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1. Why did you choose this url? My friend and I were joking about a crossover in which Tohru Adachi (Persona 4) was the Inquisitor (Dragon Age: Inquisition). Anyone familiar with both games will know that this would be an absolute disaster.

2. What’s your middle name? I actually don’t have one!

3. If you could own a fairytale pet, what would it be?  Can I have Baba Yaga’s hut? Does it count? It has chicken legs. If not, a griffon would be pretty cool.

4. Fave color? Probably red. Or purple.

5. Fave song right now?  Hmm. I’m really enjoying the Steins;Gate OST right now I guess? I have too many songs I really love to really pick a ‘favourite’. 

6. Top three fandoms? Dragon Age, Persona, and…either TTGOT or Steins;Gate. Or Psycho-Pass. I’m indecisive, okay.

7. Why do you like tumblr? There’re a lot of really good writers and artists here. Also, it’s really great to be able to talk to people who actually share my interest in things like Dragon Age and some of them post some really great meta. Most people I know IRL aren’t into stuff like that. The fandom is not perfect (lol) but it’s worth it, as I have come across some really nice, talented people.

8. tag all nine of your tumblr crushes or people you just think are cool as fuck to do this as well! Okay…so, solas-you-nerd, pterodactyldrops, teyrn-of-gwaren, radjulon, scribbleymark, rad-puppeteer, bianca-says-hello, raleighsamson aaaaaaaand teyla-adaar (and y’know, if anyone else wants to…go ahead!)

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Zinnia and/or Elder, from that flower prompt list!

zinnia: I mourn your absence. Cousland/Teagan.

She leaves Redcliffe, purged of the dead but still grappling to stay on shaking legs, and he thinks she’ll never look back. She has a purpose that is beyond him, for all the young years that still live in her heart. But she’s a far cry from the girl he remembers, the Teyrn of Highever’s beloved pup, meant for a happier fate than the one she carries now, heavy as the shield on her back.

He kisses her hand before she leaves, and watches something alight in her eyes – a youthful excitement that makes him smile, and when she draws her hand back it’s with a hesitant grace better suited the soft glow of a bedecked ballroom. And he thinks, there is hope yet. And when she turns to leave with her company she spares him a last glance over her shoulder, one that leaves him longing for better days, and a courtship that does not need Death’s blessing.

And in the long months that follow, Teagan waits, for news from Denerim (news of her); news about the Archdemon (does it lie defeated; does she?). But news travels slowly across a blighted land, and though it’s not his battle to fight he leaves to join her, at the heart of his late sister’s city. He’s not welcomed with open arms, but then there’s few of those to be found these dark days, and though he’d seek her out if he could, he doesn’t. Instead he waits, as is his lot, until the word he’s both dreaded and anticipated reach him, finally, in the dead of night and with the castle’s servants in uproar.

The Archdemon is defeated. The Blight is over.

The Hero of Ferelden lives.

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  • Teyrn Loghain:Orlais is literally the worst
  • Me:It can't be much worse than here, right?
  • *Playing Inquisition as an Elf*
  • Orlesian Noble:*insults fact that I am an Elf*
  • Me:I can't believe Loghain was fucking right

Okay, so the only things we know about Cousland’s extended family are:

  • Their paternal grandfather (Teyrn William, though he was in hiding/exile during the occupation) died of a wasting disease during the war.
  • Their maternal grandfather was Bann Fearchar Mac Eanraig, Storm Giant of the Storm Coast. His fate is not discussed.
  • Eleanor has at least one sister, older than she is.
    • As the “second daughter” per WoT2 p115, the oldest Eleanor could have been out of her siblings was second-born (if her elder sister was first born); hypothetically, though, she could also be the youngest of the four children (see next)
    • Other siblings could be male or female, no reference is made other than Eleanor being the second daughter, but that all four children “were raised from birth on the deck of a warship”; again, hypothetically, all four could have been daughters if Eleanor was second-born, or Eleanor could have even been the youngest of the four if both the other siblings were sons. (or third if one other was a son and one other–the youngest–were a third daughter)
    • None of the siblings’ fates are discussed

That… doesn’t give me a lot to go on. I mean, I get a ton of freedom out of this–as long as I give Eleanor at least one older sister, I can say anything I want about the rest of her family, if they’re still in Ferelden, if they survived the Blight, etc. But I’d still have liked to have a little bit more detail, nonetheless.

I think I am going to go with the assumption that the paternal grandmother, at least (Teyrn William’s unnamed wife) died before he did–possibly even when Bryce was still a child. Also, no siblings for Bryce are mentioned–instead his friendship with Rendon Howe and Leonas Bryland is discussed in place of any other mentions of family. Sure, this is likely just because those are named characters that we can identify with, but still… I’m going to headcanon Bryce as an only child, I think. 

IDK, I’m babbling, just trying to talk this out to myself, and saving it where I can find it later.

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Dysc Cousland actually only ever wanted to be a fairytale prince. Grey Warden and Elf-botherer weren't on his list of prospective careers, let alone Dwarf-helper and Mage-liberator~

Vehlr Tabris never even considered her ‘career’ - being a lowly elf was a full-time occupation, according to most shems. But, right alongside Commander of the Grey, her new title sits well on her shoulders - Official Advisor to the Teyrn of Highever Regarding Matters of Little Importance.

Denerim, After the Landsmeet...

{ Closed starter for unexpectedkingofferelden }

Elissa’s palms were sweaty. Her throat itched, and repeated swallowing did nothing to dislodge the enormous lump stuck there. As she stared at the closed door to the Royal Study, a wave of nerves and dizziness forced her to close her eyes and take a deep breath. Perhaps word of the Teyrn’s survival had reached him already, perhaps not. If the latter were the case, she wanted him to hear it from her.

Alistair was angry. Of course he would be angry - furious even. He’d been angry with her before. They had fought before, but this was different. She understood and didn’t understand all at the same time and in equal measure. Yes, Loghain had done terrible things. Yes, there was good cause to hate the man for what he’d done, and to desire retribution for it. But there was no room for revenge when the Blight loomed over the land. Alistair had been one of the first to impress the priority of a Warden’s mission to her when she joined. Duncan, the lost mentor that Alistair mourned so grievously, would have been the first to support her decision - so her few memories alongside Riordan’s words to her said.

There was a growing spark of bitter resentment as she finally turned the handle on the door and opened it. Her breath left her in a shaky exhale when she saw him by the fireplace - stone faced and still.


higheverrose liked for a starter…

Another letter was it? Eleanor sighed as she took the roll of parchment from the poor courier, sending him away with a few more coppers for his trouble. Her lovely girl was certainly popular. Then again, she supposed she should have expected many suitors for the daughter of a Teyrn, especially such a powerful one.

Eleanor wandered out into the gardens to find Lyanna, smiling just a little when she spied the soft-brown hair amongst the rosebushes.

“My little pup, I think you have another declaration of affection. Would you like to read it?”

                                 Teyrna Of Highever*

Lyanna ‘Pup’ Margaret Cousland is the youngest of two children of the Teyrn Bryce and Teyrna Eleanor Cousland.  Lyanna was known to be a female version of her Father with elegance of her mother.  Her father and her shared the same heart, when allowed to wander among the people their kindness was tenth fold unleashed. 

The people of Highever adored Lyanna, even the children.  Her family took care of the people, in return the people took care of their leaders. 

She had always wanted to make sure her parents were happy with her, she wanted to please them.  However when the topic to train her in the Rogue Arts set a rift between mother and daughter for a few years,  so Lyanna unwillingly learned the arts of being a Noble Lady.


*this is when Fergus is being considered to be ‘dead’