tey art

More lazytown highschool au! The rest of the kids!  Ziggy works at a bakery run by miss Busybody, Pixel is captain of the robotics team and works part-time as a self-employed tech support informant, Trixie is on a roller derby team and has a crush on Stingy, Stingy works on and collects vintage cars

sketchy things but ive… been playing mystic messenger.. and because i keep running out of hourglasses i get impatient so i decided to play nameless and in order: guy i wanted to romance before i played, guy i didnt want to romance before i played, guy i wanted to romance as i played, in the end i loved them all… but lance, yuri and tei are special in my kokoro


some of the doodles of Tey i did!!!! click for full size bc like… i’m lazy and can’t set these up properly for y’all

stats & facts about this bb under the read more!!

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