, despite saying she didn’t want it or need it, she accepted. It’s likely he was determined to break through her shell and understand why she was like this.

Long story short, Kirika is uber tsundere. She actually is a good person inside; she just doesn’t show it to people. One of these days I’m doing a psych profile on her……someday!… as soon as I get off of my lazy @$$))