Top to bottom: Teyonnah Parris,Danai Gurrira, Shanola Hampton.

I feel as though the media only wants people to believe Kerry Washington is the only black woman on television doing her thing, and she’s not. While I absolutely love Kerry there are more black actresses on major shows that I feel attention should be given to.

These 3 women are on award winning ,very popular shows, and are the only POC amongst an all white cast! Attention must be paid! Danai Gurrira plays Michionne on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Danai was recently named one of the most beautiful people, according to people mag. Teyonnah Harris, plays Dawn on AMC’s Mad Men, the first black secretary to be cast on the show. ( the show takes place during the 60s). Shanola Hampton, who places Veronica on Showtimes very popular show Shameless.

So while sure I’m missing some other women, I’m just showing that there are more faces of beauty and blackness being portrayed in the media. This is a big deal to me! these women are , chocolate and natural. Both of the things people,and the media strays away from in the portrayal of black women. So please feel free to add more actresses!

Getting to know 'Mad Men's' Dawn, the office's first black employee
**Do you recall what they had you do?* It was a scene with Dawn and her cousin, she met up with him at a diner. And she was talking about her new job at the agency and just how it’s different and hard and even when she sees black people in Midtown, how they kind of can’t even acknowledge one another without feeling awkward about it because they feel like just by talking to one another, white people will feel threatened. It was a pretty amazing scene, actually.
*A lot of people were concerned that Dawn was simply window dressing, like, ‘look, the token black character that will signal the changing times.’ And we sort of got to know a little bit more about her in last week’s episode, but it was mostly through the eyes of Peggy. What are your thoughts on that?* Um, I think Peggy is the perfect person for us to learn about Dawn. She’s the woman on the show who is more open-minded, feminist – she doesn’t even know she’s a feminist, but that kind of air about herself. I thought it was pretty cool to see her mind-set and her beliefs and these things that she stands for sort of tested and see how that plays out for Peggy – because, you know, we hear her talk about how her boyfriend is covering the riots in Chicago and all kinds of things. And then we have this heart-to-heart and at the end there’s the purse thing. The subconscious judgments that her character harbors and probably didn’t even realize it.   I realize a lot of responsibility comes with this role. It’s the first time the show has had an African American in the office, but I try not to let it overwhelm me. *Will she view Peggy as a confidant in upcoming episodes or is she a bit wary to become too close to the people she works with?* I can only talk about the two episodes that have happened. The last episode, she just sort of leaves a note. I think Dawn understands that as much as it hurts because she thought she may have found a friend at work, she also understands that this woman will never understand.