Avengers assemble!!

This has been in the making for some time now and I have been sceptic from the moment it was announced!

To make it clear, I am a huge comic fan and I love movies based on comic books, graphic novels and so on. and for sure the Marvel and DC movies are just what I always wanted to see as a kid. All my childhood heroes like Batman, Iron Man and so on were never done justice in the movie world until kinda recently, right?!

And I have enjoyed most of these movies that have come out in the past few years. A lot actually. I know I know, they are certainly not perfect and so on, but I don’t really care, I enjoyed them. Well I didn’t enjoy Thor 3D, because of the 3D, but thats a different subject matter.

Though when it was announced that Joss Whedon was going to direct the Avengers my Spidey-sense tingled. Don’t get me wrong, he most probably is a great guy and all and I love Firefly, Serenity and Dr. Horrible, but thats kinda it… Joss Whedon is also writing the Script for the Avengers and this seems to be more the realm I see him in. All based on my personal taste of course he hit more homeruns with his writing than with his directing gigs for me.

On top of that it was announced at Comic Con that Mark Ruffalo was going to play Bruce Banner/Hulk instead of Edward Norton. Norton apparently had some bad blood going on with Marvel or so when filming “The Incredible Hulk” and so he was out. A real shame as I really like him in that role. and I like that move, but I also like the Ang Lee version, so go figure. And I think Eric Bana was a great Bruce Banner also.

All this, plus the fact that Marvel itself and their movie department more and more got on my nerves with a lot of their decisions. The biggest thing here being the Spiderman remake. I mean really!? Already remaking the Films that made you big and even possible to become your own film-production company?! WTF?!

Anyway, as you can see the signs weren’t the best for my personal Avengers experience… even the first teasers and trailers didn’t really get me. then finally today I got to watch this trailer and it hit the absolute right nerve! BANG! I am so amazed by the fact itself, that it blew me away even more.

Yesterday one of my Twitter-friends (@sizemore, a fantastic writer himself) said something about the Avengers and we had a little exchange where he ended up saying: “Doubt it matters at this stage. Whizz bang for 2 hours then throw a Spiderman cameo in after the credits. Job done.”

And that’s spot on. There is only so much you can really fuck up now. And I think there is not a lot of chance for a directors personality to come through too much in these anymore, though the writing might make a huge difference. It’s a well oil machinery with a very specific look and feel throughout the whole universe, but luckily for us the standards are quite high for this type of movies. And I know a lot of critics and fanboys will clash in online battles about every minute detail and so on, but after this trailer I am very sure I will enjoy the last bit out of it.

and I would recommend rewatching it on the Apple Trailes Page in HD.


over and out!