oh lord i feel like such a terrible and wrong human being

i went to a church event/service thing today for this community service i’m doing and the whole day i could only think of bLOWJOBS


so i’m sitting in church while everyone’s praying and crying and hugging WHILE IM SITTING AND TRYING SO HARD TO STOP SMILING THINKING ABOUT KAGAMI MUNCHING ON AOMINES DICK

Just fuck you kagami taiga

Just adding onto that post about kuroko being kagami’s type because of his “elegance”… himuro would especially be considered kagami’s type since he’s canonically known for being elegant because of his style of basketball.
So at least we know for a fact now that all of kagami’s closest “friends” so far have been “elegant people” aka his type

and midorima also notices that takao has a mole on the back of his neck where his hair used to cover and it distracts him so much he makes takao wear the scarf he brought with him for his lucky item I LOVE TAKAO WITH SHORT HAIR