“Nathaniel will dedicate himself to the Order and to clearing the blemishes on his family’s name. After saving Teyrn Fergus Cousland from a bandit attack, a portion of Amaranthine is returned to the Howes. Nathaniel passes the holding to his sister Delilah’s son. When a new castle is built there, a statue of Nathaniel is erected in its courtyard.”


I have dealt with the Teyrn of Gwaren a number of times from afar, and have met him once in person at a soiree in Kirkwall. He embraced the Teyrnship of Gwaren with open arms after the Blight and the city has flourished under his hand. He has proved himself a ruthless negotiator, and although trade had declined there under the neglectful hand of the previous Teyrn, it is now a bustling hub of commerce.

In person, Roiben is a master of the Game. Charming and confident; he proved an object of fascination for many guests throughout the night.

It is often said that he found his true calling in politics when he laid down the sword. I cannot help but agree.

Josephine Montilyet.

Note: No. I know this man. He is no simple diplomat – he is dangerous, ambitious and often cruel. The Inquisition is best distancing ourselves from him entirely. Commander Cullen.

Further note: Agreed ~L.

Roiben’s codex entry and card as presented to the Inquisitor. Description written by the talented @soulsisterblondzilla, and the card was a collab with @eristhenat.


He almost jumped. He hadn’t heard a thing, either he was losing his edge or the boy was cut out for thievery. He certainly didn’t seem to have his mother’s impossible to ignore presence. He was small for his age, black haired, with wide unsettlingly pale blue eyes. It was like staring into a mirror of his own boyhood, the primary difference the shape of his mouth, which was clearly his mother’s.

“Hello,” Loghain replied gently, unsure how best to address his second child.

The boy looked away, shuffling his feet uncomfortably. He seemed…frightened wasn’t the word, but certainly nervous.

“You’re Loghain Mac Tir, the people call you the Traitor Teyrn, but…mother told me a different story. She knows you, but she told me to stay away.”

“And why didn’t you listen to your mother, boy?”

“Because she doesn’t usually warn me away from anything without telling me why. It made me…wonder. I…think I know why now.”

He gazed down at the child, who wouldn’t meet his eyes. For all his strange power, he was no more than a boy yet. It was…odd to say the least.

“Do you wish you didn’t?”

He bit his lip. “No, I… Mother thinks it will hurt to know, but it doesn’t. It might if I wanted something from you, but… I just wanted to say hello.”

Loghain couldn’t help the smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. “Well then. Hello, Kieran.”

At the sound of his name, the boy looked up in surprise to meet his eyes at last and seeing Loghain’s smile, returned it with a grin.

“Hello, father.”


Together, they destroyed a dozen enemy ships side by side in the battle in Denerim Harbor, cementing their friendship and demonstrating once again that nothing brings Fereldans together like a good fight.

[…] They met again in Denerim at the formal coronation of King Maric. The teyrn of Highever attempted to propose to the Lady of the Storm Coast by singing her all ten verses of “The Soldier and the Seawolf.” She only let him go to three. 

“Loghain began to take their young daughter with him on his trip to the capital. This had two immediate results: First, that his trips wee necessarily shorter in duration, and second, that the Hero of River Dane quickly became an expert in braiding the little girl’s hair. He also learned how to convert the tales of his bloody battles into bedtime stories for children, how to interrupt talks with leaders of the Bannorn to tend the skinned knees, and how to sneak cookies into cabinet meetings.”

The Mac Tirs and TWOT2

‘thought i’d regroup all the mac tirs facts here because lbr i’m a mac tir mess also i’m gonna ignore that TWOT called Celia “Maeve” because seriously wtf

  • Celia met Loghain as an acting representative of the people of Gwaren - they were concerned about their new teyrn camping in a tent in the middle of a courtyard and not doing a thing about the state of the Keep of Gwaren (which was basically ruins);
  • Their first meeting did not go well. Reportedly, they “had a word, which turned into an argument, which turned into a shouting match”;
  • In the end he gave in and asked her to supervise the plans to rebuild the Keep. He asked for her hand 2 months later;
  • Loghain left the teyrnir in the hands of his wife, as he was away in Denerim at Maric’s side;
  • At his wife’s request (there was, again, a lot of shouting, and rumors of dragon roosting in the castle), Loghain began taking Anora to Denerim regularly when she turned 7;
  • He braided his daughter’s hair regularly;
  • He told her bedtime stories about his battles and adventures;
  • He would stop in the middle of a meeting to tend to his daughter’s injury (mainly, skinned knees);
  • He sneaked cookies into cabinet meetings;
  • Celia was as stubborn as Loghain, which is saying something considering how freaking stubborn he can be;
  • Anora became queen in 9:25, around ~22 years old;
  • Celia died in 9:28, and Loghain never came back to Gwaren after her passing;
  • Anora defeated an ogre at 20 in circumstances both she and Cailan refuse to discuss;
  • Upon defeating said giant, asked for “a lot of drinks. maybe all the drinks they have”

if you found more feel free to add to the list!!

I made this map some time ago, depicting Ferelden and its divisions. Note how most of the Wilds are cut out as I don’t believe any Fereldan citizen believes they’re part of Ferelden. I couldn’t really cut off Orzammar because the surface is still Fereldan right? I mean those tunnels reach everywhere so. (MU) stands for “made up” as some places had no bann, or some banns had no bannorn.

Suggestions/Corrections/Additions are heavily encouraged!!

  • Teynirs:
    • Highever: teyrn Fergus Cousland
    • Gwaren: teyrn unknown
  • Arlings:
    • Amaranthine: arl (depending on player’s choices)
    • South Reach: arl Bryland
    • Denerim: arl unknown
    • Redcliffe: arl Teagan Guerrin
    • West Hills: arl Gallagher Wulff
    • Edgehall: arl Lendon
  • Bannorns:
    • (mu)Cannich: bann Lanya
    • (mu)Penrhyn: bann Parth
    • (mu)Velhring: bann Kali
    • Waking Sea: bann Alfstanna Eremon
    • Rainesfere: bann unknown, otherwise Teagan Guerrin  
    • (mu)Calon: bann Elarra
    • Southern Bannorn: bann Ceorlic
    • Chalgrove: bann Graime Bronach
    • Stornaway: bann Ferrenly
    • Oswin: bann Loren
    • White River: bann Reginalda
    • West Hill: bann Teoric
    • Winter’s Breath: bann Franderel
    • Storm Coast: bann Mac Eanraig
    • (mu)Dereham: bann Telmen
    • (mu) Caerwent: bann Adric Baranti
    • (mu)Haddon: bann Perrin
    • (mu)Colne: bann Rodolf
    • Denerim Alienage: depends on player’s choices
    • Dragon’s Peak: bann Sighard
    • Ruswold Valley: Trumhall
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Rythlen Theirin

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Loghain Headcanon Time

-Loghain Mac Tir, newly made Warden, surviving the Blight despite his wishes, watching the Hero of Ferelden receive their accolades with his back to the crowd, feeling their eyes on the former Teyrn turned noble.

-Alternatively, Loghain Mac Tir, newly made Warden, standing at a funeral and wondering why, why not him, they had people to live for (a quick glance to the grieving lover shows this), he has only his daughter and a disgust of a nation.

-Hardly more than a year passes and he’s only just gotten used to the new armor, the new weapons, the news he hears from Gwaren (did you hear your mansion’s been sacked, Mac Tir? Hope your trophies fetch a good price on the black market!) before he’s shipped to Orlais.

-The reminder that people have been respecting, not loving, him for the past few decades, and without Maric by his side there’s no one there that even likes him.

-Orlais is exactly as he expected in the cities, and he carries himself with more pride than they want him to.

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ON THE THRONE OF FERELDEN (02/??) ┼ Anora Mac Tir (born c. 9:03) is the only child of Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir, the Hero of River Dane, and his wife, the late Lady Celia. Growing up in the years following the bloody war between Ferelden and Orlais, Anora, much in the image of her father, learned to put the interests of the realm before her own desires and needs. In 9:25, one month after the disappearance of King Maric, Anora married his only son and heir, the new King Cailan. In the next five years, she would often assume royal and administrative duties in her husband’s stead, effectively ruling Ferelden in his place. 

As beloved of her people as she herself loved them, Anora’s position was however put in jeopardy after Cailan’s brutal death at the Battle of Ostagar, in 9:30. Ferelden, already threatened by the Fifth Blight, was plunged into civil war and chaos, as a small fraction of the realm’s nobles were opposed to the widowed Anora taking the throne for herself. A Landsmeet was called to decide the fate of Ferelden and its would-be rulers, but one would be a fool to assume Anora’s destiny was ever in anyone’s hands but her own.

  • Sera: Demons! Flappy robes!
  • Dorian: Thieves! Dog stink!
  • Sera: Culty shits!
  • Dorian: Treacherous teryns!
  • Sera: What? It's not a proper game of "your people are shit" if you make up words!
  • Dorian: Teyrn is a Fereldan title, beneath only the family of the king. I'd have expected you, of all people, to know that.
  • Sera: You're...well that's...smartasses!
  • Dorian: Too late, I believe that's my round.
  • Sera: Piss!
  • Zevran: So, err....is it Lord Loghain?
  • Loghain: I am no longer a teyrn, nor even a knight. Address me without a title, as you would any other Grey Warden.
  • Zevran: So just Loghain, then?
  • Loghain: Correct. What's on your mind?
  • Zevran: You know who I am, yes? I was one of the Crows you hired to kill the Grey Wardens.
  • Loghain: I thought you looked familiar.
  • Zevran: Well, I just wanted to report that I failed my mission, Loghain.
  • Loghain: You don't say.
  • Zevran: I'm terribly broken up over it.
  • Loghain: Hmm. Well thank you kindly for informing me